Man's Best Friend.......Cops' favorite bullet-catcher

Should we be alarmed when we see certain patterns of behaviour in our police forces - nationwide?  How should one interpret certain behavioral characteristics?  

Consider this snippet then take a good look at the links below:  link here:
Serial killers have a definitive and common personality profile. When serial killers are profiled, the reasons behind their aggression are normally apparent. There are many types of serial killers and each type has its own agenda and reason for killing. Nevertheless, there are common traits found among all serial killers. Some behaviors can be found as early as childhood. Typical signs of danger in children include bed wetting, setting fires, and abusing animals."

Police fatally shoot dog at Adams Morgan festival: link

"The incident unfolded before hundreds of revelers at the heart of the Adams Morgan celebration, disrupting an otherwise peaceful afternoon. Eric Jost, 26, of Cleveland Park said he watched a young girl with a butterfly painted on her face become "hysterical" as she "witnessed it all."

Austin Police Chief Apologizes for Shooting of Cisco the Dog link

Austin Police Cpl. Anthony Hipolito told ABCNews.com that the officer did respond to the wrong address, but it was the address provided by the 911 call. The call came from the house next to Paxton's."

 "I said, 'Don't shoot him. Don't shoot my dog. He won't bite you.' But he shot him, just like that. It all happened in under 30 seconds," Paxton said. "There was no attack on the officer other than barking and challenging him."

Police Shoot Mayors Dog in Botched Raid

Police shooting of Pines dog prompts call for change in policy  link

In Pembroke Pines, an officer fired six shots at an Australian shepherd named Baxter on Feb. 24. Hit by three bullets, the dog died three weeks later.

Now Baxter's owners and hundreds of supporters are demanding change in how officers respond to animal calls. Lethal force, they say, should be used only as a last resort.
The Pembroke Pines Police Department has determined Baxter's shooting was justified.
But Baxter's owners, Frank and Cindy Jones, wonder whether the officer might have used a Taser or pepper spray instead of a gun."

brave heroic cops kill 5 pound family dog

Camden Police use 33 bullets to kill puppy, bullets hit cars & homes

Police Dashcam: Non-Threatening Dog Shot By Lagrange Missouri Police

Police Leave Note for Family: We Killed Your Dog

Police shot 12 pound family dog to death because it barked ?

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