Video worth your time-Overwhelming Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job, Who did it and Why - Ken O'Keefe

All our old favorite 911 stars are back in this excellent video that can get you up to speed rather quickly. 


  1. I know nothing of the gentleman in the video. But I watched most of it and slept through part of it since almost all 911 information for me is re-runs some of this played in the background , but I did hear a few important points made and shown in video clips I've posted here on this blog in past so-called posts.
    One is of Dr. Sabrosky - which I believe is included in this documentary and editorial. Silverstein too. I think it is obvious that many of those involved are part of some sort of a Jewish/Zionist mafia - I saw this because I don't think Rummy and some others are Jews but their actions implicate them according to the 911truth explanation of the events of nine eleven. Time will tell if anything will come of all this. I don't see anyone in power that can approach the 911 issue because I think they are afraid of the people who did it or maybe working for the same people who committed the crime. It seems unexplainable to me that there have been no arrests in the 911 thing, but I guess that's what to expect if we first accept or hypothesize that we have a power group above our government with their cohorts embedded in our government in key positions where things can be maneuvered both politically and at a commanding level within the structure so that once the order comes from the government, it is handed to operatives who are in legal commanding positions, in control of those positions, where they are ensuring things like the 911 commision don't get to the truth.
    It does appear that there is a power group operating independently and in a superior position of power to our government which seems to have forgotten "We the People." This group has proven that they are not only not protecting our rights, that our own government forces are being employed to the point that they are assisting in the taking of our rights.
    This is an impossible state of affairs but I guess the whistleblower situation is dire. If you area honest and wish to help get something really bad fixed and on the straight again - the story is that, like Snowden, you the whistleblower get a free trip to a frozen Gulag in Siberia. Heck, it may even be legal for you to be murdered, unless you are spying for Israel then recent history says you would get away with jail time or be freed. But those of us crying about this 911 caper being allowed to go unsolved - we are the ones that will be targeted and I suppose harassed eventually by the very people that are payed to solve high crimes in this country.
    The only answer is that the orders to solve or not solve any crime depends upon the level at which the perps exist and control. If someone who commits a crime is a director, or several directors then they multiply their ability to move things around and support each other. Compartmentalization is another subject that keeps everyone in the dark, in many aspects of our own lives too. Some intentional and some not.

    1. Yes, so I wanted to agree on those points in the video above. There are others but I try not to endorse any people since there is so much disinfo. It seems we never actually have any help from the government in fixing the 911 problem which could fix the whole problem by doing their jobs. I agree with that much of the video. I have not watched anything Ken Okeefe has done except for an interview captured from a TV news show. Who can tell?


  2. Drastic Program Necessary In Face Of Pending Catastrophe

    Well, it was a good vid, though somewhat dated as there's nothing in there about latest gigantic scandal on ISIS terror, now known and acknowledged as built, funded, supplied, and armed by ZOG, NATO, Israel, and Saudi.

    O'Keefe makes some excellent pt.s, like (a) that enough investigation on 9/11 has been done, and (b) at the end, O'Keefe pt.s out the existential (practical) KEY to all the criminal activity, the central-bank, legalized COUNTERFEITING scam.

    But then same old problems, more abstract and psychologic, crop-up, again, O'Keefe playing the usual good-Jew, bad-Jew game--there are no good Jews, and anyone who says there are is collaborator and accomplice, including esp. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) hereticalists who are instrumental for cognitive dissonance regarding true nature of Christianity--anti-satanism in general and specifically anti-semitism, Jews understood as leaders of the subjectivists and satanists. See Talmudical.blogspot.com and RevisionistReview.blogspot.com for expo on Talmudism/Judaism.

    Youth especially, are utterly fascinated and diverted by explicit satanism, as in hip-hop music.

    Jew S A is now quite doomed economically, the currency collapsing, prices to sky-rocket very soon, more than doubling, surely within very short time, weeks, hardly even months.

    So Jew S A must remove central-banking criminal enterprise, instituting real money, commodity-based, hence gold/silver, and revive serious respect for states-rights, nullification and secession.

    Of course it will be hard for folks to focus on real problems w. all the deliberate cognitive dissonance being sown, amidst the idiotic "entertainment," same old "bread-and-circuses" of Roman times.

    U JR, are PERFECT example of the satanic problem, pushing cognitive dissonance and political correctness, insisting there are "good Jews," and there are many more like u--we cannot tolerate it--and in the midst of catastrophe u are extremely dangerous.

    When O'Keefe described, analyzed, and evaluated David Cameron, who spoke about "extremism"--O'Keefe was talking precisely about u, JR, sticking-up for political-correctness, defending the Jews, the real Christianity being too "extreme" for such as u.

    For Christianity, the real thing, "extremism," is what is being targeted by Cameron and his allies--u just can't face fact that u're one of those allies. For otherwise u'll be caught-up in the middle btwn the opposing polarities, Christian on one hand, satanist on the other.

    And note it's not far away now--mere weeks--we'll be entering un-charted territory, the collapsing currency, prices sky-rocketing, food-shortages, martial-law. For the food-shortages are what makes family-men desperate to feed their kids and riots break-out--coming soon. Think carefully, JR

  3. Apsterian says:
    "U JR, are PERFECT example of the satanic problem, pushing cognitive dissonance and political correctness, insisting there are "good Jews," and there are many more like u--we cannot tolerate it--and in the midst of catastrophe u are extremely dangerous."

    Perhaps you are right and I am wrong - but to use your logic there are no bad Christians - they are all somehow "good" because they are not "Jews" who are somehow "all bad." Or do you mean that we will make distinctions for Christians as to who is right and who is wrong but not Jews?
    This is why I support a day in court for everybody - but I also know that is idealistic and won't happen.
    Our government folks are lorded over by these psychopaths who allow mass murder and use their agencies and bureaus etc... to cover up high crimes rather than putting away those undermining our Bill of Rights by scaring everybody into agreeing to anything - including torture and extrajudicial murder.


    1. JR: A Child Who Just Wants To Ignore Reality, Feel Good

      JR continues to lie. For Christianity is a philosophic system, and there are, indeed, false and phony Christians--JUST AS I NOTED, AND U THEN DENIED, regarding "distinctions," which u say don't exist.

      "Extra-judicial murder"?--isn't that what is war?--and who has been conducting it?--u Jew-friendly satanists, right? Though even war requires certain Congressional formalities, according to Constitution which is ignored--BY Satanists led by JEWS.

      Then u talk about ""Jews" who are somehow "all bad."" And I've explained many many many many many times how and why, but u just ignore reality--THAT'S UR PROBLEM, buddy, not anyone else's.

      And I noted also humanity is heavily engaged in war--WAR--against satanism, Jews the leaders, in the great scheme of things, so it's necessary to make use of WHOLE-SALE methods, as usual and typical in WAR.

      And as I noted, u're adamant in ur religious-style insistence/obsession for denying the obvious facts of reality regarding the general satanism, and then specifically regarding Jews, subjectivism, et.

      And don't doubt I DO absolutely endorse "day in court" idea--which rational creatures must follow, simply as matter of humanity. Fact remains, however, humanity, and people of West and Jew S A are at war--WAR.

      Think of it: I do my duty, defining terms and outlining the basic ideas, so u have no real complaint against me--and when u're confronted for what u stand for, u just invoke generalities, e.g., that u want Bill of Rights, but don't care about the necessary foundation, culturally and psychologically. U just want to feel good that u're nice to kikes.


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