Congress gives Obama long-delayed Afghan war funds

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" The $37 billion is in addition to about $130 billion Congress already approved for Afghanistan and Iraq for this year. Congress has appropriated more than $1 trillion for the two wars since 2001."
Note: Keep pissing it all away you fools. Congress is out of touch with reality. 911 was a false-flag attack - if these clowns realized that they wouldn't give another nickel for this travesty. Iraq had no WMD - another debacle. Vote these idiots out of office before we all end up losing everything.

This war is lost, lost, lost. Notice with all the crap on TV and radio - with all the talk of budget deficits etc... - never is there any mention of the obscene cost of these unjust wars of aggression.

Congress has once again failed to use the "power of the purse" to stop the butchery - clinging to the myth of an undefinable "war on terror." While America crumbles, jobs are lost, and Americans lose their homes - Congress spends even more money we don't have.

Obama needs to take that Nobel Peace Prize and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

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