Video: Mom upset about daughter's full body security scan experience

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"Her 12-year-old daughter, whom she did not want to appear on camera, was at Tampa International Airport on vacation with a family friend when a TSA officer chose her.

"It's an image of a nude child that they're seeing. This is child pornography whether people want to believe this or not. How is this any different," said Nemphos. "

Note: It seems to me that the best place to work if you are a pedophile is at the TSA since there is no penalty for viewing child porn - an activity that otherwise would be criminal. Legally viewing child porn as a TSA "naked body scanner" operator may be the perfect cover,and a life-saver, since convicted pedophiles get murdered in prison. This TSA job is a "stay out of jail free card" for those interested in viewing naked children.

The war on terror has finally transformed America into a police state where obedient and docile robots are expected to obey any command of "authority figures" immediately and without question. The penalty for asserting one's rights - or even applying common sense can range from travel delays to Tasering, from arrest to being shot.

We cannot continue to pretend that a person in a uniform gawking at the naked body of a twelve-year-old girl is "protecting" the girl or the country. One can certainly conclude that a TSA person viewing their naked 12-year-old daughter is NOT protecting that daughter from pedophiles. Child porn is child porn.

Don't fool yourselves - the very people that want to look at naked kids are going to be attracted to these "jobs" allowing them to legally look at your naked kids - and some of them WILL get through.

So where is your limit? Will you obey when it is your child's turn?


  1. GOOD GAWD....A 12-YEAR OLD? Why would they need to subject our children to such lunacy? Its beyond common sense, and just represents the chaos that reigns within the government, and the chaos, intimidation and fear they create in us. Among other things, our government will NEVER be trusted so I thought the lady's comment was naive and show her ignorance in believing that our government could EVER stand for anything good. If you don't realize that yet, then you know why we are treated like cattle. Because you continue to have faith in the most corrupt criminal regime in the world....the USA government.

  2. If this intrusion upon our person is a direct violation of our 4th Ammendment rights, if it is not challenged and STOPPED, it will become the norm in all areas of life.

    Folks, there's NO end to this, they will push more and more till we have no freedoms left to speak of, the gradual erosion cannot be ignored.

  3. More important than this is these terahertz-level radiation full body scanners actually tear apart and destroy your DNA. Hopefully I don't have to tell you what that means.
    From MIT, the most prestigious technology school in the country.


    How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

    A new model of the way the THz waves interact with DNA explains how the damage is done and why evidence has been so hard to gather...

    ...Alexandrov and co have created a model to investigate how THz fields interact with double-stranded DNA and what they've found is remarkable. They say that although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication...

    We must not destroy ourselves or our babies and the people we love.

  4. Okay, so the real question is, with all this technology, with putting the shoes off, with restrictions on liquids, now with body scanners, with billions $$ spent, thousands of goons hired and "trained", with some people killed and many more incarcerated for "assault on officer" (when the officer has exceeded the limits of tolerance), with all this - exactly who became protected? how many terrorists were caught? how many terror acts prevented?

    I guess, everybody knows the answer right away.

  5. They took away your guns, your money, and piece by piece what’s left of your rights and usually with your blessings. Now what were you expecting? If you think its bad now wait till you see what they have planned for your grandchildren. Oh and by the way, morons, the government IS the terrorist! They did it to the Native Americans, to the African Americans, to about 85 percent of all the nations of the world so far, and now its your turn to get it up the you know what. And you still haven’t noticed the pattern? So organize, strategize, and revolt now or forever hold your peace.

  6. The emperor is not wearing any clothes....The shoe bomber, the crotch bomber and the Times Square bomber all have one thing in common; none of them had a blasting cap to detonate the plastic explosives their mentors gave them. Cui Bono? Who benefits? The government by instilling fear, anxiety and and a continuing awareness of "terrorists" and "terrorism". What a farce! Passengers on the two planes in question and the good folks walking around Times Square in New York were in no more danger than you reading this rant! Don't believe it? Ask your nearest police officer. And all this began with 911..... http://johnmccarthy90066.tripod.com/id472.html
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  7. The Zionist Michael Chertoff...yes, that slimeball from the Nazi Homeland Security runs a fund which, just by "coincidence", represents the company that provides the full body scanners at the airports. These Zionists know how to squeeze money out of everything they touch. Freaking crooks.

