...but will they fire on Americans?

Please don't label me as anti-military. I'm not. What I am against are wars of aggression and occupation fought for radical religious groups of any denomination, resources like our OIL from under their SOIL, or chasing boogeymen who are no longer with us. What concerns me is the willingness to use American soldiers and mercenaries on U.S. soil. See "Bill Moyers..." posting on this blog for a taste of what happened during Katrina. I hope we are not witnessing preparation for more of the same.

Please listen carefully to the willingness to complete "any" mission. Also how they will be on hand to "help out" during emergencies-what- while they are in Iraq or Afghanistan? Who are these people American soldiers need to imprison? WTF?? When did Americans become the aggressor nation of occupiers? Take a look at the link below - preparing soldiers for careers if they make it out of the meat grinders overseas - they get to come home to a job locking up fellow citizens in corporate prisons. What planet am I on?

CLICK HERE FOR National Guard Job: 31E - Internment / Resettlement Specialist

NOW CHECK OUT OATHKEEPERS who will not betray the U.S. Constitution. What is the mission in Afghanistan (ask your congresscoward) if bin Laden is DEAD? CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO "Osama bin Laden DEAD or alive? Who is your representative representing when he/she sends YOUR kid into the meat grinder?
UPDATE AUG 2, 2009 Lackawanna residents happy 'crazy' Cheney plan was axed
UPDATE AUG 3, 2009 Prince William Cops Taser pregnant mom and grandfather in their own backyard due to Loud Children's party - Video

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  1. Please DO label me as anti-military. The U.S. military doesn't have a damned thing to do with defending this country, its people or their phony and increasingly non-existent "freedoms," and it never has.

    The U.S. military is nothing but mob muscle used to steal resources from countries that won't bend over and take it willingly in the shorts from Uncle Scam and his transnational corporate buddies, and I think that anybody who would voluntarily join the U.S. military is a f***ing piece of human refuse.

  2. To anonymous above - harsh words but you are entitled to them - thank you for joining the discussion.

    Unfortunately many Americans join the military because they need money to pay the loan sharks we are all indebted to. Others join because they believe the lies the corporate media tells them so said corporations can steal other people's stuff. Others joined following that last false flag attack, and others will have to speak for themselves. It is their lying masters that must be held to account. Americans really do think of themselves as the good guys and just can't get their mind around the fact that we have become the modern version of a fascist state. Writing such things, I have to admit, is painful to me -and it is earning me a smaller and smaller group of friends - but the truth must be told.

  3. No Sir Jack Rabbit. Each person is responsible for their OWN decisions. Including those who join the military for jobs. Especially Jobs that kill. Could you use your justifications to deal drugs, be a prostitute etc- no work, being lied to, grandiose self-image etc? No.

    We are all grown ups. There has been enough info out there for far too long to just blame others- esp in matters this serious.

    I come from a military family where generations have served. Even many of them agree with me- and have decided to opt out and discontinue further military cooperation. If THEY can do it- so can anyone else. The choice is on THEIR conscience only.

  4. Anonymous - you make excellent points - I don't know if I disagree that much. In the case of adults I agree - and they are responsible as you say. The teenagers are the ones I excuse for being naive - but as they learn the truth - I agree that they should stop service.

    Can we agree there is no excuse for fighting unjust war?

  5. Remember the Kent, Clark and Jackson state massacres? Waco? The M.O.V.E. bombing in Philadelphia? All the victims were Americans and all the perps were military or SWAT. So yes, these people will have no problem killing their fellow citizens for a paycheck...

  6. Thanks Publius - also there were draft riots in NY City during the civil war where Union troops fired into mobs to regain control.

  7. I dont think that USA soldiers would fire on their own country men.

    If they do however, this could the last straw that will get the USA people up in arms.

    Could this breakout into civil war???

  8. thanks van Bel - I wonder if US troops would fire, but mercenaries certainly would. Also to be considered is the cause - this country has been hijacked by liars, thieves, and murderers . As such it is hard to believe they would have the cause of justice on their side.

    Recently a battle hardened group was moved to Colorado. Why?

