Firm Run by Ex-Israeli Special Forces Soldier Wants US Security Contracts in Jerusalem, Iraq, Afghanistan

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" In Afghanistan, Obama has surpassed Bush’s reliance on contractors with current contractor levels surpassing 100,000 Defense Department contractors deployed. In Iraq, Obama has maintained the long-standing ratio of one contractor to every US soldier. "
Note: Instinctive Shooting is the Israeli mercenary company that was carrying automatic weapons to protect the well-heeled during Hurricane Katrina while Americans were disarmed.


  1. You're brave. The Mossad is probably watching you. Do you think Israel has some of their nuclear weapons on submarines?

  2. Do I think they have nukes on subs? Why wouldn't they? You make a fantastic point. Wouldn't that be a great way to blackmail America?

    Yeah I'd bet somebody has their eye on me - maybe the US government will protect me from the Israeli murderers? Hah!

    I figure it's already too late for patriots like me.

    Thanks for visiting.


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