Donald Trump hates traitors?

Here you can see that Trump is tough on treason:

Bergdahl lawyer slams candidate Trump over 'traitor' comments

""The Army's prosecutors, who have the vast resources of the government at their disposal, have informed us that they will not be offering evidence that anyone died searching for my client," he said.

"Mr. Trump must stop vilifying this young man, who suffered five years of brutal captivity at the hands of the Taliban, and deserves to be judged on the basis of evidence rather than slander from someone who has never worn our country's uniform," he said.

Bergdahl is scheduled to appear at an Article 32 hearing, the Uniform Code of Military Justice equivalent of a grand jury, at Fort Sam Houston next month.

Bergdahl was charged in March with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, and could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted of the most serious count.

What about this one?

Report: Obama to release Israeli spy



  1. CYCLIC "Decline Of West" Before Our Very Eyes

    U gotta admit, Trump is savvy--he knows what's popular to say, and Bergdahl is tough case when it comes to mooooselmen upon American goon audience after being programmed by Jew TeeVee, as u call it, Americans conditioned to hate Taliban and mooooooselmen.

    Pollard is hated, I believe, and rightly so, by American people, but for obvious reasons, a candidate, like Trump, can't say too much against him due to idiot reverence for religion of Jew-worship which has been sooo heavily induced upon Americans. Jews would savage Trump for the typical, predictable "anti-semitism."

    So u have the irony: the white Christian, or at least gentile, Bergdahl, must suffer, but the Jew, Pollard, roundly hated, skates. And few among the American goons can figure it out--but it's due to Jews in control of that currency-churning mechanism, US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING (see Mises.org and RealityZone.com for expo) which renders ownership, hence Jew-control, of EVERYTHING and everyone, though they won't admit it.

    Interesting that this Fed fraud gets-by--why?--because people can't understand seemingly simple thing like MONEY, what it is, and why it MUST be--a commodity, gold/silver being best.

    People actually think, geeeeee, but if we only had a magic "bank" that prints-out (and nowadays, digitalizes) all the money we need, we'd be sooooo happy and rich--people are truly that stupid, like children.

    And because people are sooooooo horrifically stupid, letting Jews (and accomplices) run the legalized COUNTERFEITING scam--that's why and how we have literal satanism ruling the culture.

    I'm telling u, JR--there's the typical HUBRIS, and subjectivism and stupidity within the society, but today we have NOTHING LESS than absolute satanism, US gov. admittedly arming, supplying, backing, equipping ISIS/ISIL, like they did "al Qaeda" before that, causing mayhem and refugees, these now invading Western nations, destroying national sovereignty, bringing-in world dictatorship, and stupid goons are only now even starting to put it all together to figure-out the crass conspiracy.

    Further, the terror-attacks done by these agents and creations of West, USA, Israel, UK and EU are then used as excuses to take the people's liberty and rights, not to mention destroying the economy.

    Thus are nations, hence the people destroyed, literally, "Agenda-21" the official UN (world gov.) plan to de-populate the world--genocide. And it's all done, this satanism, by means of subjectivism, the pretext ALWAYS supplied by child's "good-evil" and hubristic perfectly "free" will--leading to central-banking and the funny-money fraud--leading to genocide.

    Christianity, the real, original thing, consisting of forth-right anti-semitism was the curbing to that satanism (subjectivism). But corruption of people and culture is inevitable--as sure as so-called "civilization" leads to "prosperity," it all just breeding-up corrupt, "entitled," spoiled brats who didn't have to fight for things like their ancestors did--as we see now in Jew S A.

    So now we have at least 3 kikes on US Supreme ct., the tax-payers loot going to Israel and to paying terrorists, as noted, etc.--all come now to full circle, people being reduced for rights and "prosperity." Such is CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, a crying shame, but what can one do?--it, the CYCLIC course of things, can't be stopped, really, so all we can do is try to "going w. flow."

    Thus we need states-rights and primacy of local gov., strict observance of rule-of-law, US Constitution, and HONEST money--not "currency," ever-inflated and devalued. This necessary, attempted salvation must begin w. people realizing, recognizing horrific satanism prevailing.

  2. Apsterian,

    I agree - it is our money supply that is being used against us to buy everything.

    I do think "Satanism" is a good way to describe the forces that are destroying America - since they are OK with killing people to further agendas rather than looking for ways to live with the life already existent.