  8. This will continue and get worse as long as all of you agree with it. The ONLY criteria the truly evil people we call "government" use to judge if you agree with their activities is weather you support them via taxes. As long as YOU con yourselves because of cowardice that you MUST pay taxes then YOU agree with all of their crimes. Would ANY of YOU exonerate those that KNOWINGLY funded a crime? Yet YOU CONsider yourselves out of the loop that brings these crimes home? Read The Myth of the Innocent Civilian by Harold Thomas.
    If you THINK there is no way out of income taxation you thereby admit you are a sheep,lazy, docile, ignorant and in need of being taken care of. In other words you are a good citizen though a disgusting human being. All of you government benefit hungry spiritually dead "citizens" are brat children crying at having to do as YOUR parens patriae (look it up) demand in return for their "protection" and rearing of YOU! Abandon the social security number! Never use it! When you are refused ANY "benefit" because of this learn to see that as PROOF what you WANTED was evil. Train yourselves to live without the false "safety net" all you cowards DEMAND! OUCH! You mean i have to grow up, stop complaining and be adult? I DON'T WANNA! I WANT HEALTH INSURANCE BECAUSE I CAN'T EAT RIGHT AND BE CAREFUL! I WANT SOCIAL SECURITY BECAUSE I CAN'T MANAGE MY OWN AFFAIRS LIKE ANY ADULT DOES! I NEED POLICE TO PROTECT ME BECAUSE I AM TOO SCARED TO PROTECT MYSELF WITH THE HELP OF MY NEIGHBORS! I CAN'T BE PART OF A MILITIA BECAUSE I AM NOT SMART, STABLE OR BRAVE ENOUGH, AND I AM AFRAID OF GUNS! I WANT GOVERNMENT TO DO ALL OF THIS BECAUSE THERE IS TOO MUCH ON TV I WILL MISS IF I START TAKING CARE OF MYSELF AND MY FAMILY!
    YOU all know very well government will never be peaceful, they will always foment wars.
    YOU all know very well government will always seek to gain more control over you. They will always be deceitful.
    YOU all know very well governments reason to exist is to "protect" you so will always provide you with enemies to keep you scared of others AND reliant on them.

  9. What happens if you say an emphatic "NO!"

    We have to start throwing ourselves into the gears of this machine in order to stop it. Period!

    Its never going to go away without a fight. Thats what people dont want to talk about. The actual physical taking back of our freedoms. Cause it aint happening through mindless protests and false prophets running for office. Thats for suckers who think that. They friggin laugh at your protests and bunk useless petitions.

  10. I apologize for the repeats. When i posted my entire rant i was told it was too large so i cut it in half but all my attempts were posted. OOPS.

  11. If only.....
    Can anyone imagine an airport where all of the sudden EVERYONE refused this bullshit imposed upon us?

    If only......

    We could stop this shit if we weren't all so collectively stupid......

  12. Joe rant all you want - I deleted the duplicates. Thank you and all commenters for taking your time to express yourselves.

  13. I hope they were duplicates! I hope I didn't delete any content! Sorry if so please re-rant.

  14. Jee wiz You people are a sick nation,Id rather be here in SA where we still have a government with morals! What a sick bunch of idiots yrl are.

  15. NO NO NO! No fight is necessary! Why would you give your enemies the fight they want? ABANDON THEM! Turn towards each other. Internalize, meditate and THINK deeply about the following words-government exists and works ONLY because we hand them freely our FULL FAITH AND CREDIT just as "money" works ONLY because we "believe" it has intrinsic value. Turn away from these illusions towards what is real! WE OURSELVES ARE THE VALUE YOU IGNORANTLY SEE IN MONEY AND GOVERNMENT! Begin to put your full faith and credit in yourselves and your neighbors! Take it away from the psychopaths that ARE government. Only a fool gives an enemy the fight it wants. Only a brave and smart human LEAVES THE BATTLEFIELD AND REFUSES AT ALL COSTS TO FEED HIS ENEMY!

  16. I agree with Joe. Quit feeding the beast and it will die - and it won't take it long to die either.

    Fighting is what the military nutcases want - plus all you are doing is picking a stupid battlefield - the one THEY are prepared for.

    Pick your fight, and choose your battlefield wisely - one you will win on. That battlefield is the one of enemy supply - supply of money.

    Starve the scum in this government that are pissing away everything we've all worked for. They don't feed us - we feed them. Cut off their food supply - they have no defense.

  17. I can hear folks thinking yeah right i stop paying taxes and i lose everything, good plan!
    I have been involved with this my whole life and no i have never paid income taxes and yes i am independent and not a renter. I grow minimum 60 to 80% of my own food. I supply my own heat, repairs and trade for what i can't do on my own. I have taken the time to learn to do for myself. I do earn "money" for what i can't trade for, child's college expenses etc. I never made application to be a taxpayer so have never come under the jurisdiction of this judiac scam. It is your continued use of "your" social security number that IS the proof of you being a government ward in need of governing. I know how hard it is to overcome inculcated training but this IS the true battleground, learning about your own dearly held fantasies, and abandoning them in favor of taking on total personal responsibility. There is the rub folks. Government offers you limited liability and your fear of being totally responsible for yourself and your families is too fraught with danger (you have been conned into believing) to even think about. The reality is the exact opposite but sheep cannot see this because fear is their driving motivator not, (read this closely), justice, responsibility, morality, integrity and honor. In a single word GOD! Yes GOD manifests here in this life as these qualities. It is the indoctrinated lies of judiac front religions that have been successful in conning us into anthropomorphizing what GOD IS to lead us away from it! Start behaving according to what your own minds and hearts tell you these qualities demand of you and evil in all forms will die. Without exception. Your lives will of necessity change and i know those changes will elevate you. WE are the fount of evil OR holiness determined by our actions (how we expend our energy) AND how our energy is used by others! Evil people receive your energy when you use their idol, money. Taxation IS your energy you give freely to feed evil! STOP IT!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

