White House decries WikiLeaks' release of Afghan war documents

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" The White House late Sunday condemned the leaking of what appear to be about 90,000 U.S. military records, as a handful of international media organizations that received access to the documents began to disclose their account of the war in Afghanistan.

In a statement, President Obama's national security advisor, Marine Gen. James L. Jones, deplored the "disclosure of classified information" that he said could put the lives of Americans and U.S. partners at risk and threaten the nation's security.
Note: The only people putting lives of Americans and U.S. partners at risk are the lying scumbags that send them into combat for a bunch of greedy fascist scum in our government - and in the government of other nations who stand to benefit from our wars of aggression based on lies propagated by the Pentagon lie-factory known as the Ameriscum Corporate media.

The Wikileaks people cannot be faulted for bringing information provided by whisleblowers, bravehearts of the most noble character, who risk it all to get the truth to the civilians of our Republic - the civilians who are IN CHARGE OF THE MILITARY AND RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS THE US MILITARY TAKES IN OUR NAME.

All the crybabies out there bitching about Wikileaks need to go change their diapers, get their rattle and wait for us patriots to sort all this out.

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