Greed is what is trying to ruin Christmas + thoughts on Mr. Trump

I'll get to the greed thing in a minute.

There must be a God because they turned the !@#$%^&*( generator off about an hour?  after I got home.  At least it stopped at a civilized hour.  But I don't really live in civilization if bugs are crawling on me right?   I only saw one today - fast runner.  But the swarms of tiny ones all over the sink in the bathroom seem to have vanished in the mornings.

 I can sleep on the jungle floor if I want monsters crawling on me and chewing on me.  I heard some of these bugs lay eggs in one's skin.  I have deep pocks in my right thigh and scars and holes in my back and left tricep.  I haven't been receiving bites for six months - I got out of that area, but a bunch of the bites haven't healed.  It's not as bad as I'm making it out to be but its true.  I'm just giving symptoms here - I don't feel like I've caught a disease  but the fatigue from all the bugs is a surprising drain.

Anyway - don't move here - it's a #$%itty place - that's a fact and expensive.

So... I think Mr. Donald Trump should honor the U.S.S. Liberty sailors - all of them - living and passed - in a ceremony on the Television, perhaps during a Super Bowl size event.  Before the election.  Otherwise his words stand the chance of being nothing more than hot air.

I did not say they are hot air - but as a FORMER PRESIDENT  George Washington is reputed to have said:  "Deeds Not Words."
I agree - and I mean now.  Let's see some action rather than a promise.  Let's see you really do something NOW if YOU are SO POWERFUL.  DO IT NOW AND SHOW US.

But is that a fair challenge?  Yes.

Mr. Trump - and I use that term because I hope to receive a donation for advertising his name on this blog free of charge -

Mr. Trump,

Please show your media-controlling expertise - and I will report it HERE, free of charge -

by honoring the U.S.S. Liberty Veterans per above - then I can tell my Navy buddies, I wasn't in the Navy - they were - but anyway - so I can tell them that I spoke out to you on THEIR BEHALF.  Please, if you become president, please don't have me tortured for asking you this , I only bring it up so that you are fully aware that the Liberty sailor's testimony claims they were attacked by Israel.  There is speculation whether or not this was done to draw the U.S. into war on behalf of Israel.  Who can tell. ( I have no access to any believable information because the media is a disaster and simply manipulated by corporations and their owners.)(

If you truly SUPPORT OUR VETERANS you must NOT EXCLUDE U.S.S. LIBERTY VETERANS.  They deserve everything everyone else deserves - like their sanity back after having been betrayed by the U.S. government regarding their story.  SUPPORT OUR TROOPS PLEASE by having this story told so we can all move on.  The information is all the public needs.  I'm not asking for revenge - they might - the Navy people - but what is important is that true  information reaches the public and such action to recognize this hidden history - at the presidential level - will demonstrate your commitment to "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" -(which includes sailors who survived napalming, machine gunning, finally a torpedo boat attack that opened a gaping maw in the hull.

Regarding Christmas - I heard part of a Christmas Carol - and it almost made me angry.  It's nothing but commercials - and yes - this Christmas music was being used to pimp some crap on yootoob.  Relentless desperation to increase profits, capitalize on everything - just out of control crap sales.  Disgusting and demeaning to our entire reason for being - LIBERTY.  There is no rest from the marketing of everything from these government programs called "wars" and "terrorism" which are employing all the cops, exploiting the terror alerts that never end.  They will end when the money to support them runs out - and the money will keep going as long as the public is kept in a state of fear and pulsed at a particular frequency.

Anyway - Christmas is no exception to the greed that consumes our nasty society - our "Isociety" which must exist to support ever expanding greed.  How many bathrooms does some bigshot need in their house to keep everybody else paying high prices, working long hours etc...

I don't hear Christmas music for the sake of Christmas music - it is being played to sell me some plastic crap from China that is overpriced and won't last its first use.  I recently used a network hub that was so junky, after I took it out of its package and plugged what essentially amounts to a plastic cable into it for the first time - the connector caved into the case.  Junk.  Is that what everybody is lining up for?  Egads.

I heard somebody talking about "Conspiracy Theorists" and he was saying something about asking questions regarding what he called "Conspiracy Theories" and he said we shouldn't investigate them because it was disrespectful to the victims families.  Ha ha.  Right - but isn't it upsetting to a family to go identify a body?  Is that a reason to not do it?  What if there are contradictions in the stories of the suspects?  Should we say - "Who cares?"


  1. Apsterian,
    Jeb Bush says: "I was mentioned, so I can bring up something..." then he continues with something from his publicity people and representatives of the Bush family and friends...

    So in other words if he and Trump simply mention each other -hey can get a sort of a "tennis match" going according to the rules of the debate? That would be a great way to give each other time to crowd out the other debate participants according to the rules.


  2. JR Continues Silence On Rampant satanism And Cultural "Decline"

    Well JR, we notice u mention USS Liberty affair, BUT it just brings-up issue of Israel, which brings-up Jew issue which u don't want to face. So this refusal of urs to face real issues is an issue.

