More Food or more vaccines?

WE MUST CONTROL THE POPULATION!  (WE are told.)  So negative.  Also against the Bible.

The last  times I flew across the U.S I was impressed with the vast stretches of un-utilized space.

Here's a positive viewpoint.

Food production - cannot be a problem given the efficiency and automation of present technology.
What would a father do when faced with a large family he didn't anticipate?  Kill his kids or at least try to grow some more food first?  Our, the human race, our distinction is our minds that seperates us from the animals - but presently it appears Bill Gates and the Pope disagree with these views.  I haven't heard those of Donald Trump, Hillary, Sanders etc... they are the faces I saw last - but I gave up on the debates - since none of the content is problem-solving.  Also they are all ignoring root causes.

I am supposed to believe that we have all this great technology - that can do ANYTHING without much human intervention. OK - what about growing food?  Or is all the land locked up in megafarms and un-utilized?

Rather than sitting around in the city looking for a job that will NEVER come back, because no workers are needed to run equipment - why not refocus our efforts on building new farming equipment that could be sold to families willing to "rough it" and get into farming?  That would change the model and get people independent and "back to work."

I have a theory that there are many people languishing in cities that would do better in a sylvan enviro.

Who can predict if the next kid will be Archimedes?

I know we cannot have people multiplying like rabbits with no room and no food.  Even the Bible says to "Be fruitful and multiply.  Fill the earth and govern it."  Genesis 1:23  The Pope says don't be fruitful and multiply - we need to control the population.  Well it's not my fault that he disagrees with the Bible.

I can imagine that if all a person sees in their life is a congested city - they think the whole world looks like that.  It does not.  There is lots and lots of un-utilized space.  This is like walking outside tomorrow morning - seeing rain - and thinking that it is raining everywhere.

There is so much industry and independence that can sprout from a reapplication of technology to mini-farms with high tech - everybody could find a way to get into that system.

Finally I ask you what would you advise a father with a family larger than expected?  Kill one of your kids or grow more food?

Also what if a real plague comes through


  1. satanic JWO Juggernaut Is Faltering, But Can Christian Truth, Humanity Prevail?

    Controlling pop. is explicit plan of Jew world order (JWO), "agenda-21," riding the satanic beast of subjectivism and moralism, but there's a little thing happening, happening even more so soon, and that's currency and hence, economic collapse.

    Prices are going to DOUBLE, soon, within a few weeks, surely, according to all the signs, verified by numerous observers. So ZOG will attempt a war somewhere, it seems, and if people don't go along, then ZOG will simply go to war, or try to, anyway, against people of Jew S A.

    And it will be Christian truth vs. Jew lies, basically, as always, but will take a specific form, at least at first, of Christian vs. "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo). For beyond that, JWO will require United Nations troops.

    So pertinent, specific issues will surely regard states-rights, real, commodity-based money, and the hope must be that JWO satanic beast will be dealt-with on that basis, but JWO has tremendous weapons, HAARP, EMP, bio-weapons, not to mention nukes.

    People need to face reality of JWO and necessity of Christian unity against these satanic psychopaths, esp. in view of the blatant, evermore revealed scandal of ISIS built, supplied, and armed by ZOG, Israel, NATO, and Saudi. Even InfoWars.com knows and tells the people about this in-ur-face scandal.

  2. Trump and Israel supporter meet:

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