They Hate Us for Looting Their Countries - Museum and Economic Hitman - Vids

They don't hate us for our freedoms - they hate us because we are destroying, looting, and enslaving. The American citizenry has lost control of their government abdicating their power to greedy corporations whose insatiable thirst for ever more power knows no bounds.
Videos below for your consideration. As you watch I would encourage reflection on the motivation of corporate news, the reasons you are given for occupying foreign countries, the ever escalating debt you are responsible for paying, the war, the torture, the lives lost. Are these the desired actions of the government you put into office? Are these deeds consistent with the campaign rhetoric you were fed by the corporate media?
The first video may help you recollect some of the falsehoods you were told. One such disgrace involves the looting of the museums of Baghdad. First please pay attention to the rhetoric in the video at time marked:

Bush Invasion Announcement - see time=2:06 where he claims to respect their culture

but later....back at the ranch....the story is different....

Now please consider THIS PBS article where at first glance it seems like the FBI is on their way (what this has to do with their mission is beyond me) to help. But as one reads on :

"Looters ransacked and emptied multiple museums in Baghdad and other cities in the final days of the war, completely destroying some of the most ancient, rare, and valuable artifacts in the world.
At the National Archeological Museum in Baghdad, looters smashed and stole artifacts dating back to the days of ancient Mesopotamia, considered by historians to be "the cradle of civilization. ...Before the war, Gibson said he and several other scholars met with Pentagon officials to express concern that the museum could be in danger if a conflict erupted in Baghdad. He said U.S. officials assured them the National Museum and others would be protected."

One ancient artifact I've found fascinating from Iraq is the 2000-year-old "Baghdad Battery" shown in the picture. When I first saw this amazing find it made me realize more than any ancient artifact how little we know of the sophistication of our ancient ancestors. Here is a link where you can see more about this amazing clay pot. Here is a link to the Baghdad museum project.

Actions speak louder than words. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Both sayings apply to the corporate-controlled American government. Their actions during the invasion - send the Navy SEALs to guard the oil wells after Bush told the Iraqis not to burn them. Send nobody to guard the museums resulting in the ruination of the cultural heritage of the occupied country. Then later waste American taxpayers dollars sending the now international FBI to track down what wasn't destroyed.

No, they don't hate us for our freedoms. They hate us for our rogue government's actions which speak much louder than their words. Finally please watch the Economic hitman video for more on why our freedoms are the least reason others have to hate America.

Economic Hitman

...let's face it - these neo con-artists knew exactly what they were getting us into....."a quagmire"...

...but rest assured.....everything is under their control.....don't think for yourself.....

.....let them do your thinking for you.  Don't think I'm partisan here....the self-proclaimed dictator now on the throne agrees with his fake-opposition predecessor.......

.....so - just don't worry your simple mind about these complex matters - they tell us.  They've got everything - they hope - under their control.

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  1. "Nebuchadnezzar's palace now lies underneath a US-built parking lot" is a quote worth re-quoting.

  2. Anonymous 5:54 Yes thanks for the reminder - on that quote. It is telling.

  3. Americans have freedoms? Hilarious!

  4. This may sho you what has happened throughout thee whole of Mans/{color-mans}Hu-Mans history, and if one takes heed, all and nothing is a lie, or of course, a truth.
    So which one would you have yourself believe?

  5. oh, those ungrateful Iraqi's. we helped 1.3 million of them not have to pay taxes, or worry about being late for work. we just made them forever 'late' and we can add the word 'late' to the end of their names.

    those lucky, fortunate, and oh so ungrateful dead..... damned them. don't they see how liberating DEATH CAN BE?????????? what's wrong with them????

    (they're DEAD, that's what!!!)

    1. now thier good luck the internat/corp's can open a nike factory and they can "ALL GET A JOB"
      for a couple of $ a day,much as those
      "lucky" Haiti islanders that were not lucky enough to die in the earthquake.

  6. 5 Million Iraqui Orphans... Freedom! US Style.

    Occupation's Toll: 5 Million Iraqi Children Orphaned
    By AlterNet Staff
    Iraq's anti-corruption board revealed on that there were 5 million Iraqi orphans as reported by official government statistics, urging the government and NGOs to be in constant contact with Iraq's parentless children.
    " Iraqi is an oil-rich country and it is not acceptable that its orphans remain groaning in this tragedy," anti-corruption board chief, Moussa Faraj, said.

  7. we the American people, we have become to hate our own government, we voted for change but all we got was the same old shit just a shade darker, we all know now that they "zionist wallstreet bankers" run and control our government and media, they out right lie to us to vote for whom ever they chose into office.
    we voted in the democrats to end the war, all we got is more wars, more death, and more of our money to the banking rulers of this nation.

  8. See also:

  9. Google --retentionist Iraqi art-- to get any number of good articles about how the looting of Iraqi antiquities was systematically organized by the Jewish establishment, starting with a campaign before the war to change Iraqi laws in favor of the looters, and then how the looting was carried out on a massively organized scale, along with the deliberate destruction of other markers of Iraqi history.

  10. what else do you expext from theives running NATO

  11. The west unfortunately never changed even after the industrial revolution upgraded their status from uncivilized barbarians to self designated civilizers. Just like the mongol horde, the west has been on a looting and pillaging spree for the last 500 odd years. It is also a myth that the 'west' brought about science and tech other things we have been brainwashed into believing are 'western'. All forms of science and mathematics have their origin somewhere or the other in the east. What the west brought are plagues, diseases, GMO crops and antibiotics that kill the patient(instead of the disease). The western financial system is nothing but a modified form of slavery. Very soon things are going to change though. Maybe not in our lifetime but then again it's possible. The west is collapsing because of their Judaic(origin) philosophy - which is basically the glorification of self and unhindered promotion of greed.

  12. The CONstitution is a fraud. The so-called government in DC is a fraud. Elections are a fraud. This entire country is a fraud.

    The national motto should be "In Three Card Monte we Trust," because this entire country is a gigantic game of Three Card Monte.

    Get rid of all of the banksters and the politicians, and start over. The "Great Experiment" is over, and it has been a monumental failure.

    And for all of the idiots out there, spare me your brain-dead "Love it or leave it" schtick. Since you're the ones who vote for all of these criminals and legitimize their phony system, and put them in position to do what they've done, YOU leave!

  13. "Love it or leave it" My Typical answer to that schtick is always: The Founding Fathers came up with a alternative answer.


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