Blows Dead Bear

The title is an inside joke that probably only two people I know, maybe three understand.

Any way - Google f%%%in' blows.  I'm gonna' get shut down eventually anyway - but they still haven't f%^&ng fixed Adsense - why don't the idiots have one of their so-called omnipresent and supposedly mind reading and omniscient "bots" pick up these words right now?  Are they that stupid?  Why don't they see these words and fix the problem if they are reading and seeing everything?  Total bullshit.  I base this claim on the lack of ads on this site via Adsense - and I strictly followed their rules.  What happened?  Why don't they send me a paper letter and fix this - or is it all just boooolhorns.

Where are my ads?  This site is a (*&^% joke - google and blogger s%^k!  Put a comment in the comment section on this blog - can't you hear me?  Help - the platform I use for this discussion is not present when needed but supposedly is monitoring me for something.  I thought you were listening to everything I say and everything I fu%^&ng do!

So what happened?  DuHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway - lemme admit - I wanna' like Trump but so far - using 911 was an inside job as a basis for my logic:

1. Trump is aiding in the...., shall we say....  diversion of the path of our view of the historical timeline and happening and coincidence of events that are well known by those that have studied the anomalies surrounding the seminal event in EVERYTHING WE DO.  THE TRUTH OF THAT MATTER IS KEY IN PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE NO MATTER WHAT.  Sorry about all those caps - but we have got to get a grip here in this country.  When matters this grave are not addressed - the basic morale, and morality upon which our very military and basic manufacturing strengths are drawn.  We must stand for a common morality of decency - now we have debates upon who's example we will follow.Jesus and Plato immediately come to mind.  I have read about Mohomed but that was in social studies many moons ago...as the Indians said in the fake cowboy movies I've seen as a kid.

Plato's Cave

I was sitting, actually lying down covered in the dark looking at the shadows of reflections of the windows of cars and trucks and everything outside, in the dark projecting through the hotel window and through a tiny slit that runs the length of the top of the hotel curtains, which I kept shut for complete darkness...

I feel like "Winston Smith" , the main character, in George Orwell's A.K.A. uhmmmmm can't remember help me out here...(adding this three minutes later ...Eric Blairwho worked for the BBC)

Looked up at the ceiling and saw those shadows, took me a while to figure out what the heck they were - well you have to understand the difference between me and the people chained inside of Plato's cave - who were NEVER OUT OF THE CAVE , I'm the guy who comes back in to tell the prisoners - "Hey - I just got back from outside -( in fact, most of them have seen me walk in through the front door,)

 but getting back ... just typing here on this stuff...

Trump is making statements in favor of the Zionists that the conspiracy community collectively, whether they know it or not - Trump is making statements that will continue to obfuscate the attempts of those who think "911 was an inside job."  He is diverting the attention away from the head of the US ARmy War college, Dr. Alan Sabrosky who says , (Dr. Alan Sabrosky is a Jew)  "The Jews did 911."

So Donald Trump is at odds with this acclaimed Marine veteran, Dr. , meaning he studied , and headed the US ARmy war college - Donald Trump is making statements that contradict this distinguished gentleman.

They take videos down when I post them here - so I'll encourage you to type in "Dr Alan Sabrosky Israel did 911" and watch his very rare and uncirculated interviews.

There are no reasons that I know of to question the intentions of Dr. Alan Sabrosky - I also admire him for something that I like to think I am known for  - ABSOLUTELY to EVERYBODY THAT KNOWS ME PERSONALLY - I AM PRO US PERIOD.  I make no bones about that and I heard Dr. Alan Sabrosky make that very same statement I make to every person and group I am amongst.

2.  Trump is diverting the attention to the Saudis for 911 away from the PNAC Zionists.


I think that if you are a person who thinks about the things I am writing about here - make sure you watch your back.

*I can let you in on what blows dead bear means if you wish to know

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