Jennerater Noyz

They are running a generator outside - still - it's pitch dark outside, it was running when I got here to eat lunch this afternoon too.  Running the whole time then too.  My skkullizziz vuhvuhvibratinguh-guh.  There are babies on the first floor having their ears destroyed.  Just another day living in a superpower.  "I SAID JUST ANOTHER DAY....WHAT?  OH YOU HEARD ME?"  I know it's loud in here.

I've finally figured it out.  That's why no mufflers are required here - everyone is already deaf - having been pre-deafened from their childhood.

The problem with the gas engine outside is that its large size - sounds like a Bobcat three-bladed self-propelled grass mowing machine I used to operate.  Big engine - vibrates skull AND CHEST.  Maybe because of the large cylinder or the frequency of the ignition?  I dunno - but IT IS SO DAMED LOUD HERE.

Walls probably too thin.  Obviously this building meets a code of construction allowing for high noise levels in the room equivalent to airport noise.  It reallyt would be cool to get one of those noise-pressure meters to measure the racket here.  Vibrations are reverberating within my torso and especially chest cavity.  I feel my spine vibrating from the engine outside - but even if it weren't there - the noise from the highway - it is a river that you live by.

The build-up of the traffic patterns etc... - you can set your watch - but there are times that it just wakes you up.  A loud motorcycle - tractor trailer - everything comes through here - whether screaming by at high speed or idling in a traffic cock-up, passing by randomly - some have more tire noyz than the other ones -  and motorcycle meetups with what looked like a coupla' hundert bykes.  There's a guy that goes by every morning - wakes me up -on a motorcycle with a loud pipe.  I'm not bitching I've got bikes too and I don't care about loud pipes. I said "I DON'T MIND LOUD PIPES!"  What?  OH YOU HEARD ME?  OK!!!! I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU DIDN'T HEAREAR MUH-MEE!

Trump's supporters are using well known logical fallacies to "sell" him to us.  They are trying to impress everyone with "large crowds" - the bandwagon effect.  The logic is:  Ignore any important fundamental nightmare questions we have to face in this country, and let's ignore who is really controlling this place - elect Donald Trump because everybody else likes him.  This is evidenced by the head count at his gatherings.

Free speech is going away in this country for sure - I have NO DOUBT about that.  But who would wish to silence the testimony of a witness?  Who does stuff like that?  Sounds like what criminals do right before a case is to go to trial.  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...  Those attempting to silence free speech by scaring everybody with "terror" cannot be performing a good deed because they are causing terror themselves.  This is circular logic.  We are supposed to have informed citizens participating in governing ourselves - We The People.  At least that's what they told me.  Perhaps I've been mistaken.  Just look to the bigshot detectives in your federal government for justice on the issues I bring up here for answers to 911 etc...  Everyone knows I'm joking right?

Also - regarding 911 -for those of you who read the Bible:  Here's a quote for you to ponder when you shut your eyes and ears to my references to unsolved mysteries/crimes regarding 911 - the seminal event of EVERYTHING we do?

Proverbs 18:13

     "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him."

That's the biggest problem with 911 at the citizen level.  At Donald Trump's level it comes down to:   To which  country do you pledge your loyalty?  Prove it NOW.  Are you willing to address these fundamental issues?  Or will we stumble around like drunks in the dark - with an out-of-control gang running the nuthouse?

Whether or not the enforcers will back off - and realize they - in their positions of power are destroying what is a very good nation when it maintains the rights explicated in the Bill of Rights, attached by the "anti-federalists" if I understand correctly to the Constitution.

Patrick Henry wrote "The Anti-Federalist Papers" (AF) which I listened to on Librivox -?  maybe another place?  Librivox is an excellent audiobook source of sometimes pretty obscure stuff.  It is possible I found that on an I-Phone App in the App store several iPhones ago.  The volunteers read books to you - the listener.  I highly recommend this awesome resource.  I must say that everyone trying to do good in this world wasn't necessarily  born with a voice that sounds good on the computer.

