Farewell to Virginny

Christmas vacay is coming to a close - now the drive home.

Richmond was good to me - the people and the food.  The traffic really non-existent for such a hub -

I really needed some food too - I'm heading back to my real home where they have work for me.

Virginny was a good place to live but it seems like for most of my life I was really bringing money back in to the state.  The place I'm heading back to doesn't have as good food but that's where work is.

I remember kids' fathers when I was a kid working in other towns to support their families.

Anyway - some scenes.  I saw some Muslims - their baby was wearing one of those Santa hats with the white tassel.  They didn't seem to be waging any war on Christmas.

I saw several Asian-run businesses with Christmas cards and Christmas trees.  Felt like Christmas there.

There seemed, this year, to be a major lack of colored lights decorating people's homes, however.  Not sure if that was deliberate or if that's just the way everybody felt.  There are some people I know having meltdowns.

The weather has been so unseasonably warm - 70's - "t-shirt weather."

The food in this town is really good if you go to the right places.  Prices are about as high as everywhere else but parking hasn't turned into a free-for-all like in my home-town.

I'm at my coffee shop here again - picking up a redeye for the ride home.

The people here are more free in thought, I'd say, than where I'm heading.  This is a "religious" area (I'm using the word "religious" wrong) but you are supposed to know what I mean.

As far as the prez election - I've not read any news, listened to any media other than Christmas music - and accidentally viewed brief moments of games that were on in various establishments I've visited during my visit here.

The Poe museum has really been on my mind.  If you come to Richmond do visit it.  I don't like mentioning places on this blog since the topics discussed here are such unpopular speech I'm concerned that those mentioned will feel insulted for having any affiliation with it.  I think people get the wrong idea - but sometimes that's

The sun is coming out for the first time in several days of the rainiest, most unseasonably warm and foggiest conditions I've seen in a December.  It's been a good experience.

I can't say much more about politics today other than nobody I've run into has said a word about any of it.  The public doesn't  care about this election much.  It seems that We the People are not really the ones having problems getting along - it is You the Leaders who seem to not be able to "make a deal."

Let's seem some change on some big stuff or this police state will continue heading down this silly and dark road.

As I was stepping into the Poe museum yesterday a man came walking by down the street and I couldn't help but say something to him, since he was carrying a gigantic automatic pistol on his belt.  I said to him "Packing heat today huh?"  He said "Everyday - especially around here."

He wasn't a young guy - and he was nice enough.  I probably should have asked further questions to see if this was in reaction to him being attacked or was he just careful?  He wasn't strange or paranoid or anything - and with the open carry situation at least you knew he had a gun on him - and you could make a choice whether or not to be around where he his.  I've known people with concealed guns during times in my life that I decided to minimize my exposure to because of their unstable nature.  Others I never gave it a second thought.  It is a bit of a shame that that is all we are in the end - just a bunch of people with guns to keep just enough of a stalemate so we don't kill each other.

Are we better than that?  For a "Christian country" as I'm constantly reminded - you would think we could all stop shooting each other and carrying weapons the day after Christmas.  But that's not the real world.  A lot of bad stuff happens around Christmas like it happens everywhere all the time.

I'm not saying I want a Muslim country or a Jewish country or any religion country - I'd prefer if that side of things were kept out of public institutions - because one of the things that was always to differentiate America from all other nations was our religious tolerance - and the fact that no religion could get an upper hand and start imposing their belief system on the rest of us that don't want it.

I am not against religion at all - and some of my morals came from religion (I think?) although in the end the all came from my family.

It doesn't take much thought to see that so-called American values come from our media - in all of its forms.  A break-up of the media is a promise Donald Trump can make to the American public.  That's an easy one - and one he seems to already agree with.

Well I have to get on the road.  I'm driving a VW rental - Passat Wolfsburg edition.  The guys at the rental place had a decent car this time.  Last time I drove a Nissan Sentra that hydroplaned as soon as there was any water on the road.  This time I didn't notice the monsoon I drove through on the way up  here with ponding conditions and everything.


  1. JR: Horribly Mis-Conceived, As Usual

    Good gravy, JR, but do u ever stop to think just how mis-conceived u really, truly are? We note u write above,

    "...because one of the things that was always to differentiate America from all other nations was our religious tolerance - and the fact that no religion could get an upper hand and start imposing their belief system on the rest of us that don't want it."

    And the question arises, WHERE DO U GET THIS CRAP?--do u just make it up in ur amazing mind?

    I do believe u DO, very much, just MAKE STUFF UP out of ur wishful thinking. Why don't u just do simplest, basic research, buddy?

    Don't forget, original US Constitution only applied against the general fed gov.--it was protection of the states and people against the fed. gov.

    Many of the states had official state religions, to which established churches rec'd money fm taxes collected by the state--look it up. See http://undergod.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=000069

    Const. protected the states and state churches AGAINST the feds making their own national or state religion. But many of the states had their own established churches, as I noted.

    It was always understood that the states and people making up USA were Christian, but they differed regarding particular churches, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, etc.--these were left up to the states, explicitly denied to the general fed. gov. by Const.

