Poe a Tree

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 It’s the day after Christmas 2015.  It was my second visit to the Poe Museum.  They’ve moved some of the stuff around.  The bed Poe slept in – more like a cot – is present in the first room you enter – tiny with a huge fireplace.  Strange proportions.  Also in this first room is a piano that belonged to somebody – his wife?  I’m not sure about Poe’s life very much but the piano has a placard near it you can read, it tells a bit of the history of the piano – it was given as payment to a Dr. that somebody owed money to then was donated back several generations later back to the Poe museum.  Many things here have been transplanted from places Poe lived including an entire staircase from his childhood residence.

They also set up a "Cask of Amontillado" exhibit where you can have your picture taken next to the guy that gets chained to the wall.  If you haven't read that story it is one of Poe's good ones.  Well done.

A step outside through one of many frightfully creakey doors brings you to the enchanted garden which is an enclosed  brick courtyard surrounded by various old buildings.  The main Poe building is the oldest building in Richmond, VA supposedly built around 1727?  No pictures are allowed in certain areas so I didn’t take any at all so I could forget about that.

They added two long jet black cats to the museum since I was there last – it really livened the place up in just the right way.  Some dunderhead bent the metal Poe Museum sign outside – I didn’t remember to check to see if they were able to get it fixed.  It is a beautiful sign – even defaced – it doesn’t matter –

I’m in my favorite coffee shop  up on the top of the hill by St. John’s church – the one where Patrick Henry gave the “Give me Liberty or Give me Death Speech.”

So I took a look briefly through the news today and can see that the Republicans, pretending to be whoever they have branded themselves as – are trying to complete their vetting of the public to see which candidate they can sell most effectively to the public.   My prediction is that Trump will be their nominee.

He has already demonstrated a dual loyalty that is a problem for my own tastes in a leader of the United States.  He seems to have got the entire story backwards on 911.  But maybe that’s because he is out of touch in that sort of way – similar to one of our past presidents – also ultra-wealthy – George H.W. Bush.  There was a famous moment when poppy Bush was on the campaign trail and he was posing in a supermarket line acting like he was really buying groceries like normal people do.  Well – at the time the supermarket laser bar-code scanners had already come out and when they started the cameras running and started scanning groceries he was asking the cashier about this newfangled device that automatically scanned the items into the register.  In other words guys like poppy Bush and Donald Trump are bigshots – they are making big deals and maximize the effectiveness of their limited time by having others prepare meals for them – the supermarket trip is, in reality, a poor use of their time.

I’m not picking on them – depending upon what a person does in their life there are things they will do as a matter of routine and these are the activities that take up time in their life – and the ones that can manage combinations of these activities most effectively die with the most toys.

But in reality – getting back to the point I was supposed to be making – what goes on in Donald Trump’s life that has anything to do with the way you and I live?  Can he relate to the realities of life in America when he lives in the Big Apple as a billionaire?

I am going to guess:  No and evidence of his being out of touch with America is the fact that his facts on 911 are pathetic. 

He turned one of the 911 documented stories upside down that just about everyone that has studied the 911 crime has known for years and years:  That there were dancing Israelis on 911 that were rounded up.  You can find the cop that arrested them on yootoob begging people to stop calling him about the arrest he made that day.  Go find that interview of him making his statement about who they really arrested that day. 

I can now see that there are many reasons why the 911 criminals have gotten away with their crime for so long – being such skilled criminals and all.  They have a lot of money so in the US they can effectively control everything.  They own the media.  Complete control of the media was an essential element in committing that crime – they could not have gotten away with the crime for so long without the media being directly involved. 

So what is all this getting to?  That this very same media and the very same media owners are the ones spreading the information put out by Donald Trump.  He starred on their TeeVee shows – remember?  “You’re Fired!”  So he has been one of their actors on their fake reality shows.  That means there is a connection from Trump to the same crooked media that was directly involved in the caper pulled over on the American public known as 911.  This crooked media is participating in the Orwellian shift of the facts on all issues – one example being the shift from dancing Israelis to dancing evil mooslims.

So what are we to make of all of this? 

I’ve concluded, for now, that with the existing election machine situation – meaning that they are easily rigged – that the election only has to appear legitimate in the media – meaning – the media has to only create an atmosphere where it would be believable for a candidate to be elected, meaning that their chosen candidate – through marketing/polling methods – must be able to gather a legitimate size of the real votes – then the rigged machines are targeted in areas where the state apparatus is controlled to the extent that they can use those districts to throw the election. 

