Video: CNN Anchors Call For Crackdown on Bloggers...but wait ...there's more...

Methinks they protest too much.

Of all the occupations in the world - there is one - journalism - that one would expect to be at the vanguard in the battle to protect free speech. But in Amerika - "journalists," like Kyra Phillips and John Roberts from CNN, instead lead the public into panic over the "problem" with free speech on the internet.

But why? What are they afraid of? Someone pointing out how staged this whole conversation really is?

Take a look at the link below the video after you have a chance to watch the heated debate as these unbiased journalists of differing opinions tear each other to pieces over this pressing issue concerning pesky bloggers.

Read entire article CNN's Kyra Phillips and John Roberts Engaged

" Phillips, who's based in Atlanta and Roberts, who anchors American Morning from New York, were on a weekend getaway at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. As they approached the 18th green, Phillips noticed something on the pin -- turns out it was a card and the engagement ring was in the cup."

Conclusion: They are right - anonymous bloggers are a problem.
Bonus Video: More annoying stuff we bloggers won't let go - while the CNN "journalists" prep the public for the next war based on lies:


  1. We dumbed Cable/Dish and get our news by Roku and Internet.

    CNN isn't watchable.

  2. That's a comprehensive and succinct way of putting it. I haven't watched cnn or read the ny times for over six years! Failing to cover the israeli mossad terrorist attack on ny on 9-11-01 was their final parting blow on me.

    Dr Alan Sabrosky, said israel did 911, it is one hundred percent certain, period.


  3. Why do you discuss journalist when the story is about CNN. CNN is a lobby organization for our special friends in the Middle east. Wolf was a paid member of AIPAC prior to his moving up to being the face of CNN. CNN needs to get rid of the blogs because they remind the world of the corrupt lack of journalist standards applied to the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. How can our special friends get us into wars for their benefit if they have people reporting on what they report.

  4. Who wants to watch the Jew Zionist Propaganda news...The internet is the source for news now, time to wake up people..!!

  5. I pity the fool (so says Mr. T) that still gets their information from the rogues gallery of 'major media'. But lets look at that statement for a moment. The ratings for the 'major media' imply that at any given time, a paltry one to two million people are watching. In my view, that makes them the 'minor media'. The younger generation and certain elements of my generation have voted with their feet. Get thee to the dustbin of history you vile and scurrilous legacy technology.

  6. These folks, Kyra Philips and John Roberts ought to consider that the total internet audience dwarfs theirs. If they actually try to accomplish what they claim to want there will be many angry internet community members. Some will hold people like Kyra Philips and John Roberts personally responsible. Of course, it would be wrong to retaliate against a couple of meat puppets such as these two, but the large and diverse internet audience includes all kinds. My point: many people in America take free speech very seriously. Some of those consider and attack on free speech to be an attack on our constitutional form of government, and an effort to establish a dictatorship.

  7. These people are criminals, responsible for millions and millions of deaths world wide. They should be held responsible.

  8. Anon says: "Why do you discuss journalist when the story is about CNN"

    JR says: "You are right - I should have used "show" or "theater" or "pentagon lie outlet."

    I should also have pointed out that if you read whatsernames bio on
    Wiki she has been completely co-opted and comprimised as any sort of journalist by the military. She got to go for a ride in an F-14 and many other exciting rides at the military-industrial amusement park for embedded journalists!

  9. Anon says: "Get thee to the dustbin of history you vile and scurrilous legacy technology."

    JR: ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  10. Anon says: " meat puppets "

    JR: ha ha ha ha ha!

  11. The flip side of your freedom of speech is my freedom to listen. Truly boring outfits in the mainline media do not want their listeners to be free to listen to other points of view.

  12. Did you catch that on the video? He proposed that other LESS FREE countries NEED freedom of speech, but since we ARE free, we need to RESTRICT free speech. Breathtaking.
    She says "freedom of First Amendment" and "freedom of defamation". These guys not only don't have a command of the English language, they also clearly illustrate that they don't understand how the constitution or the internet works. These are the PROS!

  13. I hate CNN, Fox,MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS,all of them supports the Zionist Agenda. Fuck anyone who loves them dirty fagot jews. I want a man like Hitler to rise up and take over the world n clean all the jews.

  14. I will never agree that "all Jews" are a problem - the Zionist agenda, however, is a problem for America for sure. I have Jewish friends that are some of the finest people I know.


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