Focus on a Powerful Commenter with a Question for Readers

To me the comments are the best part of this blog because they allow me to understand other viewpoints.

I would like to single one out that I think of often because it draws a clear line. It is simple to understand. No previous study needed to understand the commenter's point. The comment is clearly AmericanRevolutionesque.

First here is the previous boring and unpopular post discussing a non-issue in the United States today. ( I'm judging by the absent meaningful action taken by the U.S. Federal Government so far on torture):
A Solution to Torture? A Conversation Starter...

The comment from post above:
"Anonymous said...
Also as far as initiative goes, it's a novel idea but I don't want the majority making laws that are unfair to the minority. This is NOT a democracy this IS a republic! In the end, we have a system that allows us to override a non responsive government and it is garunteed in the second amendment. Do what the rest of us are doing. Load up, stock pile and say your prayers, give us liberty or give us death."

Question to Readers,
Can any reader name a founding father of the American Revolution that would disagree with the Commenter?

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  1. Democracy Is Necessary For Consent Of Governed
    (Apollonian, 28 Aug 09)

    Don't forget democracy and CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE have proper place in republic. 80% of the people are against illegal alien invaders, yet the Jew oligarchs insist they're going to flood USA, made by and for white Christians, with these non-white hordes.

    So another way of putting it is IT IS INDUBITABLY A DEMOCRACY--but only constrained by rule-of-law and Constitution--which then makes it a "republic."

    CONCLUSION: For without that necessary element of democracy and CONSENT of the people u have tyranny and dictatorship as we see we have presently, Jew psychopaths (Talmudists) ruling by means of their COUNTERFEIT (see RealityZone.com, TheMoneyMasters.com, and JudenFrei.org for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) fraud bribing, extorting, and buying everything. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. Well I guess Appolonian isn't 'studying' at the library like he was yesterday making comments to the effect that Jack Rabbit needs to be exterminated.

    I don't see how you plan to bring people together when you carry on conversations with threats. It's sad in a way - from my viewpoint to watch someone engage in an ultimately fruitless exercise. If you love war so much go fight it and leave everybody else, their kids, and their money out of it. I don't want to save your soul for your god.

  3. Petulant, Whining Jew Apologist Is Informed For Real Facts
    (Apollonian, 28 Aug 09)

    I'm white Christian and USA is our land; anyone who disagrees will be exterminated--this then is extremely reasonable, fair warning, and most useful info as for u.

    Get this straight within ur self-pitying, Jew-loving, little brain, comrade: if u're anti-Christ (hence anti-reason), u're NOT going to be successful. Christians are the rational volk, who respect and revere TRUTH, according to Gosp. JOHN (14:6 and 18:37), and Jews and Jew-lovers are the mystics, hysterics, and the un-healthy, murdering psychopaths. U seem to have difficulty facing facts and reality: Jews are Talmudists, hence psychopaths by necessary definition, and there are no "good" psychopaths or Talmudists.

    Jews must renounce Talmud and Judaism, and cease to be willing to be known as disgusting thing as "Jews"--it's like saying "I'm a psychopath, or related thereto." See RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo.

    And what then is meaning of "I don't want to save ur soul for ur god"?--I never asked u anything of the sort--what do u think u're talking about, anyway? I don't love war, but if it has to be fought, then I intend to do it best I can.

    And I guess u want to pretend there's no war--which pretension to false reality u love as u defend the murderers of the world, Jews (not just "zionists"), the masterminds, who murdered Armenians, Russians, Germans, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Palestinians, currently Iraqis (over a million, presently), et al., now aiming at Iranians and Pakistanis, evidently.

    See, Christianity, aestheticalist counterpart to conscious, intellectual REASON, needs merely be revived/resurrected for necessary anti-semitic revolution.

