I'm Proud to be a ANTI-911-Truther

UPDATE AUGUST 25, 2009 This needs to be continued but is a viewpoint I struggle to understand. But somehow these people are out there.

I am the ANTI-911-TRUTHER:

What does this mean? This means I spend more time debunking myths for some unknown reason:

This means I have no interest in so-called grass-roots propelled "911 conspiracies" but I spend absolutely over 8 hours a day - maybe one to collect some overtime pay - "debunking" citizens of a democratically-elected-non-representative-government-which-is the real problem "debunking theories" I claim to have no interest in...

This means I have no interest in so-called "911-conspiracy theories" but that is where I spend all my time trying to "debunk" scientifically derived conclusions. But I am not a conspiracy theory buff...I just spent all, meaning every working moment....debunking things I have no interest in on the evil internet...." Yeah I'm sane but I spend all my time f'n around with Architects and Engineers and Scientists from all over the gawdamm planet about the nano-thermate found in all dust samples - but I'm not interested in 911 - I just spend over 8 hours a day in predictable shifts on the disreputable internet "debunking" things like the earth revolves around the sun and that nano-thermate(unexploded) was found in all WTC dust samples - I don't care about 911 truth but I'll just stay on the internet night after night after month after year "debunking" that unexploded nanothermate red on one side grey on the other eggshells were found in every godam sample of wtc dust - and that it's military shit. Yeah - no conspiracy theory here - a conspiracy f'n fact!

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