Will Louisiana shortly be taking an oil bath? Weather Map link:

Click HERE and look at the clouds moving over the Gulf. Does This mean Louisiana will soon be taking an oil bath?
Thanks DR


  1. What the East Conus IR Loop shows (right now) is a storm related onshore gale blowing directly over the leak site, northwesterly, onshore, right straight down the gullet of the Mississippi River and on into New Orleans.

    But if the whole BP-thing has been an elaborate undersea puppet-show-hoax designed to take the pressure off such things as the declining price of oil, the continuing wars Obama has gotten himself into and expanded, and the worsening economy, -then there won't be any significant oil, WHERE THERE SHOULD BE.

    Obama is a well-known, world-class liar from Kenya, folks, before he was from Chicago.

    He's a guy who the former Governor of Illinois, impeached, and under a politically inspired indictment, Rod Blagojevich, described as "all take" in a recording taped by the crooked and all-too-often politically inspired federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

    The odds are still pretty good that this BP-thing has taken a lot of socially-conscious, arm-chair ecologists for a thrill ride meant only to deceive the country and obfuscate the reality of our true situation.

    The reality is, the heroin addicted Obama, Mr. Barry Santoro from Kenya, is about as legitimate a president as any one of the three schism Popes was similarly legitimate.

    History repeats itself, approximated and by our feeble measurement of it.

    Obama (as he now calls himself) and his usurping, big-moneyed-handlers have calculated exactly the dog-and-pony-show at the three-ring-circus that will disarm his critics.

    This BP-thing, is their answer.

  2. Where's the oil that should have blown onshore?

    The blogosphere has been duped. There is no oil spill in the Gulf.

    It's clearly another puppet show concocted for political subterfuge, a deceit and the source of sure profit made from trashing BP's stock.

    Many tens of billions have changed hands, most of it -into the hands -of those who concocted this public-manipulating lie.

    This BP-thing is a manufactured and fabricated crisis meant to denude and defuse the real crisis, and, to strip-mine the moral conscience a public that is moronic, baffled and drugged.

    In the blogosphere in typical chicken-little fashion -they're calling the charade a world-ending event, the biggest ecological disaster in history, and America's Chernobyl.

    Nope. This is 9-11 all over again, -done undersea -and- on the beach.

    A bunch of altruist and patriotic boobs have again been hoodwinked by media liars armed with mountains of scientific evidence force-fed to them by the culprits behind the all-too-obvious curtain of our deceit.

    The infinite complexity of the reality that surrounds us all, is the currency of the deceit used to control the world.

    The constant barrage of obfuscating lies that are propounded by the ego-maniacal-fruitcakes of popular-politics -come at us all like water from a fire hose.

    Resistance is futile. We are all niggers now.

    The only way to win -is to ignore them completely. Shut off the source of their power and deny their authority exists.

    And then put the bastards to the guillotine.


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