  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Draft_Riots

  10. Naw, the loan sharks cannot do a damned thing to collect if you just tell them " I am trying, I will give you some money as soon as I have EXTRA." When they turn the account over to collectors then you can write that one off because legally you do not owe the collector and he cannot legally collect. Believe me as I watched my brother do it over and over to many different agencies. It is past time we all max out the cards, and tell them to stick it as this day and age you don't want a decent credit rating anyway. To kill the beast is to pay no usury. Pay off your car, house and max the cards and then quit paying those, not a damned thing they can do about it.

  11. Seeing the movie Bowling for Columbine, my prediction is that America's soldiers will have no problem killing fellow Americans, enmasse. The type of U.S. soldiers, those who have committed suicide because they couldn't live with what they've done and seen in the Iraq and Afghan wars, these type of soldiers will have already killed alot of Americans before any cell of a conscience enters the typical shallow American mind. My guess is that it will be masked and well protected foreign soldiers from around the world hired by KBR and Dick Cheney's private corporate military who will enjoy shredding and cutting down an insanely paranoid America.

    You are so ripe for the harvest, you stupid sheep can't even fathom your own self-destructive demise.

  12. Oh really any Mouse? Fuck you too, as the amount of weapons and ammo flying off the shelves proves otherwise. You are probably jealous because you live in some pathetic dictatorship that is already locked down. Make no mistake that we the people are heavily armed and HIGHLY pissed off and if anyone fvks with us they will awaken a giant that is going to kick the wholly shit out of everything and everyone. Texas alone can kick anybodies ass in the world.

  13. I hope FEMA serves Hungry Man dinners at the camps...I love that fried chicken.

    Exchange between FEMA guard and inmate -

    Inmate: These Hungry Man dinners give me gas!

    FEMA Guard: Oh...we'll be giving you some more "gas", all right.

  14. Based on my observations the typical U.S. Government worker is capable of just about anything to keep their paycheck - including backstabbing the public that pays their way. Look at all the dead civilians in our occupied territories - how many are speaking out against this violence based on a pack of lies. What a pathetic existence it must be.

  15. Big difference between the occupied territories and the USA is that the government worker and his/her FAMILY lives here with US.

  16. dear mr morphed...yes, many americans are pissed off, angry and well armed...but what are they waiting for? why haven't they stopped all this insane shit already..why wait till the shit really hits the fan? why not stop it before it starts? there is proof that they have been fu--ing with us for quite a long time. seems like to me it's all talk and no action.

  17. gramma- even tho they have drawn first blood (Waco, ruby ridge, Kent state) it is always with an excuse that the people will relate to (crazy anti american wacko) as the citizens, myself included, didn't want to up-rise as we had too much too lose. That has changed as everyone is now aware of the banks robbing us with gov help, the lies of 911, the false flags of israel, and the usurping of our rights plus the shredding of the constitution. We are doing something about it as the lone wolfs are coming out while the msm tries its damnedest to keep it covered up except that which is "hate" against anything jewish like that 80+ old man they labeled a nutcase that just shot up the memorial. when the gov makes the final pus and crosses the BIG line in the sand is when it is going to be war and that will most likely be this fall with the mandatory flu vaccines. To attack anyone yet is to be labeled a nutcase terrywrist, but soon the lone wolf will be the hero in the eyes of the people when the NWO pulls out all the stops. As far as foreign troops coming to America to die, I don't think China and Russia trusts these evil bastards anymore than we do.

  18. I believe that they have foreign troops in place, hidden in deep underground bases. They have thousands of Infragard people who are heavily armed, trained and have a license to kill. I know one, a 5'0" Zionist Jew who has a radio show (Schnitt Show WFLA 970) in Tampa. They have lists of people to kill and will coordinate martial law in their areas. Blackwater will be out bullying and killing people. Most of our Amerikan troops will be stuck overseas. It will be interesting to see what they will do.

  19. Will American Soldiers fire on American Citizens?
    Certainly they will.
    The bloodshed of 28 July 1932, perpetrated against men who had faithful served their country during the First World War, is just one example. President Hoover ordered the War Department to disperse the WWI Bonus Army marchers. men who had NOT been paid money due them for their service. Army Chief of Staff General Douglas McArthur took personal command of U.S. cavalry troops who rode down on the marchers and destroyed their shantytown encampment at bayonet-point. 2 Were killed and hundreds injured.

