War Musings

Once again the spirit moves me, like a moth to the candle flame to type the following:

I love war.  I hate to admit that but I always did.

As a kid my favorite game was war.  I wore everybody out playing.  I always wanted to stay the longest.

My parents had to stop me, especially my mother who was truly shocked about war, that people did this shit to each other - she would try to stop me but it would never work.

The enemy must be beaten.

I ran my own operations in the woods - usually against rival kids "gangs" or whatever they were.

I'd plot and scheme and torment them with -censored -getting away in the woods I knew like the back of my hand.  I would wait them out and destroy their camps, bunkhouses and treeforts.  These would be - censored - if necessary.

Hell - I'd go right now.  But that isn't the kind of war we are in.  Guns are not the primary means to sort this one out.  This one is about our own country and where it is headed.  Shooting people isn't going to help.  This is a battle for minds more than anything else.

I am stuck being who I am - being on the side of truth, liberty, freedom of speech, right to bear arms - and changes the role assigned to me - I cannot bear arms against "enemies" that believe we've created for ourselves - one way or another.  This must stop.

We must determine who our enemy is, wipe them out - see if anyone is left - then wipe them out.  Same as when I was a kid.  But we must find common premises upon which we can have a discussion and this hasn't happened yet due to corporate profit driven media keeping the important issues - the very foundations of why we do everything - hidden from the public.  Yes this goes back to nine 11 and further.  These cancers are rotting out the core of what used to be America - and it is rotting away quickly.  Every day you and I go to work - operatives are busy using our tax dollars against us - they must be if they are not using them to protect our rights - our governments ONLY PURPOSE FOR EXISTENCE - THE PROTECTION OF OUR LIFE, LIBERTY , PROPERTY, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  Everything else is expendable.

There is no war to fight like I thought I would participate in as a kid - this is an Orwellian nightmare - and worsening.  We have to win a war for what is good and right, and cures doesn't kill, brings people together not pushes them apart.  The wars are so expensive they are ruining our nation - and undermining our morality - because there is still profit in it.

We are being charged interest on our own money -and this money goes to private bankers I've heard.  Is this true?  If so it is INSANE.  Money should be managed for the benefit of the citizens - not to fatten the asses of some international greedy pigs.

I am against those wanting to take away our rights for whatever reason.

Nobody gives a darn about anything anymore.  Nothing.  Acting emotionally is gone - we are all supposed to be MR Spock from the original Star Trek series - no emotion - an alien.

We do need to close the borders down - that way those who are bringing in troublemakers won't be able to do it anymore.  I don't give a shit what anybody else has to say on this - even a moron knows you have to control the perimeter OF ANYTHING!  Grow up on this one if you think there is a war going on.  All you will accomplish doing this is to stop the operatives of the globalists that are fomenting all of this.

Flooding this country with masses of anyone right now is idiotic.  I don't care what their religious beliefs are - let them stay where they are and fight their opposing religious groups over there.  As for within the borders of this country  - no religious clamping down will be tolerated period.

Simultaneously - any religious S.O.B. pushing their religious "law" or whatever they call their substitute for our government which respects NO establishment of an official religion...

I do miss Christmas and all that - and as Trump recently said in the speech he messed up and brought up treason - we need to get back to our sanity here in the USA and start acting brave like we claim to be.

Don't let any more troublemakers in of any religious persuasion - that goes for Christians too.  Nobody pushes their religious stuff on anyone else to the point that it violates the other person's rights.  That is the end of it.

I keep hearing about Sharia law etc...  Either they are violating someone's rights or they are not.  At this point the government is completely justified in coming in and pushing this SOB out of the way to defend the rights of the victim.  Period - that goes for EVERYBODY.

Don't you agree, my good reader - this just isn't that hard.

But do you think there are any candidates that will fix these problems and the problems of nine you know what?  Ha ha ha ha!


  1. "Religion" Needs Be Understood Properly

    U keep pushing on a string: "religion" is absolutely INTEGRAL to founding and very substance of USA, now Jew S A, and that general religion was Christianity, properly understood, worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    Why is it u can't observe Jew S A is now suffering under satanism?--and how is satanism NOT a "religion" of its own?

    Further, "religion" is simply an integralness, or integrity, of conscious w. subconscious, as reason, or science and logic, itself is a veritable religion, integral throughout one's whole spirit, consciousness, being.

    So is "liberty" capable of being thought religion--though it would require further consideration in way of premises. And Christianity, properly understood, worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), is foundation of Western science and culture, including individual freedom and social contract, developed fm Renaissance Italy, further then in England, and thus to USA.

    And u're soooo full of excrement when u write: "[s]imultaneously - any religious S.O.B. pushing their religious "law" or whatever they call their substitute for our government which respects NO establishment of an official religion...."

    For states DID have state-religions, the clause/statement u refer to merely having to do w. a particular religion, "Congregational," Presbyterian, Episcopalian, etc., for the whole federation of states, called the US--which was not understood as a "nation" then, merely a federal UNION of otherwise independent, sovereign states which had several diff. state religions at the time.

    So u have to eventually figure-out u're full of excrement on this issue, first regarding the idea of religion, then Christianity.

    For considering Jew S A presently is perishing before our very eyes, under grip of satanism, we need a religious movement consisting of anti-satanism, which is what Christianity universally stood for and served as bulwark against such dread satanism.

    But something happened, didn't it?--so that old Christianity has changed, hasn't it?--the filthy, establishment "Christianity" we see presently NOT the original thing, eh?--not diff. fm the official "Christianity" of the USSR at the time, as under Stalin, right?

    Sometime in ur life, JR, u need to start thinking, u know?


  2. Christian Anti-satanism, Nowadays So Missed And Missing, Perdition The Consequence

    "As for within the borders of this country - no religious clamping down will be tolerated period." -JR, above

    * * * * * * * *

    Well JR, I certainly think "they" (and we) need to "clamp-down" against the horrific satanism that presently prevails--to save our very lives, don't u think?

    And fact is that (anti-satanism) was the very function of Christianity which well-served the West throughout history, I'd say, and it's what u, along w. so many others too, seem to TOTALLY fail to grasp--and I sometimes wonder why, but not really, considering everything.

    People think they're soooooo smart, in all their hubris, having come now to accepting the Jew view and lies about things, esp. our dear, precious Christian religion of ancestors.

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