I cannot remember exact things from the AF  - only generalizations one of which I should mention, I am going from memory here...
that  the consolidation of power in the soon-to-be Federal Government would ultimately, eventually, ineluctably result in power grabs by that centralized government over time.  Well known patterns of power flow would follow their natural course and end up where we are now - and descending into more and more - a police state/prison society where we have sacrificed liberty for safety - as we were warned not to do if we wanted to keep our republic by Ben Franklin.  Somebody will correct me if wrong by my version of history is that the Constitution was done in secret to some degree?  And when they were done making a deal Franklin was asked "What kind of government have we bargained to live with?" (I'm paraphrasing)  He replied "A republic if you can keep it."

How can a citizen BE a citizen - and "keep their republic" if they don't have accurate information on which to base their decisions as to where Congress should spend their money?  That is the main issue for the "voter" - that is - if the voting machines were kept "honest" like the banks keep their ATMs.  I must have asked a hundert peeple alreddy and they all tole me they never got an extra twenty or nuthin from no ATM never ever.  Why can't we get the voting machines to give us a paper receipt among other verifications?

Anyway maybe I'll finish this later.  I wonder sometimes if there is any point in all of this - and that the fate of America - rests in the hands of the feedback the American citizenry is provided with, over the period between now and the next prez. "selection":  I say that because the voting machines are easily rigged - a "conspiracy" that is easy for me to understand - and if given documentation on those voting machines and could pass that by the folks I know understand this stuff - We The People may find some avenue into the electronics of that machine, whether hardware or software that would allow an over-ride.  There have been many examples of voting-machine rigging.

Just typing away here - always remember - and pls furgiv mee 4 bringin' dis up but...

The entire "War on Terror" is based upon...

The generator outside is still shaking the bed.  I'm sitting here with my legs on the bed slightly elevated and I'm on a chair next to the bed.  I feel the generator coming through the back of the chair and into my spine.  My ears are and have been gone long ago.  Everything is shaking.

So the election.  Trump can't not have heard of 911 foreknowledge.  Nobody can say they haven't heard about it - but he is in the real estate  business.  Real Estate was a big big big part of that caper - if it is indeed a still-unsolved crime - a concept easy to fathom once one realizes nobody officially really wanted to solve it at the highest levels of government in the United States it seems to me at least.  Just opinion I know.

The so-called 911 report has been reported to be set up to fail by none other than the two guys in charge of it. If you click here there is a good synopsis - there are many but I've read some decent info there once or twice.   But all this terror business, and I mean business, is directly a consequence of the events on 911.  It is so simple - I challenge any so-called investigator to look at the questions and report back that there are not some very big contradictions between who really was behind all of that.

Anyway - it doesn't matter - I'm bored with it too and am going to let it all go.  I see that history just flows like a river, like the traffic outside.   This is what it is around here and if you don't like it you can leave.  And I understand that - but it is so darned lout where I am right now, my eardrums are caving in.  And nobody notices.

OK - I'm done bitching about all this but Trump oughta be able to make a deal to get the Palestinians territory figured out and everybody stop shooting.  "Enough is Enough" the Israelis had on their signs regarding the release of Jonathan Pollard.  Well c'mon Israelis - what is wrong over there and why do you also have a police state?  Is it because those of us that want peace will always lose in the end to the more vicious and violent - those willing to abandon our morality as a society?  I don't know - I don't think that is my call to make.

Trump must prove via action NOW - not after he is elected - where he stands on that issue - then I think one's guess can be improved given everything else as to who is in control.  We have all discovered that it doesn't matter what a candidate promises at all - they only need to get elected then they can do what they want.  Anybody that is as powerful as Trump should be able to MAKE A DEAL NOW to prove how tough he is.  Will he call for the VETERANS of the USS LIBERTY to be nationally recognized at the superbowl or some other big game?

