Cruise Ship Disaster - NOT LIKE the Titanic - and Obama NOT like "Honest Abe" Lincoln

HONEST ABE - pic from wik

A quote from THIS article says "like something out of the Titanic..."

""Some of the crew were telling us to go back to our cabins while others were saying go to the lifeboats - it was obvious we were in serious trouble because we heard a terrible scraping noise, the lights flickered and then came back on again.

"At first, there was a message to say it was an electrical fault but almost immediately the ship started to lean to one side and you could tell we were in serious trouble. We were in the restaurant and everything just started sliding off the tables.

"We couldn't believe our eyes. There was just utter chaos people were rushing about and pushing each other in a panic. Children were crying and no-one seemed to know what was happening. We got into a lifeboat and were taken to Giglio but even there things were not much better as no-one gave us a hot drink or a blanker for ages.

There have been claims from furious passengers that the evacuation was "chaotic" and carried out amid scenes of panic with some comparing it to the Titanic - whose 100 year anniversary is in three months' time."

...ah but it is NOT "like something out of the  REAL Titanic incident.  It may   be something out of the Titanic MOVIE - but NOT something out of Titanic history.  Why?

The sinking of the Titanic - and what really happened there - was disgraced by the Titanic movie - a movie that depicted selfish violence and people crawling over each others backs to get to the limited number of lifeboats.

Take a look at this memorial to those lost during the Titanic disaster:
The monument is inscribed thus:


APRIL 15 1912
So - it isn't like something out of what really happened on the REAL Titanic - it's like what happened in the movie "Titanic" which is the only image of history (FAKE HISTORY) regarding that incident that exists (WAS EMBEDDED BY HOLLYWOOD) in the consumerist mind of the football-absorbed modern uneducated historically ignorant masses of "citizen-voters" here in America - why is this important?

A coupla' weeks ago I was talking to my niece - she asked me if I saw some Hollywood movie - I answered "I don't watch any movies anymore at all" - which I don't.  She asked why.  I told her that they are nothing but bullshit propaganda - there to plant the seeds in the public mind for upcoming events.  The Titanic came up and I used that as an example for my scorn.  I said to her "take the movie Titanic for example "(which I went to see back in the day and was appalled) - Hollywood disgraced the gentlemen on that ship - who calmly allowed women and children to get onto the limited number of lifeboats - and just went ahead and drowned - to save others. An unselfish act - of a bygone people of a bygone era.  She said:  "It's just a movie."  I said "I know that - but all that anybody knows - about the Titanic - is what they learned in that movie - and the movie depicted selfishness and violence as a means of grabbing a chance to live - rather than self-sacrifice."  Hollywood's Titanic sickens me for that reason.  They'd might as well go piss on the monument - those who made that movie.

Here we are today  - and the quotes are there - with idiots talking about the selfish materialistic immoral pukes crawling over each others backs to get off the boat.  Fuck the kids - the pregnant women, the old, the sick - Fuck'em - it's all about ME!

Why do I bring this up?

SERIAL LIAR pic from wik

Just to comment on the power of the media - the corporate-owned media - part of the New World Order agenda - ready to plant the long-term seeds in YOUR MIND - so when the stuff hits the fan - and all hell breaks loose - you will have already been properly conditioned for it.  Hollywood movies do the long-term work.  Goon squads of traitorous NAZI SWAT teams and TSA traitors do the short term shock work.

Conditioning of the public - in a climate of never-ending FEAR - and a constant incessant state of ALERT - prepare the individuals that make up the masses for the messages to be embedded into their minds.  (I'm talking about YOU, reader.)

Let's think about the present for a moment shall we?  From OCTOBER 27, 2008:

I'VE heard there's a movie about A. Lincoln coming out.  Interesting.....

We know that the "Constitutional Scholar" (whatever that is - it's only a coupla' pages written to be unambiguous and understandable to the common man)....

We know that the mystery-man in the Wshite House signed the NDAA basically burning the Constitution - thereby extirpating the very foundations of what IS AMERICA - what has made AMERICA GREAT - he just crumpled it up and flushed it down the toilet.

We also know that Lincoln was the first to suspend Habeas Corpus -
locking up dissenters that were considered enemies.  This may be why John Wilkes Booth - one of several conspirators - (yes this isn't a conspiracy theory - it's a conspiracy fact) - tasked with killing Lincoln while others were to kill a coupla other government members - Booth shot Lincoln then yelled "Sic Semper Tyrannis" or thus always to Tyrants.

We have a new Tyrant - and as always in Amerika - it is important to teach this ignorant rabble of football fans a history lesson about central government power.  The best way - give them a history lesson in the form of a movie.

I haven't seen the movie yet - and perhaps I'm jumping the gun here.  But Hollywood has done such a disservice to this nation - by polluting the minds of America's citizens with hyped-up bullshit - modifying history - in just so careful a way - to make sure that the masses are ready for what Hollywood's puppetmasters have planned next for the masses.

Maybe I'm wrong about this movie.  But either way - the movie will become the historical record for the masses of TV-watchers and armchair quarterbacks - as they try to comprehend the fast pace of events sinking them into a new dark age of police state tyranny here in the United States.