So if Trump looks popular enough, and he can be installed, or the whoever they control on the Democrat side, let’s say Sanders – then you can count on more war and more unquestioning support for Israel.

Those who ignore the words of Dr. Alan Sabrosky regarding who did 911 will forever wonder what is going on in the world around them.  Nothing ever seems to make that much sense.  What would Donald Trump have to say with respect to Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the US Army War College making a statement that Israel did 911? 

Another thought that comes to mind for me is that of fear.

America is presently paralyzed by fear.  Most of this fear is manufactured fear directed at the public with very precise timing to produce precise results in the public mind.  Those tasked with solving these high crimes are also paralyzed with fear.  They may have caught wind of some of these anomalies in the big lie given to the public – they may have seen the statements of Dr. Alan Sabrosky and know that something is wrong – but they cannot do anything because they are afraid they will be treated like all whistleblowers are treated – like pariahs.

I now think I understand more now than ever before that it is the people in the actual government structures that are supposed to deal with the 911 crooks that have to be the most “afraid” – even if they are really brave people.  They must all know that these master criminals live in the upper echelons of our institutions here in the US. How can any individual do anything about the 911 crimes when they know they will be fired or harassed?  That’s the environment here in the United States.  When I ask people who either are or know people in law enforcement – they are woefully ignorant of the facts surrounding those crimes.  The fact is that if any progress will ever be made regarding the real crooks of 911 the direction must come from the top.  But it looks like the masterminds own all of the people at the top of our “crime-fighting” institutions and the media that is used to keep everyone in line.   Owning the police and the news makes getting away with anything very very easy.   

The crooks must be running everything since their agenda continues regardless of who gets into office.  Can you see into the future – as I feel I can – a future for America if Trump gets into office?  More of the same.

More war – more hatred – more division?  Can Trump show us now that he is really going to bat for America?  Even Donald Trump’s money relies on the economy surviving – but which aspects?  What would happen to all of his money if he didn’t support interest groups who would put themselves ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans?  Do ordinary Americans even matter to him?

Trump can make announcements now – loud and clear – how he is going to put an end to the hostilities in the Palestinian issue.  Israel seems intent on the extermination of Palestinians – go look at the map online of the reduction in Palestinian territory over the years. 

Where are the peaceful Muslims and Israelis while the United States is going up in flames?  Why is it that all we hear from are violent religious extremists?  Where are the people that actually want an end to all of this war?


  1. WHY Can't JR Figure-Out Mooooslims Don't Belong In USA?

    JR: u just can't get-over ur political-correct satanism, can u? No wonder u relate w. Jews--there's no hate in u for kikes, right? Ho ho ho ho ho

    It's those gosh-darn Israelis, right?--and only a few of them, perhaps, not all kikes, right?

    And what's w. Trump for his attitude for the Mooooslims, eh?--not politically-correct, right?

    JR: u can't figure-out this is Christian country, made by Christians, for Christians--NOT PEOPLE LIKE U, buddy, u just a recipient of charity, un-fortunately. So naturally, u want to lobby for Mooooslims, right?--having them here intimidating the Christians makes u feel more comfortable, right?--safer and more secure so u can continue to spew ur holier-than-thou, Jew-friendly satanism, right?

    See JR: due to US Federal Reserve Bank Jew S A is TOTALLY OWNED BY KIKES--u can't even begin to running for office without paying obeisance to that satanic filth. So that's why Trump (AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO RUNS FOR OFFICE) sucks-up to kikes (a), and (b) reason he knocks Moooslims is THEY DON'T BELONG HERE, FOOL (and neither do u).

    See JR: U'RE NOT INTERESTED in anything other than playing politically-correct and Jew-friendly, even if u resent some things about Israel. Like typical satanist and Jews, u want to pretend u're (a) "smart," like kikes, and (b) at same time, also, "moral"--that's essence of politically-correct, being both "smart" and "moral," ho ho ho ho ho ho.

    So Trump being against Mooooslims is both (a) OBLIGATORY for sake of kikes, going-along w. the 9/11 "narrative" put-out by kikes.

    (b) BUT ALSO, it makes sense, as Mooooooslims have no business being here--which is AMAZING u can't figure that out.

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