A Morphing Media? ...or is Dr. Paul's medicine already working?

Dr. Paul's Presidential Prescription to Restore our Republic's Health

I'd say both.

Corporate McMedia shills' shapes yesterday began to morph.  Yes - their efforts to hide Ron Paul's existence, to smear him, to smear his supporters have failed.  And they know it.  And so do their audiences.  

Glenn Beck recently took a spill on TV - which obviously means it was for real - and hadda' call in to his sorry-ass Israeli-firster show in an attempt to re-legitemize himself - by stating that Ron Paul just might be the Republican nominee.  Why?

Laura Ingraham (UVA Law-turned-radio-DJ)  had Jim DeMint on her show where, in a somewhat befuddled elitist manner, fought to comprehend why, as DeMint told her, in so many words, that the  majority of people want Ron Paul and there is simply no way to hide it anymore.  

What DeMint did NOT tell her is that those like (UVA-grad-turned-radio-DJ) Laura who've sold their souls to Satan for PAC and Party - uhmmm, well, heh heh, picked the wrong side.  The audience knows full well.  More and more people are awakening to the years of lies via omission and otherwise our McMedia McTalkers have fed us.  

Those tired of war based on lies, lost property, no jobs,  have found that the junk-journalism, the McSh%tSandwiches Laura, Sean, Neil, Savage, Rush cook up are poisoning our great republic - assisting in it's abuse by banksters, globalists and looters.  Families of veterans have awakened to see that the McSh%tsandwich in the flag-wrapping from Faux news is much to blame for ALL their nations health problems.  

So the corpora McTalkers continue on each day - coming out of the confluence-call huddle - with their plan to steer the herd back in the wrong direction - but - the Ron Paul effect is so strong - that guests who would normally back them up, callers that would normally back them up - now tell them, in so many words, that hemp is on the way.

After all - since the McMindphukers were all complicit in maintaining radio silence during the passing and signing of the back-stabbing civil-rights-stomping NDAA - what the hell.  There is no law anymore - except that enforced by a gun.  Yes - if they've all agreed that nobody has rights - we all know that applies to them too.  And there are enough audience members who know they've been betrayed to get the job done.  Since everyone will have more time on their hands having lost their reason to listen to the radio - they may busy themselves compiling lists of McMindphukers and traitors to be murdered by the government - and put them in the suggestion box at the Wshite House.

Pretending to finally "get it" our skilled McMindphukers will morph into Ron Paul "understanders" - as they suddenly come to their senses - realizing - that Ron Paul has cured them of blindness!  I can see Glenn Beck playing this up already!  Yes - he awoke from a dream inspired by the guy he wanted to "shoot in the head" and realized - that now he too can be disappeared once his usefulness is over supporting the Zionist agenda and the war-mongers - and stuffing his pockets through fear-mongering.  Yes - he awoke and realized that Ron Paul, not only exists, but is preaching the gospel of the Constitution.  What a novel idea!

The McMindphukers would really like not to say anything positive about Ron Paul - since they've already shown their allegiance to tyranny, war, fearmongering and Islamophobia.   But they can't - and won't - because the Ron Paul medicine is working!  The medicine is working on the public, transforming McConsumers to CITIZENS - and especially alarming and powerful - INFORMED CITIZENS!  Healthy minds now free of the McPoison from the McMindphukers - seeing clearly the simple path out of the worst of our mess - abiding by the Consitution - the restoration of civil rights.  Stopping wars based on lies and the vampire-military-industrial-blood-money complex.  

I recommend the Ron Paul diet - turning the McMindphukers off completely - unless your intent in listening is as mine is.  I listen occasionally to pick up the drift of what propaganda approach the puppetmasters have planned for the yet-un-awakened.  Sometimes I'll call in to lend a voice of opposition.  If you can get through - it is powerful - much more than you may realize.  People react to dissent - in a powerful way - it gives them great hope that there are others just like them out there - fed up - angry - and willing to fight for Liberty - not McCorporaland's Fried Freedom - but LIBERTY. 

Get your news from the internet - compare - contrast - look at the record of Ron Paul vs the McMorphers running for office.

The puppetmasters know they have very little time left to pull the trigger on the final stage of the "long war" as they longingly call it.  It's time to shorten their bloody horizons.  We're in it for the whole enchilada my friends.  Look around you - at those you know, what you know, where you live - and where you hope to be.  Is it worth fighting for?  You decide.


  1. Very interesting article came up which disclosed that Bain Capital did a leveraged buyout of RealClear Channel, the now Israeli controlled radio station which airs Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Mark Levin, unapologetic neocons who pitch the war with Iran. Bain Capital is a venture capital front which apparently gets infusions from the Federal Reserve to do leveraged buyouts and has intimate relationships with both the CIA and Mossad. Mormonism, of course, has an intimate relationship with Zionism and much of their religious story (distinguished from other religion's stories) expresses an intimate relationship with Zionism. Note also that Romney has a strong filial relationship with Israel and has numerous Israelis as national security advisors.
    Query- Is Romney a Manchurian candidate? Is he any better than Obama in this regard?

  2. Michael A. Wiener ("Savage") is an on-air personality who hides his ethnic origins and functions as the "pied piper" disinformationist for the Christian fundamentalist community to lead them to function as cannon fodder for the neocons, the military industrial complex and the Zionists. Distinguishable from the Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin/Ingraham axis of neocons at WABC radio, Wiener ("Savage") did more to create a blood libel and the racist Islamophobia than virtually any other radio personality. He also functions as an antithesis to the Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin/Ingraham axis within a rightwing ying-yang (left-right) construct to limit debate. Savage is a disinformationist on many issues (about 40% of what he says is actual bullshit or false information) so you have to be very careful listening to him. He railed against the British government for banning him, but the reason they did that is that he used the 911 false flag criminal fraud to create a blood libel against Muslims to foster Islamophobia. He is an unapologetic racist. He should be shunned and that is coming, but more people will have to wake up for that to happen.

  3. Thanks for the insightful comments - very helpful - as I have a limited view into the entire world - since I can't pick up all these liars due to radio station limitation - plus I never watch TV. The input is educational - and I thank y'all for taking the time to put that info here.

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    Welcome to Jew World Order


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