    Worst thing ever to happen to Christian culture and people was it became gradually MYSTIFIED through the centuries--so that now it is actually a tool for Jews, as by means of "Judeo-Christianity" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.), which Jews have literally BOUGHT by means of COUNTERFEITING (see RealityZone.com, TheMoneyMasters.com, and JudenFrei.org for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), which est. Christianity preaches Christ was Jew, and lies to effect Jews are "persecuted," holohoax, etc.

    U know "JackRabbit," one must wonder if u ever get tired of ur putrid patronizing as u tell us about how u think it's so "sad," etc. For u're the "sad" one, so much without a clue, sucker for Jews and ur imagined anti-"religious" ideas, deluded to effect u're "rational" and in favor of rule-of-law (US Const., etc.). U're just another righteousness-seeking mystic and moralist who impresses only fools.

    For u pretend to champion US Const. and B. of Rights, but u fail to understand the necessary cultural circumstances in which these arose and thrived--which circumstances are now destroyed by means of Jews and mysticism in present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    So now we observe I gave u most excellent, informative, and relevant response to ur original blog-topic, u then answering in most impertinent and irrelevant fashion with all ur absurd, Jew-friendly presumption--but that's ur priviledge isn't it?--as this is ur blog--to which now I've answered and responded quite pertinently once again, haven't I?

    CONCLUSION: We don't need or want to hear how "sad" u think things are, comrade--just keep w. facts and info if u can. And spare us ur petulant and childish, "go fight it and leave everybody else . . ."--u're just an enabler and apologist for Jew murderers and psychopaths. World has had quite enough of murdering Jews and their moralistic suck-alongs like u. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  4. Dear Jew Hater:

    I appreciate your willingness to offer advise - but there's an old saying my buddy Thom used to say regarding advice:
    "Fools don't heed it and wise men don't need it. "

    Does the science section in your library have books other than Bibles in it? You may declare open season on ole Jack Rabbit but nobody cares.

    I realized a long time ago that speaking out would expose me to ridicule, harassment, and violent religious extremists. What I did not realize was that you guys really believe your own bullshit. Thank you for helping me to see that viewpoint so foreign to me.

  5. Dear Jew Hater:
    I just saw where you called me "anti-religious"

    You mis-state my position as usual. My stance on religion is that I don't care about it. Keep it to yourself. What does the book of Matthew say about public vs. private worship mr bible scholar?

    Again: I just don't have any interest in religion. Not for, not against - not interested.

  6. "JackRabbit" Responds Without Reading What He Pretends To Respond To
    (Apollonian, 28 Aug 09)

    "JackRabbit": it isn't necessarily matter of "religion" if u don't want it to be; rather, it's simple socio-biology and historical fact, Jews--Talmudists--hate gentiles (see same ref.s given above). Jews are extremely powerful in politics and economics--these are simple socio-biologic facts--have u ever hrd of Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs?

    Thus USA, a Christian land, is necessarily anti-semitic, and again, this is socio-biologic, etc. But what happened?--and again we see sad effects of COUNTERFEIT conspiracy (see same ref.s, above) by which Jews attempt their take-over.

    Interesting how any sociologic or historical facts about Jews--as a race of criminals and COUNTERFEITERS, for example--u want to ignore as u call them "religious"--u're just "not interested."

    CONCLUSION: "JackRabbit," u're a very poor dialectician as u don't even bother reading the entries on ur own blogs before u go publishing ur "responses." Thus u want to "speak out"--but why should anyone listen if u don't listen to them? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  7. Dear Jew Hater:
    CONCLUSION: "JackRabbit," u're a very poor dialectician as u don't even bother reading the entries on ur own blogs before u go publishing ur "responses." Thus u want to "speak out"--but why should anyone listen if u don't listen to them? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    I did listen to you, you said I need to be exterminated along with Jews.

  8. Dear Jew Hater:

    I suppose as long as I'm still un-exterminated and I can type before religious extremists close down the internet I'd better get this out...

