Osama flushed out by Conspiracy Blogger Jack Rabbit - Video - awaiting CIA verification

I may have to retract previous statements on this blog where I asserted Osama has been dead as a dodo. The video you see was acquired through secret channels I am not at liberty to divulge to the public. Although it looks very real we should all take a deep breath and wait for our government to determine authenticity - since we are not capable of determining such things using our own noodles. Here it is...

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  1. That famous investigative conspiracy blogger Mr. Jack Rabitt has just released his latest political bombshell.. In a very convincing video.

  2. I couldn't help doing this - the fakery is so bad in the media.

  3. Sorry, but this has already been proven a hoax. That's Dick Cheney wearing a mask. The real Osama manages a titty bar in east Harlem.

  4. Yeah. uhhh huh. It is really badly lit, I don't think OBL's ego should use this gaffer ever again!


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