Judge orders life sentence for Florida Keys drug smuggler (while acting as an operative of the U.S. State Department)

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" Williams also raised eyebrows when he admitted under oath to smuggling drugs, but did so, he testified, while acting as an operative of the U.S. State Department. He later fired his attorney, Joel DeFabio of Coral Gables, for not arguing that point before jurors."
Note: Americans are mushrooms - fed shit and kept in the dark. A "war on drugs?" ha ha ah ah aha ha! You poor pathetic tax-paying fools. I pity thee. But isn't it true that ignorance of the law is no excuse? As American "citizens" (consumers) remain criminally negligent via ignorance of the actions of their government - they will suffer the consequences.

Good news for the Feds and scumbags perpetuating this drug-war madness: I see absolutely, positively no discussion at a neighbor-to-neighber level regarding the drug corruption of our government. So my evaluation: Keep going - you have still not done anything to awaken the soccer moms or the ballgame-mesmerized masses. They will still willingly - and proudly provide you with "troops" (their kids) to keep the heroin coming in, the cocaine coming in, and the police state going.

Thanks Feds! You, through your selfishness and ignorance of the basic tenets upon which our republic is founded - are destroying America. Keep lining your pockets - I hope you sleep well at night.

You make me sick.

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