    We agree that Honest elections and death to the Fed are without question necessary for liberty. Unfortunately since I will have been exterminated by religious extremists like yourself by that time I won't get to enjoy the fruits of our combined efforts toward those goals.

  9. One more for the Haters of anyone else out there:

    Suppose a family of four, of the religious/genetic/political group you hate are driving in their car. They are in a horrible accident - Dad, Mom, older sister are all killed, but two-year-old baby boy survives. Is this person to be "exterminated" along with poor self-pitying Jack Rabbit? If your answer is "yes" I'd wonder why?

  10. ...continuing...and if the XXXXX-Hater adoped that baby and raised the baby without the baby's knowledge of his past I'll leave the conclusion of this effort to the reader

  11. "JackRabbit" Must Achieve Coherence For Principles
    (Apollonian, 30 Aug 09)

    JackRabbit: I'd say u should stick to realistic facts--have u hrd about Israeli-Jew harvesting of internal organs of Palestinians whom Jews have murdered? Did u register Australia, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, and others--soon USA too--all prosecute freedom of speech which questions holohoax? So then are Jews, not just "zionists," waging Talmudic war against gentiles of world?--yes or no?

    So in conclusion, I submit if, as u say, u want to "speak out," u ought to be clear for ur premises. Does it occur to u u make very little sense, esp. for this particular blog of urs? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  12. Ok :

    Apollonian says:
    "JackRabbit" Must Achieve Coherence For Principles
    (Apollonian, 30 Aug 09)

    Jack Rabbit says: I am not interested in emulating someone who is calling for my extermination. So I cannot make your standards my standards since my standards are higher since they require the extermination of no one.

    By the way, my world-view costs a lot less since no costs incurred for mass executions or burials. In brief not only are your pro-extermination views aiming for a lower standard, they cost more.

    Also: Opportunity costs are incurred with your policy since with your plan America would have executed Einstein - which means you would have helped E=Mcsquared remain obscure.

  13. "JackRabbit's" Religion Is Plain For All To See
    (Apollonian, 30 Aug 09)

    Yes indeed, now we see "JackRabbit's" religion is Judaism by which he denies truth Jews are at war w. us gentiles, Jews winning as gentiles are so un-informed and dis-organized.

    CONCLUSION: It took awhile, but now we see "JackRabbit's" real religion and hatred of (a) gentiles, and (b) truth. So JackRabbit u too will only reap what u've sown for ur war against reality and gentiles. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  14. So let's get back to the where your newest conclusion matters.

    As far as reality: See "Fake Truth for our own Good?" on this blog so I don't have to cover it again because "Truth" is an elusive point of agreement that requires specific definition.

    I appreciate your attempt to define my areas of "hatred" - but I don't agree with your definition of what it is that I hate about "truth" see above article.

    As far as my hatred of gentiles I also disagree because that would be contrary to my greatest flaw which is being in love with myself. Since I am a "gentile" by the definitions I've heard, and I am not of the Jewish faith that would mean by hating gentiles I hate myself. Do you see how that doesn't follow?

  15. "JackRabbit" Demonstrates Jew Self-Delusion
    (Apollonian, 31 Aug 09)

    "JackRabbit": we simply see by ur above admissions the endless contortions of logic u Jews make use of; u are basically subjectivists, thus narcissists, as u admit.

    Thus u pretend to a perfectly "free" human will by which then u pretend to create reality in God-like fashion--such is ur religion of lying, hubris, narcissism, subjectivism, including not least, "good-evil" Pelagianist delusion/fallacy which u strive to foment and exploit.

    Thus for practical purposes Jew criminals are masterminds of the COUNTERFEIT conspiracy of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see RealityZone.com, etc. And by this means of COUNTERFEITING Jews now largely and essentially control the world, including present "Christian" establishment.

    Thus Jews constitute a literal criminal gang with a command hierarchy, the lower-levels engaged in subverting gentiles by means of blogging, as u do here with ur own blog, for example--at least u try ur best.