I hope and pray - to my God anyway - that those trying to destroy this great nation from within will meet the fate of those who have attempted in the past to do just that.

Our federal government has gone far enough.  The NDAA must not stand - it is fighting words - and that means - as you already know - that since the Constitution has been discarded - we only have one document - one Jefferson included on his tombstone - the Declaration of Independence of the United States.  That means big trouble.

Abraham Lincoln was known as "Honest Abe."  What will Obombya be known as - a lyin' sack of shit?  There is no comparison.  One begged borrowed and created his own money - the greenbacks - defying the banks to save the union - a noble man - with a noble cause - doing what was good for the people.  Obombya has lied so many times I can't count them, and is willing to use Draconian law to do what is BAD FOR ALL OF US - including disposing with the Constitution - that document the defines what IS AMERICA.  There is NO COMPARISON.

Beware of the agenda-driven Corporate media - in all it's disguises - be a miser with your Corporate-media time - after all - they are slick marketers interested in only one thing - influencing your behavior.  Just remember - whether or not the stimulus you receive is based on reality - your actions occur in the real world.  This was stated by Walter Lippman in "Public Opinion" - a book about "shaping minds."  Yes indeed - such principles are used with vigor!  YOU ARE THE TARGET!

Military and police and government gun-slingers - pick a side.  You are either with us or you are with the terrorists.

What should be the fate of those stealing our liberty from within?

We have a presidential election coming up - do your homework - independent of the US Corpora Mcmedia - get your facts - and pay close attention to the new GEORGE WASHINGTON - RON PAUL.



  1. A Night to Remember is a British movie from 1958 that accurately portrays the sinking. It was critically acclaimed at the time by actual survivors - unlike James Cameron's slush and bile fantasy.

  2. In 1852, the British troopship H.M.S. Birkenhead was traveling to South Africa when she hit a ledge and foundered. On board were more than seven hundred men, women, and children. With only twenty minutes left before she would sink, the decision was made to place all women and children aboard the few lifeboats. The men would remain behind and face the man-eating sharks circling the disaster. Hundreds of men drowned or were eaten alive in full view of their children, but not a single woman or child perished that day. In past years, this story was known by every schoolboy and girl.

    The regiment, Officers and Men formed up on the deck, the band played and they stood there until it went down. No attempt was made by any in the water to reach the boats.

    As Rudyard Kipling put it :

    …To take your chance in the thick of a rush, with firing all about,
    Is nothing so bad when you've cover to 'and, an' leave an' likin' to shout;
    But to stand an' be still to the Birken'ead drill
    is a damn tough bullet to chew,
    An' they done it, the Jollies -- 'Er Majesty's Jollies --
    soldier an' sailor too!
    Their work was done when it 'adn't begun; they was younger nor me an' you;
    Their choice it was plain between drownin' in 'eaps
    an' bein' mopped by the screw,
    So they stood an' was still to the Birken'ead drill,
    soldier an' sailor too!

    We're most of us liars, we're 'arf of us thieves,
    an' the rest are as rank as can be,
    But once in a while we can finish in style
    (which I 'ope it won't 'appen to me)...

  3. NobodysaysBOO:
    We NEED some "TRUTH TELLING" thanks for a little insight for our dummed down TROLLS.

    OLD SCUMBAG ABE was NOT honest in any way and Lincole was A MASS MURDERER no excuses!

    Just a note, WHAT IF the potus THAT IS:"The PEOPLE of the USA" DEMAND repayment and REVENGE from ISRAEL for their CRIMES on 911?
    a brave new world would be born!

  4. Mass murderer? Wanna back that up?

  5. Booth was an agent of the Rothschilds. He took out Lincoln(like JFK) for creating greenbacks

  6. If Abe wasn't honest in any way - why did he flat out tell everybody that he would do whatever it took to save the union - then followed up with actions demonstrating exactly that?

    If Abe wasn't honest - why did he fire everybody 'till he found that Grant could get the job done?

    Abe did what he hadda' do to keep the country together - and the strong federal government that resulted - well - we are now dealing with the monster it has become.

    Abe might have known the mess that would follow - but what was he to do? Things are complicated - unlike a Hollywood movie.

    As far a mass murderer - the North had an advantage in number of bodies that could be thrown at a problem - as sick as it may sound - when one has an advantage - it must be used to get the war over as quickly as possible - Grant knew that - Lincoln knew that - and when that advantage would turn the tide it was used.

    Lincoln's Gettysburg address shows he intended to treat the South with dignity following the conflict - but was killed too soon.

    Lincoln's printing the Greenbacks to finance the war shows he wanted to preserve US sovereignty.

    Lincoln cannot be dismissed in such a short ad hom attack. There has to be a better thought out attack.

  7. ...oh and thanks for the thoughtful comments showing that there was nobility at times - and that people weren't always the selfish football fans they've become. That goes for soccer too.

    Yes - the additional examples from commenters help to make the point that unselfish acts by heroic people were used as examples to ensure that the culture remembered the heroes while instilling the virtues in the coming generations.

    But now......it's taking some time to turn it back around to the right direction.

    Morals matter. A nation without morals is a doomed nation.

    Accountability helps some find their lost morals when taking decisions that affect others.


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