  18. Interested in what triggered a TSA agent to pull a 12yr old for "special" screening?

  19. Seems the only person who has their privacy protected is THE SCREENER. Locked ALONE in a room until the passenger is cleared.

    Excuse me....but why is the screener ALONE?

  20. 9/11 was a DEMOLITION done by Israel and Zionist Traitors.

  21. child porn without a doubt.......
    another example of a criminal govt. at work.

  22. I don't think it is OK to bash "Jews" - too general

  23. Since I do not want to punch some TSA sicko I do not fly any more. I used to fly 2 or 3 times per month. No anymore.

    We are so tired of this OBAMA government. I am a democrat that voted all Republican this time. Counting the days to see these guys gone!!

    We stopped flying. TSA is just a bunch of sickos and the OBAMA government does nothing.

    They are so off to the needs of people.

    This is a major harassment to the Latin male population. In our case and I talked about this to some of my friends, the thought of having a female ( a male is out of the question) TSA agent dressed in uniform touching us makes us Latinos very hot. This may last ½ an hour so imagine getting into the plane like this, we males cannot hide it, and they are going to think we are sickos too. They are setting us in a very difficult and embarrassing situation.

    So I do not fly anymore.

  24. Anon November 12, 2010 2:24PM,

    Either you have never really been to an airport to see the TSA people, your standards are low - or you are blind.

  25. Yeah, I unplugged from the matrix in 2000
    Bailed and live freely all over the world.
    Not 'for free' mind you, but freely...no tax, health care, insurance..etc. The current ruling parasites deserve nothing.
    Starve the beast and run the Israeli dual-citizen parasites out of our government.
    They are part of this security nightmare...just ask profiteer Chertoff.

  26. The war on terror is false and the airport security has nothing to do with stopping a plane from being taken over.
    All the proof you need of this is at the duty-free store once you pass through security.
    At the duty-free store they will sell you a bottle of booze that weighs about 3 pounds. You can bring this on the plane and it could be used as a club. If it is broken it can be used to rip people to pieces. Bring on anyone with a box cutter and give me a bottle to fight with. I will win.
    I explain at watisknown.com that 9-11 could not have happened as the official story says. The plumbing system would have come apart long before the steel was affected. There would have been a deluge of water that stopped the spread of fire. The fire certainly could not evenly heat up an entire floor to cause a "straight-down" collapse. It is impossible that it happened as the official story says.

  27. The Pentagon had received intellignece confirming Al Qaeda will be getting explosives on board airliners inside childrens' rectums and vaginas. Full cavity searches will now be required to board any plane in the United States. If you do not comply, you are with Al Qaeda and want to kill children.

  28. This is bullshit, the only terrorists are the jews and american and jewish government, nobody else. Another thing, they talb about child abuse and the jews torture, kill children and also the americans and europeans in the middgle east, so where is their morals, they have none, they are just horse manure all of them, trash and filth

  29. So having established by the false flag attacks of 9/11 and 7/7, the justification for their "security" enhancements to keep the public "safe" and by the brutality of the enhancements "passive", they are now implementing the means in the name of said safety (for public consumption) to destroy our DNA by the Thz Freqs and thus our means for reproduction.

    They are actually working on their maniac depopulation plan in full sight.

    Talk about a motive for the crime, by people who are all in favor of depopulation, since they don't consider themselves part of the useless eaters, that have the means and the political power, to pull it of.

    This is even a step above Genocide, since they are not killing only you, by the food additives, but also the generations that never will be.

    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

    The "Choosen Ones".

  30. Unfortunately, most people are only too willing to exchange freedom and dignity for imagined security, human values for creature comforts and ignore the facts of a matter for the illusion of normalcy and social acceptability. Otherwise, one single day of refusing to fly by our citizenry would solve this matter instantly.

  31. It wouldn't solve it. Just prove the point they are trying to score on (For the hapless masses.). That only Terrorists would support undermining their security means... It would "prove" in an indirect way, that there "are" terrorists (For the people that have the eyes a little further open added) that aren't under government(Inside Job/Mossad) control.

    And then the population has to prove the negative of such claim...

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