    Ur programmatic lying (subjectivism) includes lying to urselves by which u're convinced u're not "Jew" if u pretend to "atheism"--but by subjectivism and lying u confirm ur basic Jew religion (in accord w. Gosp. JOHN theme of Christian truth vs. Jew lies and conspiracy).

    U see "JackRabbit," the Christian vs. Jew dichotomy in aesthetics (not necessarily "religion") translates and converts to a perfectly rationalist/philosophic dichotomy of objectivity vs. subjectivism, Jews most sublime subjectivists as they're so perfectly (nearly) collectivistic, urself an outstanding example.

    Another, equivalent parallel dichotomy is Reason vs. mysticism. Ur "religion" then, "JackRabbit," is anti-reason, hence mysticism in general. For subjectivism is mysticism.

    Thus u refuse to see the obvious Jew conspiratorial dictatorship in control of USA and indeed, the entire world through the United Nations and New World Order hierarchy--which prosecutes "holohoax-denial," as I noted, which u typically ignore.

    "Zionists" are merely ONE FACTION of this Jew conspiracy, these "zionists" playing "bad-cop" to such as u, pretending to being "good." U're still a Jew for all intentional purposes.

    So the strict philosophic analysis thus runs fm basic (a) objective vs. subjective, then (b) determinist vs. "free" will, to (c) good vs. evil, (d) fascist vs. rule-of-law. Ur lie, "JackRabbit," consists of pretending to rule-of-law (US Const. and B. of Rights) when u're actually a fascist no less than u're Jew. Ur fascist intention is to enforce and impose Jews upon the gentile world which hates and rejects u.

    Thus u try to hide urself among gentiles even though u subscribe to all the basic Jew tenets, subjectivity and narcissism, by ur own admission, also then "free will" and "good-evil" delusions/lies.

    CONCLUSION: Ur lies and lying (even to urself) are then compounded as u pretend to rule-of-law, as I note. Fact is u're Jew, and u must be removed and neutralized for good of gentile humanity. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  16. Appolonian above says: Ur "religion" then, "JackRabbit," is anti-reason, hence mysticism in general. For subjectivism is mysticism."

    Somehow the conversation keeps coming back to an area in which I have no credibility or interest:

    I can't debate in that forum due to my own ignorance and lack of interest in anyone's religion. I consider prayer and beliefs a sacred and private matter up to the individual, so cannot ever take a side on any one or the other - I just have too much respect for people to take a side on religious debates.

    Jack Rabbit

  17. Jew Lies Founded In Sublimity And Subjectivism--Demonstrated By "JackRabbit"
    (Apollonian, 1 Sep 09)

    "JackRabbit" is just another Jew liar: Talmudic mentality isn't just "religious," which is buzz-word "JackRabbit" uses as excuse to pretend he "knows nothing"--the liar.

    For Jew Talmudic mentality is psychologic and socio-biologic by which they conduct war against gentiles, especially in the name of "morality," Jews (not just "zionists") liars, murderers, criminals, and as we see now in Israel, CANNIBALS, by which they literally steal body parts fm Palestinians.

    Further, Jew Talmudism and mentality provides for most cohesive and effective collectivism by which Jews dominate the criminal underworld, Jews leading criminals whose network is basis of the New World Order (NWO) demonstrated by the international prosecution of free speech, especially as it has to do with holohoax "denial," as we see in Canada, Australia, Britain, France, and Germany, among others too, soon USA.

    Thus as Jew "religion" is basis of criminality and politics, Jew liar, "JackRabbit," denies most expediently he knows or cares anything about such criminal conspiracy founded in "religion."

    CONCLUSION: Once again then, we see the Jew technique of lies founded upon such religious subjectivism and mysticism--demonstrated so smugly by smarmy liar, "JackRabbit." U Jews fool urselves, "JackRabbit," but fewer and fewer gentiles, I dare say. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


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