Prince William County, Virginia Police Terrorize with Tasers in front of kids...

I can go on and on but it seems every day something shows up in the media - it is my duty as a citizen to speak out. Cops have to earn the respect of the public or get used to the criticism.
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 3, 2009 VIDEO Police Draw guns on wrong student
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 Man dies after being Tasered at L.A. subway station
UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009 Man Tasered in stop by state cops dies
UPDATE AUGUST 17, 2009 Cops taser kid 19 times resulting in coma -VIDEO
UPDATE AUGUST 14, 2009 Mom in minivan tasered twice in Salina traffic stop; camera captures deputy’s rough roadside arrest
UPDATE AUGUST 14, 2009 Video - NAZI style police Taser guy on his front porch
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 Cops sodomize with TASER
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 Girl tased by police chief - she's fourteen
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 Remember this? BART shooting.
Here are the folks that trained Charlottesville, VA police:
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 BLACKWATER FOUNDER implicated in murder
UPDATE AUG 4, 2009 MURDER INC. training USA cops including in my town
UPDATE AUG 6, 2009 Prince William police investigate Taser incident
UPDATE AUG 6, 2009 Prince William County Police Investigate Officers' Use of Taser
UPDATE NOV 8, 2009
Blind Woman Tasered


Click to see Prince William terrorist "peace officers" torturing citizens with tasers.

Way to keep the peace! Click on the link to watch this group of terrorists from Prince William County, Virginia (Manassas) wreak havoc in front of a bunch of little kids. This was all due to noise? A pregnant mother tased in the back? The guy tasered from three different directions? In front of kids over noise? Talk about traumatizing kids! WTF is wrong with these people?

The newsperson in the video asks "What went wrong?" I can answer that - hiring terrorists as police in the first place. This video demonstrates the attitude of police in America - us vs. them - cops vs. the enemy (public) - no wonder incidents like this abomination are so common. CLICK HERE for previous post examining the training of US Police by mercenary killers. Could we be witnessing a trend?

Congratulations to Prince William County Police - perhaps you abusers will have an opportunity to use your guns instead of your TASERs in front of children - then you can really feel like big men. And by the way - you cowards - do you really think these kids will grow up as your supporters? Way to earn respect - just like a bank robber - by pointing a gun or TASER at someone - the very behaviour you idiots are supposed to prevent! Perhaps these "peace officers" can be promoted to work in one of Americas torture chambers in the electrocution department. A pregnant mother and grandfather - and there are four of you present in the video? What a bunch of pussies!

See also: TASER - the answer to everything

-------UPDATE AUGUST 3, 2009



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  1. one wonders if they were just guilty of be "not white"?

  2. Thanks above for commenting - I don't think race has anything to do with it - the police seem willing to brutalize anyone and everyone from kids, to pregnant women, to the elderly ... all races. Just seems like as long as they have a chance to use their TASER by golly they will.

  3. This is because the police hired in several countries to kill people, are criminals taken out of jail, and also criminals who are hanging on drugs.They are a bunch of dopes

  4. Unfortunately, this will encourage those kids to aim for the badges when the time comes. My advice-- don't hold your gun sideways when you do! Aim squarely and take the shot as you breathe out.

  5. Anonymous 11:06 - yes - thanks for the marksmanship reminders - it may be difficult to hold an AK-47 sideways - what with the 60 rounds weighing the gun down 'n' stuff

  6. Thank you Jack, police britality, and terrorism is not a racial issue. It is a police conduct issue. And should be one of the first points that blacks and whites connect on in this country. But the lamestream media continues the useless racial yammering and addressing the issue in a false context.

  7. Excellent point 12:25 - a point that does not divide us - but a point that unites us against tyrannical NAZIs. It boggles the mind - I remember asking people who lived through the WWII nightmare - why did the Jews walk into the gas chambers? Answer: They were lied to. Q: BUT after they found out what was going on why didn't they realize it was time to fight back? ANSWER: There is no satisfactory answer. When someone tries to take away your right and put you in an oven you KILL THEM!

  8. The reason bloggers will never be taken seriously as journalists is because they don't have to fact-check. You just report anti-police statements and stir up trouble with the hispanic community. Facts of this case are that she is not pregnant, is illegal, and the person making the complaint was intoxicated and changed his story several times after being disorderly and arrested. Why don't you pick up a phone and ask the police what happened? