Judge 'inundated' with death threats after Arizona ruling

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" Last year, the Arizona Republic reported that the number of threats nationwide against federal judges and prosecutors, plus jurors and witnesses, more than doubled in the last six years, from 592 to nearly 1,300. Gonzales indicated at the time that the federal judges in Arizona get three to four threats a week.

The increase in threats coincides with more online use and the proliferation of blogs, he said. A quick scan shows many sites and discussion forums where Bolton is called a traitor or other, unprintable names.
Note: Blame it on the bloggers. A control freak is a control freak. Those who consider free speech dangerous are themselves the greatest threats to our republic. How is it possible to speak truth to power without speaking truth to power? How is it possible to identify a traitor, as a traitor, if there are limitations on the word "traitor?"

The death threats may have increased as blogging has increased - but who is to say for sure what the correlation is? Is it because the average American citizen, who is paying the salary of the judges and cops, is too weak-minded to read a rant on the internet without reacting in a violent way?

Or is it because people now have access to the whole picture - the big picture - with all the rumors, facts and details mixed together that they can, by themselves, sift through until they are satisfied that they have a grasp of the subject. They then realize that our criminal justice system and militarized police aid the oppressors and are taking a lot of our money as they cooperate with anti-constitutional traitors who have corrupted our laws for their own self-serving goals?

Is it that the citizens are finally feeling the wrath of an out-of-control Federally driven police state - with an agenda all its own - that ignores the will of the people completely - using the people's own money in ways contrary to the well-being of the people - and that is why the people are expressing themselves to "authority figures" in such dramatic ways?

The justness of a law can be measured by the people's willingness to abide by that law.

What does it mean when the government ignores the law - then tells the rest of us to have respect for the law?


  1. Threats are a waste of time.

    The best sacrificial victim is a relative.

    Making people realize the importance of their mistake is more important than making them pay for that mistake -in this world-.

    And besides it's not THIS judge anyone should be targeting.

    It's ALL judges.

    Where the fuck do these people get off threatening judges?

    It's childish, like throwing a temper tantrum.

  2. If she closes the border those illegal Aliens will quit doing her lawn.!!

  3. It's quite clear what the solution is. JAIL EMPLOYERS OF ILLEGALS. Lets face it once again. The people who make the laws have replaced a broad sector of American jobs with very cheap labor. They are greedy to the 100th power.

  4. The truth is now against the law, and it's also Anti-Semitic.

  5. iamthewitness.com

  6. wakeupfromyourslumber.com

  7. theinfounderground.com

  8. When a federal judge blocks US law to benefit mexican drug cartel profits then something is very very wrong. Uphold the laws written by the american people to protect the american people,arrest and inprison corrupt judges and elected officals, close the border........its that simple.


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