    Just one example.

  20. foreign troops will come from many of the poorest countries because of whatever promise they are made...citizens have to much to lose? they have already lost their jobs, homes, pensions (they are working on that) family members killed in their wars..what's left to lose? and if you have no job, money or home(base)and probably not enough money to buy a gun(even if you qualify)because all your resources are going just to keep your ass fed and maybe sheltered for another day...oh, wait i'm thinking about the poorest of the poor..what about our so called middle class (soon to be the new "poor")do we have to wait till they lose their cable tv and cellphones and bmw's before they are ready to rise up? all i'm saying is why wait?

  21. Ice Cream SoldierAug 2, 2009, 6:18:00 PM

    24 years ago I retired from the Army after 21 years of service. At present I work on a large Army base in Kentucky and I promise you, these kids are brainwashed, braindead, gangbangers with no concern whatever about who they fire on. I have news for you, a large number of them are not even American.

  22. http://bartelby.net/73/1056.html :

    Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989.

    NUMBER: 1056
    AUTHOR: Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
    QUOTATION: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
    ATTRIBUTION: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor, November 11, 1755.—The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, ed. Leonard W. Labaree, vol. 6, p. 242 (1963).

    This quotation, slightly altered, is inscribed on a plaque in the stairwell of the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    SUBJECTS: Liberty
    WORKS: Benjamin Franklin Collection

  23. I was in the Marines(1983-87),I won't shoot at civilians,but I will most definitely shoot at anyone(Army,Marines,Blackwater,et al) if they attempt to imprison,forcefully vaccinate or attempt to evict me from my home for some quarantine for a flu that doesn't really exist.
    Don't forget that millions of us "civilians" were in the military but have no intention of submitting to a WHO takeover utilizing a fake pandemic to subvert our constitution.
    Us veterans are your best defense against our government that has gone rogue.

  24. Miguel Grande made a very pertinent comment about troops being stuck overseas. I, as well as he (probably) and others noted, some years ago, that Adolf W. Bush was shipping all of the troops and National Guard members overseas so that they wouldn't be able to interfere when the foreign mercenaries (which I first read about from a commentary by a North Carolinian who observed a troop of them at a diner) decided to flip the switch on martial law.

    And, as one of the last posters noted, there are tons of ex-military people in this country who are armed to the teeth, know how to organize, and aren't going to stand around with their dicks in their hands when these treasonous scum make their final move. The first person who tries to force a government vaccination on me had better have his insurance premiums paid up.

  25. P.S.: Mr Morphed made a good comment about loan sharks. Let me add that none of these people actually loan anything of value; all they do is create a number out of thin air and transfer it to an account. Their bottom line is never negatively impacted.

    Just one example: remember a few years ago when people were actually getting "loans" from banks that wouldn't even make these people prove that they had a job? Would you give actual, tangible assets, including hundreds of thousands of dollars of "actual money," to a stranger, and not even verify that they had the means to pay you back? Hell no, you wouldn't. And that is proof positive that these "loans" are phony and counterfeit. The only reason that other banks are willing to accept these "loans" is because they can use them to create more phony "loans," so that they can make interest off suckers.

    Nobody is legally obligated to pay principal and interest on an amount that somebody pulled out of their ass. That is counterfeiting, and Mr Morphed is absolutely correct. If everybody had the sense and the nerve to stiff these crooks, there wouldn't be a hell of a lot of anything they could do about it.

    One last note. Think of all of the people that these banks hire to try to collect on these counterfeited "loans," and see if it doesn't absolutely boggle your mind.

  26. The US military is a vile industry and has a draw for all sociopaths. If you're a grunt, why you get to murder indiscriminately as much as you like without fear of prosecution, as long as you don't get caught on video. The big industries get to make a fortune on both ends. They finance the destruction and then charge the poor victims for the reconstruction. In the military no one is innocent. I think we are all taught as children that murder is wrong. With just a hint of some common sense any idiot can separate the "terrorists" from some poor brown person defending their home and country. The "soldiers", I prefer to call them heavily armed cowards, are each responsible for their own actions, just like all of us big grown ups back home. Save the BS, we all know what Mureder Inc is all about.


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