Former US Govt. officers willing to testify under oath about UFO experiences

Go ahead and call me a nut. I don't care. These folks are willing to go under oath before Congress. But as usual the Congress is the problem - they are too busy supporting more war and handouts for other nations while Americans starve.

As you watch this video I wonder if you will question whether a group this large is worth listening to. And if they are "crazy" as is the expected government, or corporate propaganda smear - ask yourself why at least one speaker was holding the keys to nuclear weapons. Wasn't it our government that gave the man those keys? Why would they hand the keys to nuclear weapons to a crazy person - wouldn't that then make the decision makers the crazy ones?

It is no wonder few are coming forward with information in our "soft dictatorship" here in Amerka - it is becoming more and more obvious that there is no point. With a media ready to destroy anyone on command - supporting the globalists and powerful - it is an act of suicide to speak up - sometimes literally - sometimes figuratively.

We need an Amnesty in America for Patriots - we need to let everybody come out of the closet to tell their story - which will allow us to get past the compartmentalization - leading the way to the liberty we know is so close - yet remains just beyond our grasp.

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