    1. Satanism: The Problem; But Now How And Why?

      Well good, that's a start: (a) satanism the problem--which practically ALL people, of all races, cultures, etc., can agree upon--as they used to do, actually.

      (b) Satanism is then best defined as extreme subjectivism whence the subject insists that his/her mentality/consciousness is origin of view of reality, and indeed, origin of reality itself--thus making oneself God--which invokes the old, classic, traditional idea of satanic hubris by which one makes oneself God, consistent w. the mythical character of Satan fm the literature, including Biblic.

      (c) So then, WHO are the leaders of organized satanism?--is there such thing as "organized satanism"?--surely--esp. when u consider satanism in accord w. definition of (extreme) subjectivism.

      (d) And wouldn't these satanic leaders and master-minds be COLLECTIVISTIC for their organization?--for wouldn't collectivism be best for such organization of such satanism (subjectivism)?--like a criminal "gang"?

      (e) And wouldn't these collectivist, highly organized satanists rather naturally dominate, lead, and manipulate all the other satanists who WERE NOT collectivistic?--as we know there are those soooo profoundly mystic they're utterly individualized and isolated fm anyone else. For though all satanists must be mystic, at least in part, it doesn't mean all mystics are satanists.

      (f) So then, the only question is WHO are MOST organized satanists (subjectivists)?

      (g) For we KNOW, without doubt, satanists hate reason, reason founded necessarily upon objective reality--even though they won't hesitate to pretend to using reason and reasoning.

      (h) And further, these satanists absolutely HATE Christianity, the REAL THING, which upholds Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth necessarily founded upon objective reality which gives such TRUTH it's basis/premise for existence, reality being objective, thus understood by Christians as God-created.

      -----------[SEE BELOW FOR PART 2]---------------

    2. ------------[HERE'S PART 2 TO ABOVE]-----------

      (i) So then WHO, by process of elimination, would these most highly organized, COLLECTIVIST subjectivists/satanists be? Who is it who HATES Christianity, worship of truth, most?--who are notorious for their obsessive, even psychotic and psychopathic hatred of Christianity?

      (j) And note we must not be confused, for there are nominal "Christians" who insist they're Christians, but who preach something aside fm reason (necessary part of Holy Spirit, which apprehends TRUTH) as means to a mystic (non-objective), so-called "truth." These confused, rather stupid Christians may be mystic and against reason, but they wouldn't say they're "satanist"--even though they're often dupes of the top satanists (as we can see quite plainly).

      (k) For satanists, even if they endorse "reason," will yet endorse ETHICS and moralism and a kind of "ethics/morality" by which they insist upon a "good-evil," including the idea there's such thing as perfectly "free" human will, this perfect "freedom of will" being integral part of their (hubristic) claim to Godliness. Thus, this mystic "ethics" is most often the entrance, beginning premise to satanism, "good" so often the worst enemy of TRUTH. (Remember Plato upheld "Good," beauty, and truth as foremost values/ideals.)

      CONCLUSION: So I'll leave the analysis here w. suggestion there are EASILY identifiable satanists (including the "masons") and leaders thereof. And I'll note these satanists have extremely clever arguments to deflect attn. fm themselves and even to casting blame upon those who identify them--and isn't this quite understandable and expectable?--similar to mocking and making fun of those who ID the criminals and are called "conspiracy theorists"--and isn't this all easily understood, everything considered? For the satanic twists and turns of logic never cease, do they? And only dedicated worshippers of TRUTH are capable of the full analysis, possessed of the Holy Spirit, if and as such thing exists.

    3. Urgency Of satanic Situation For People

      One thing I want to emphasize, perhaps most of all, is the emergence nowadays, within our own life-times, just over past few yrs, of EXPLICIT, outright, in-ur-face SATANISM--as in "hip-hop" music, especially, but also as we see in political culture, hitlery Clinton, among others too, getting away w. gross criminality, not to mention the corp.s poisoning the food, pushing deadly drugs, etc.

      This satanism, explicit, organized, in-ur-face is ABSOLUTELY un-precedented, never before seen in Western civilization, and it's what people URGENTLY need to face-up to, just to save their lives. "Agenda-21" means genocide, and that's not just a platitude--it's something to take into most serious consideration.


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