Isn't Oliver Stone just being truthful?

Oliver Stone recently apologized for comments he made (click here):

" Stone kicked off a media firestorm over the weekend for telling a reporter from London’s Sunday Times that Adolf Hitler, the subject of his upcoming documentary, did more damage to Russia than he did to the Jews. He also stated that the U.S.'s support for Israel is the result of Jewish domination of the media."

His apology didn't seem to do much good:

" “Anyone who works with this guy should be ashamed,” Saban, who is Jewish and a supporter of Israel, said in comments posted at HuffingtonPost.com and confirmed by Pillersdorf. “Oliver Stone should be given a helping hand --indeed, a vigorous shove -- into the land of forced retirement.”...

Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry,” Stone said in his apology. “The fact that the Holocaust is still a very important, vivid and current matter today is, in fact, a great credit to the very hard work of a broad coalition of people committed to the remembrance of this atrocity -- and it was an atrocity.”

But let's get real here for a moment - doesn't the reaction to Oliver Stone's comments prove his point? After all, his only crime is being candid. The media smear campaign from the Jewish community is simply the expected, predictable and automatic attack anyone speaking against Jews or Israel will suffer. Get real. The same exact thing happened to Helen Thomas when she had the temerity to ask the tough questions. This anti-Semite schtick is getting old, old, old!

Don't call me a Jew-hater, Jew-basher or any of that nonsense. I have Jewish friends and I intend to keep them. But I've got to call it as I see it - and there is either corruption, nepotism, or Zionism going on here.

Check out these links and make up your own mind whether or not a 2% segment of the population of America should hold such a high percentage of powerful positions. Do you think they talk? Do you think they have common goals? Do you think they share a common agenda?

I wonder if any of them feel a special loyalty to Israel - a loyalty that might affect their judgement when it comes to putting America FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD. (To quote a friend of mine.)

From the Treasury link:
" Of the twenty(20) top officials in the U.S. Treasury Department, twelve(12) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 60%. Jews are approximately 2% of the United States population.* This means that Jews are over-represented among the top officials of the U.S. Treasury Department by a factor of 30 times times, or 3,000 percent. This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the top officials of the U.S. Treasury Department cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance. You must ask yourself how such an incredibly small and extremely unrepresentative minority ethnic group that only represents 2% of the American population could so completely dominate the highest levels of the U.S. Treasury Department."

Consider the following:

Who Controls the U.S. Treasury Department?
Who Controls the Federal Reserve System?
Who Controls the US Economy?
Who Controls the U.S. State Department?
Who Controls the AIG?
Who Controls the Goldman Sachs?
Who Controls the CFR?
Who Controls the Ivy League?

Note: Special thanks to texmex on reddit for providing the links.


  1. "Check out these links and make up your own mind whether or not a 2% segment of the population of America should hold such a high percentage of powerful positions..." is your putative question.

    I ask you directly: What do you propose, suppose ought to be done about it?

    Furthermore, when you "attach" yourself to these numerical models and statistics you run as much or even greater risk of offending, riling, "pissing off" other groups in our society who may feel either "over" or "under" represented. Perhaps even a "group" including "our own", or "your own". It seems to me if you feel moved enough to raise an issue like this in this manner you should have "the stones" to speak clearly about what you propose or are implying.

  2. Good thing Stone recanted, everyone knows that Jews don't control Hollywood. If Stone didn't recant his statements those Hollywood Jews were going to stop his new documentary on showtime. Waitaminute, those Jew DO control Hollywood!

  3. anonymous, stop baiting the blogger. do you want him to call for a pogrom?
    he is simply stating facts, that happen to be true.
    this is the internet, we're sitting on our asses, no-one is going to "do" anything about it, so relax.

  4. "I'm a Zionist"
    -Adolph Eichman

    Stated at his trial in Israel for the holocaust
    that's how they paid him back for helping them

    Direct link between Eichman & Dr Rudolph Kastner

    Paul Isaac Jr

  5. "The Israeli Knesset voted Tuesday for stripping Arab member Haneen Zoabi of several parliamentary rights for her participation in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

    Weeks after the measure was proposed, the Knesset voted 34 to 16 late Tuesday night to revoke some of the parliamentary privileges of Haneen Zoabi, who represents the National Democratic Alliance Party (Balad), on the grounds that her presence on board the Turkish vessel Mavi Marmara constitutes a threat to Israel's security.

    A few days after the May 31 flotilla incident, the Knesset's House Committee voted seven to one to deny Zoabi the right to hold a diplomatic passport, the right to free legal counsel in case she faces trial, and all the privileges related to travelling overseas as a member of parliament."

    Ins't THAT a "pogrom"?

  6. Oliver Stone has not said anything wrong, but he has seriously pissed of the Jews who run most of Hollywood and 90% of the media.

    Oliver needs to understand that Zionists don't like having their tools of empire exposed - especially to the Americans, who are the most deceived people on the planet, and while they're in that state all the more useful for fighting their wars and paying their bills.

    Marlon Brando, Mel Gibson and now Oliver Stone. Jew haters or Hollywood insiders that know a thing or two?

  7. Before we descend back into barbarism, although according to Gore Vidal we've never left it, could we please all make a very clear distinction between the majority of Jews just trying to make their way in the world and the very small psychopathic coterie known to the world as Zionists but who are in reality an exceedingly small cabal formed from 13 ancient bloodlines who dominate the lesser zionists and Thule Society memberships of _all_ the world's secret societies - call them what you will but their longterm aims have never been swayed from global temporal dominion over all mankind.

    Their main tenets are 'Divide and Rule' and making sure "to lead every revolution against us".

    Think about it - we are all being suckered by their fantasies.

    So let's put articles like this in perspective - 'THEY' are pulling your chains.

    Solution? feed them NOT ONE MORSEL, NOR ONE PENNY of your resources or energy. We are all sovereign beings in the eyes of whichever god you subscribe to but THEY for millennia, have ensured you do not resalise this.

    Good luck on your path to enlightenment of these most vital matters on the planet today.


    Oh, BTW, you do know that 'Blogger' is a zionist resource, don't you? Everything you/we say goes through Herzliya...

  8. I guess the first commenter would accuse me of hating Italians/Sicilians for claiming that a certain ethnic group was running a mafia.

  9. Who Controls Hollywood?



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