    And we note u CONTINUE to avoid/evade the satanism issue--against which dread satanism was the people's Christianity, even w. all its draw-backs which u so abhor and struggle even to understanding.

    Another thing is Congress's passing its big omnibus bill which brings-in more Moooooslim refugees, etc.--which the people are against, but Congress doesn't care as it gets its money/campaign-funding fm someone else.

    And u see JR, Trump opposes this Moooooslim invasion--that's why people love him--even though, hey, we all know there's nothing to stop him fm going-back on any promises if he gets in, no less than all the other politicians.

    See JR, if u went to China, or India and started talking about ur precious Bill of Rights, they'd hardly know what u were talking about, right?--and that's because they're lacking the cultural, hence psychologic foundation, right?

    Well, don't u see, same thing obtains here in Jew S A--the cultural foundation is GONE, right?--that's why it would be similar result if u were, and as u do, to bringing up B. of Rights, right?

    And Christianity, the real thing, is that indispensable foundation for B. of Rights--thus anti-satanism, and, truth be told, anti-semitism.

    So we see people like u are torn and conflicted: (a) u want B. of Rights, BUT (b) u quail at necessary Christian foundation thereto. But this same psychologic/ideologic conflict is what goes for so many others too. That's why USA is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED, and we're in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. And NOTHING, but nothing can stop the down-trending.

    So Spenglerian, cultural "decline" continues, can't and won't stop till the currency and economic collapse become soooo horrifically definitive and abysmal, ONLY THEN capable of being revived, perhaps--if there are enough survivors. This, Spenglerian "Decline" and collapse is now where we are, JR, in midst of grim and ruthless satanic masterminds in full control, but u say nothing--and that's why it will most likely continue.

    1. Apsterian,
      Your reply deserves more of an answer than this - which I will address but can't right now - however -

      Regarding Jewish influence being dominant in the US - especially regarding ABSOLUTE CONTROL of the content of our "Christian" country's media - is undeniably causing us great harm as it obfuscates truth and reality - with the USS Liberty being a prime example.

      The Christians own their own TV stations in the Bible belt - why won't they broadcast this information so that we can "support our troops" with actionable intelligence? Hmmm

      Regarding the Muslims being here in the US. Perhaps it is a good strategy, because so far there haven't been any real Muslim attacks - the evidence I've seen for the constant wave of bullshit used to distract the public has been setups - and according to Dr. Alan Sabrosky - Jewish himself - 911 was done with the aid of Israel.

      Perhaps having more Muslims in the country is the only way to balance out the over-influence of the AIPACand Jewish lobby. Obviously it is hard for Muslims to be heard in their own countrys since we are presently dropping bombs on them.

      Also Trump has made two attempts to change the historical record on 911 - 1. He is changing the story from "Dancing Israelis" to "Dancing Muslims"
      2. He is trying to change the story to "The Saudis did it" which is in direct contradiction to other factors.

      Since we Americans have no common information set from which to have discussions - we will simply - wander - like mushroom masses - as those leading us take us where it benefits THEM the most - whether it is good for America or not.



    2. "Judeo-Christianity" Is Precisely The Jew satanist Tool Used Against Real Christianity

      JR: Christians, real ones, who are anti-semites, don't own or control diddly in "Bible belt" or anywhere. All organized, establishment Christian institutes are controlled by Jews and/or Judeo-Christians (JCs--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo on JCs).

      And this is true (about JCs) because and as direct result of the Jew control over banking, specifically central-banking by which they legally COUNTERFEIT the "money supply," printing-up currency (not real money) practically at will. See Mises.org and RealityZone.com for expo on central-banking.

      U're right and I agree all the "terror" events are false-flags and psy-ops totally perpetrated by ZOG. It's now simple matter of record that ISIS is totally creature/creation of ZOG. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLIkUpOQMpQ

      But situation surely isn't helped by bringing-in yet more Moooslims, simply building-up and increasing the Balkanization process.

      And yes, Trump pushes exact same Jew-serving, Jew-friendly prop. and lies as ALL the other candidates, without any exceptions, again, due to the sad and tragic situation regarding Jew absolute control over nation's finances.

      Pt. is Trump OPPOSES the Jews' attempts (though he doesn't name the Jews, of course--no one can) to continue the Balkanization, invasion, and infestation of the country w. aliens and foreigners, esp. in way of Moooslims.

      But again, problem is the rampant and advancing satanism which continues as the real Christianity, hence anti-semitism, recedes.

      U're not grasping the tremendous distinction and diff. btwn the real Christianity, hence anti-semitism, and the utterly corrupted and perverse JC version, which is now ruling, controlling, and making way for satanist irrationalism, etc., satanism now rampant and actively destroying things, not only Christianity.

    3. Apsterian,
      Of course I am not grasping a distinction that doesn't exist - that is because my senses are intact and I tell the truth. Can you think if anything more dangerous than that?


    4. What?--so now u say there's no distinction btwn anti-Semitic Christianity, the real thing, and Judeo-Christianity, so explicitly Jew-friendly?--even w. ref.s supplied for u--and u add u tell truth? Ho ho ho ho--U're just a liar, that's all.


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