    JR, u are sadly mis-conceived as to religion, etc., and u urgently need to do some soul-searching, buddy--what is wrong w. u that u have to LIE LIE LIE LIE like u do?--u must be a Jew, the way u love to lie about religion. There's un-doubtedly something going-on within ur amazing mentality.

    USA is and always was Christian, regardless particular church denomination, made by Christians for Christians, PERIOD. US Constitution was made by Christians, for Christians, PERIOD. US and US Const. are products of Christianity, Christian culture of the West in general.

    U need to get real, start to facing the truth and the facts of reality, buddy. Jews didn't make USA--they had NOTHING to do w. it--only Christians, and no one else, made USA.

  2. Apsterian,

    you do a great job pointing out that religion always leads to bad places. A great reason to stick with LAW - a set of rules we can all live by.

    How are you going to enforce religion? You cannot. That's why you are always better off with LAW if it is peace you are after.

    If you wish war and hate religion is a great place to start.

    1. JR Needs To Dealing With His Anti-Christ Devils And Delusions Within

      It's interesting to see how u react to ur being exposed for the lies u speak about USA, Christianity, and now law. So u just rush past the subject regarding ur lies about USA and "religion," as u have new lies to tell.

      "Religion always leads to bad places"?--false--but very interesting we get this new lie fm u, eh?

      USA is product of the Christian culture of the West--and it's hard to see how this can be denied, yet u seem to be determined to strive to doing just that.

      And WHAT is it really, we're "after"?--it's a good question, good subject to think about. Thus humanity works for the rational, ordered society, capable of production of food, etc.

      Thus the Christian religion provided the basis of society, including the legal system, and we see it fm history beginning in the Roman empire.

      And (civil) law then is an outer sort of layer to the social system, but which law breaks down as the social system breaks down, as we see fm the Roman and now in the American. How did this break-down happen?

      And if one wishes war and hate?--like war upon and hatred of Mooooslims?--how did that happen?--and it was a great combination of factors, but this (present) war is and was catalyzed best and most by Jews--Jews did all the terror, even before 9/11, and through it all, Jews were encouraged by the Judeo-Christians, Jews' little helpers fm among the goyim.

      "Enforcing religion"?--hmmmmm, I actually think this can be done, but let's set that aside and consider this absurd notion of "peace" u present.

      For if u understand reality and Western culture (which u don't as u seem to be such an alien), u see that human existence has always been understood as one of warfare, beginning w. Homer and continuing through Plato, St. Augustine, Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Darwin, to naming just a few.

      The great effort of humanity and culture was to prevail in the constant warfare so as to snatching some peace out of it. Law among humans then sought to preserve whatever peace that was won so briefly--as for the Romans, and so it's been for a couple thousand yrs.

      Law also was understood for the basic relation among things, including physics, and so the natural law was studied, and the Romans integrated the civil law w. the natural law they learned fm the Greeks.

      ---------[SEE PART 2 BELOW]-------

    2. ------[HERE'S PART 2 TO ABOVE]-----

      But as humans are hubristic, as fm the Greeks, and sinners, which philosophy the Christians carried on, we see that law is always under-cut, as by criminals who institute such as central-banking (legalized COUNTERFEITING) and the general tyranny as we see presently seeking to expand to world gov.

      Thus the civil law, and even the natural law (or the understanding of it) is corrupted by these clever criminals when they can, esp. as the civilization breaks-down.

      Thus we see how fragile and flimsy is LAW, esp. the civil law understanding, though the natural law is simpler, and stands-up better.

      Thus we see ur basic problem as u don't see the real and proper relation btwn the religious foundation of the society, esp. for that rational component, and then the civil law administration which is external and dependent.

      U seem to be fixated upon some necessary CONFLICT btwn what u call "religion" and the civil LAW. But that's not anyone's fault but ur own, is it?

      So we see u're sooooo miserably mis-conceived and conflicted for ur notions of "religion" and LAW, (a), and (b) peace, war, and hate--but that's no one's fault but urs, also, right?

      Regardless, fact remains about present Jew S A that it's caught-up in hubris, subjectivism, and irrationality, hence the break-down of law-and-order, and it's getting worse as Spenglerian "Decline of the West" continues.

      And law-and-order will only be re-constituted when and if the Christian foundation and ideals are restored, hence anti-semitism and anti-satanism--contrary to ur anti-Christian corruption and delusions. And I don't think it will be easy for this Christian restoration, but it's only hope. For cultural stability, prosperity, and law depend upon that Christian foundation.

      There's a gross, horrific anti-Christ devil in u, JR, and u need to dealing w. it before u can pretend to being American, buddy--that's all there is to it--it's UR PROBLEM, and it's NOT our fault.

      LAW, properly understood, is entirely a matter of religion and the Christian cultural foundation, and NOT separate fm it. The great cultural conflict is btwn Christian reason, hence objectivity, vs. satanic hubris, hence subjectivism led by Jews, but including also anti-Christ dupes of Jews, like u, we see--but that's not our fault, buddy--get a clue.

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