Citigroup: Israel a risky bet

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" “Underlying economic fundamentals are strong in Israel, especially relative to other developed markets, but we are concerned by the geopolitical risk,” Citigroup analyst Michael Klahr was quoted as saying in the report titled Assessing Geopolitical Risk and the Investment Case for Israel. “There exists significant geopolitical risk due to an adversarial relationship with the Palestinians, Hizbullah (in Lebanon) and perhaps more worryingly with Iran.”"
Note: No kidding geniuses. Same as our failing war-economy. Bombs don't produce anything except death and destruction - and by the way, they kill people. And by the way - Arab lives are lives too. And if one keeps producing bombs - and one has no opportunity to empty warehouses full of them, well then - no more need to keep producing bombs. So war means - empty the storehouses - and order more bombs - to kill more people - cycle continues.

My fellow Americans - we are a disgrace to humanity. It's time to start subsidizing solar panels and inverters here in the United States - get real - rebuild our infrastructure - and start acting like mature adults. This "war on terror" fantasy is a pathetic joke.

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