Living in a Joke - and the joke's on me 'n' U

I live in a joke but it ain't funny.

The prez claims the right to kill human beings with no trial.  What happens to current prez when out of office in a few years after he's set the precedent - isn't he putting himself in a difficult situation when her enemies get into office and they now have the "right" to return the favor?  What a joke!

Everything I touch is broken, worn out, busted and cracked.  This town is a joke!  An enema in this case won't work - maybe something like the Chicago fire to kill the roaches.  (NO -I am not advocating this - this is hyperbole for the amusement of the reader.)

Our military is being used as a tool to forward the agendas of our enemies.  What a joke!  Our own military being used to work against the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE!  If this is a joke I don't find it amusing.  Those who signed up for the military need ME to speak for THEM since our military is supposed to receive its representation from YOU and ME.  They cannot do anything except follow orders.  It is YOUR and MY job to "trust - but verify" that our government is employing them properly - and not outright betraying them.  Not funny.

Jonny the Pollard, former US Naval intelligence just got his "get out of jail free card" and a better retirement than I have at the moment for spying for Israel to save his country - while betraying our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

"Bigmouths" willing to mention that Donald Trump beat up on a Christian-looking white guy who was supposedly held captive by the illustrious "Taliban" - while calling attention to Jonny the Pollard and how Trump didn't bring him up... well if "Big Donny" is so damned smart why didn't he know Pollard would be let out to the public on the usual Friday - right before everybody goes home on a long holiday - wiped out from burning the candle at both ends... he could have brought that up as an example but didn't...

This country is falling apart in my opinion - maybe my opinion stinks  but that may be due to the fact that my opinion is accurate - and the things I am looking at and writing about stinks.  The country, traffic etc... infrastructure - our very hydration becoming privatized - this is crazy - I mean really crazy.  Any living creature needs water.  They need to go to the bathroom.  These are adult topics - if you don't understand them you are lacking something upstairs - meaning you are in possession of an immature brain.  These are facts of nature.  No one should have to pay for water or to urinate simply because we live in an industrialized society.

Right now our country is being run into the ground for the benefit of the few.  This concept being a good one is broadcast to YOU and ME via the TeeVee and raydeeoh frequencies borrowed from nature, divided up for the good of the public and the organization of technology - then purchased and prostituted out to the few that abuse the priviledge for PROFIT over the citizens that granted them their licenses.

If we are going to live in a technology based enviro - we must allow for that for everyone that is alive.

I am also firmly against the population control people.  They are negative not positive.  The next genius with a method to solve all the worlds food problems and eliminate starvation, a genius like Archimedes or somebody - are killed or pre-killed with birth control - propelled by a myth that there are "too many people."  Well there are not too many of Bill Gates' kids, or Rockefellers kids or any rich person's kids are there?  Why is it always YOU and ME that has to sacrifice?

Why are we being forced to take needles for unpredictable flues?  This is something all the pecker-checker docktors out there -- ask them how they are able to predict the future mutation of a random DNA event?  Huh?  Have they been watching episodes of "Revenge of the Crystal Skulls" or something - you know - where some crystal object spits out the code for the next cold coming out next year.

When you had a cold when I was a kid - you wiped your nose for a while - and learned how to perform this gracefully.  You would get better.  That was the end of it.

This war economy is a joke.  Everybody has to admit that when one spends all their money on fireworks they are doomed.


  1. Cultural Problem Is satanic "Religion"; Necessary Answer/Solution MUST Be Anti-satanic, Hence The Real, Original Christianity--There's Really No Other Way

    Yes JR, it's truly getting stranger and stranger, but then again, that's natural, CYCLIC course of things according to Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West."

    And again, don't forget to note the absolutely un-precedented, explicit, in-ur-face satanism, as in "hip-hop" music.

    Thus, u see, it's a DEATH CULTURE, worship of death--it's no coincidence about United Nations (UN) "Agenda-21" de-population.

    Thus the oligarchs, having now milked the economy, as in Jew S A and West, even Germany now suffering horrendous waves of invaders, having essentially destroyed the currency, about to collapse, they need a war by which to "muddy the waters" and to make their get-away.

    But the main pt. now I want to make is the tremendous, amazing "religious" satanism which has taken-control now in Jew S A--this satanic reign of lawlessness in which top criminals get away w. practically anything, including mass-murder (e.g., Libya and Iraq) and child prostitution, as especially in UK, goes along w. rise of "world gov."--dictatorship--which needs war and terrorism as excuse/pretext for being/existence.

    So u see the simultaneous rise of world gov. dictatorship and satanism and suppression of peoples' rights along w. collapse of economies and impoverishment of the population, making them more subject to extortion, starving people more willing to accept despotism.

    Thus we need the REAL Christianity, anti-satanism, as the volk don't too easily understand strict philosophy--this is the traditional place and purpose of proper "religion," u see, consistent w. origins of original USA.

    Meantime, present Jew S A empire, now essentially bankrupt, must break down, back into the original states, the economy necessarily reverting to the original "hard-money," commodity-based, hence gold/silver. And it will be difficult to prevent war fm breaking-out; we must pray that such warfare isn't too pro-longed or destructive.

    And as the problem is the anti-Christ, satanic "religion," so the answer and counter-measure must be religious in style too--the REAL (anti-satanic) Christianity--what else?

    1. JR Now Needs Address The satanic Problem

      So in still other words, JR, and to sum-up, again: we got a problem here--the RELIGION OF SATANISM, with which observation u are on record agreeing.

      Ur "reasoning" heretofore doesn't seem to work, and doesn't even dent this satanic problem, u barely even grasping it and only lately even taking it into notice or consideration.

      And traditional counter of Western culture to this satanism, dear Christianity, which worked for hundreds and hundreds, over a thousand yrs, is now, interestingly, amazingly, some-how ineffective, isn't it?--for it's been mis-understood or mis-construed, the establishment churches all now co-opted, even the Pope now endorsing world gov. HOW did this under-cutting and neutralization of the old Christian anti-satanism happen?

      So, since we can significantly agree upon this serious satanic problem, perhaps now u can address and direct one of ur blog-articles upon it, observing upon and analyzing it, eh?


    2. Amazing "ISIS" satanic Phenomenon

      Wow, well, now latest development is Turkey's shooting-down of Russky jet--an absolute provocation, and it all seems to have been over Syrian territory.

      Greg Mannarino, respected stock-broker analyst says the Wall St. psychos actually WANT war as way of increasing liquidity, gov.-spending, and "QE" as way to prop-up their "derivatives" investments. See http://www.nnnforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=281768

      So, to me, these latest developments, including esp. the shoot-down of Russian jet, rather confirm the gross satanic turn things have taken.

      How folks can ignore the Jew S A involvement in building, backing, arming ISIS (a), (b) then ISIS causing all the "refugees" to be now invading West, Europe and here also in Jew S A, bringing in world gov., dissolving borders, is ridiculous--they MUST know what's going on.

      People need to wake-up to simple, satanic facts in front of them--just to saving their lives.

    3. That u-tube vid for Greg Mannarino is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5rjAmwgtwk

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