I think this police state needs to be backed down.  It's getting ridiculous - the amount of stress and hours people are under - and I guess financial pressures too.  It's driving the population insane - then add in those who are not working, the constant "terror" used to maintain that ever-important element of anxiety in the population so they are like putty.

I need to shut up right now and I will.

One last thing - I "believe" they have punched back at the bugs here - but this is a sorta' WW1 style trench war with big battles - - little movement - then the war stops.

Now I smell some kinda disinfectant or ... like a strong carwash smell coming in.  I have the wall-mounted airconditioner -heater "Stinky" turned off cuzza' the acrid "piss smell" that comes off it if you make the mistake of turning the heat setting on.  A/C is ok only parts of dead insects blow out then ha ha.  OK now I'm done.

P.S. The generator is still running - my throat from the smell...argh!!  I think the exhaust from the generator outside is a good reason to keep "Stinky" off.

I hear a high-pressure sprayer out in the hall now - been going on for awhile.  Generator seems to never need fuel...  Somebody just turned on a water pipe - another knifing hiss...right ear... it stopped!

7:17 - they just either idled or turned the generator off.  It's like somebody just turned off the water cannon.  Ahhhhhh.

...What's that?    The sprayer is going again....  The bugs slowed down a lot - they are making some progress?

Another engine is putt putt putt putt putting somewhere - they other side of the hotel?  Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh omg


  1. Trump Is Throw-Back To National Sovereignty Idea, Don't Doubt

    They (the powers) actually hiked int. rates today by whopping .25 of a percentage--but that is enough, many say, to POP the bubble blown-up by mad money-printing that's been going-on.

    It's got to pop at some time anyway, they say; if not then we're just going to get HYPER-inflation which is worst of all.

    Original Constitutional USA is long dead--has been since 1865. We're now well into CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, see, the original heroes now long GONE--who never had it good, only wanted freedom.

    But people nowadays, have had it "good" ("prosperous," ho hoho), they think, and that's all they want--they don't care about freedom--they don't even know what it is, really. "Rule-of-law"?--HUH?--they say.

    See JR, real freedom is built upon serious rule-of-law, right?--and that means u can't just print money (actually "currency," not real money), but the scum who predominate nowadays think that's what u need for "prosperity"--"money-printing."

    We just have a basically dis-honest culture full of dis-honest people willing to fool themselves--way too many of them. The scum today who pre-dominate imagine that "good" was justified for destroying the original Constitutional republic--it's associated w. slavery and "freeing the slaves" which they insist was "good," justification for instituting the absolute state, destruction of local gov.

    And now what do we see?--this absolute state now wants to metastasize yet another level into world-dictatorship. And it was "good" thing for them, they think, to literally create ISIS which is now forcing refugees into the West, including Jew S A.

    And so u see, JR, reason we the people love Trump, and his style, at least, is he harkens back to national sovereignty of the old CHRISTIAN state, willing to discriminate and say NO Mooooslims--at least for a while till we figure-out some stuff, eh?

    And did u hear in the debate yest., Trump told off Bush and how the Bin Laden family-members were flown out of the country in a sweetheart deal--W. Bush knew quite enough about what was really going on.

    So people like Trump as he seems to be his own man, willing to say what he really thinks (at least somewhat--he still sucks-up to Israel, if u notice)--and that all by itself sets him apart fm all the other suck-alongs.

    Look at Ted Cruz: he's not even vaguely a "natural-born" citizen, born in Canada to naturalized Canadian citizens--what a joke.

    So u see, JR?--what a joke things are, culturally--rule-of-law so pathetically forgotten--even for what it basically is, people just making stuff up as they go-along, like Cruz.

    That's how Trump is different, esp. for his style--Jews still have the country and people by the short-hairs, otherwise, and it's still a sad situation, truth be told.

    1. Apsterian,

      Yes good points - I can't wait to see what he will do.


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