Living in the Bible Belt

I was warned about living in the Bible belt.  My friends tried to warn me that I would be hated here.  I had friends imploring me to get a concealed carry permit - and gave me seminars on various handguns that would be excellent choices for personal protection.  I don't know - I don't feel like carrying a gun around or going to ask permission from our God-government for the "right" they think they "grant" to writers etc... who write unpopular things to protect themselves.

There really is no so-called "free speech" in this country.  The United States has been reduced to a country of nut-cases and violent religious extremists.  The last three people that punched me were Christians.  I've never been hit by a Muslim.  All the people that robbed me were rich Christians.  These are facts.  Then I drive down the street here and wonder what the heck is going on in the churches around here.

I've been punched many times - once had a front tooth punched clear through the front of my face.  I've taken a hit recently - and I'm glad I didn't get any permanent damage.  I walked away.

It seems that Christians are really that in name only.  I'm the one that turns the other cheek while they choose to shut me up with their fists - when I'm not looking.

I am outnumbered and just two skinny arms and two skinny legs up against super-sized ignoramuses.  Torture, spying, and killing for minor reasons have become "American values."  I am so disgusted with what this country has become I no longer wish to participate.

Donald Trump is a representative of the Zionists as far as I am concerned.  If he doesn't promise to fix the Palestinian issue and fire the Israelis if there is no peace within four years he is all talk and no action.  I would imagine he doesn't understand the undermining of our culture and the owning of the media, infiltration of churches and government by Zionists etc...  He is from New York and he claims the Arabs were the dancing Israelis.  He is supposedly involved in New York real estate and doesn't know anything of the issue of WTC7.  You really have to wonder.  I've heard the same crap about him pretending to go along and he will let them have it once he gets into office.  Ha ha.  The assumption here is that the office of president is more than ceremonial.  I've not had a president in my lifetime do a damned thing for me personally.  I am middle aged white male.  Figure that out.

Google Trump and Netanyahu and you will immediately see where his loyalty is.  Why does he care so much about Israel when America is so cooked?

We no longer have a common set of information to discuss.  That is why we are all fighting.  The prez that is in office now - I'm not sure what the deal is with him.  I'll leave him out of the discussion for now so I am not legally murdered - not that I care - this town and country have become quite a dump.

Corporate power and militarism rule the land here.  The middle class - with no security has been abandoned to fighting amongst themselves - and the propaganda and real/fake shooting media circus that goes on and on keeps everyone keyed up to where it is actually dangerous to be out in public if you are a writer or discuss anything that matters.  I presently refuse to carry a firearm.

I don't see any candidates running for office that have the cajones to stand up for America first and pull our military forces back enough to convince the world that we are not a maniacal force of plunderers.  I don't believe for a minute that war is peace a la Orwell.  It is simply not true - but we all know that the truth doesn't matter.  When I explain the anomolies regarding the physics of 911 I am faced with people who think that gravity is an OPINION!  I am no longer sure how to argue with that.  I am not sure if they are simply working for the bad guys and part of a clumsy human intel network or mentally retarded.  It's one or the other.  Think about it.  Whether you are a Bible Thumper or not - gravity still kills.

If we allow our media to repeat to the masses over and over and over that killing and torture and preemptive war and invasion of privacy and disposing of the Constitution are American values - we, like Ben Franklin said, "deserve neither liberty nor safety" and I can promise you that we will lose it all.

Your kids will live like Palestinians live now my friends if we cannot talk to each other about difficult issues without punching like little children.

Grow up dumbasses.  Take your Karate and Tai Kwon Dough to the tournament - or were you thrown out for cheating?

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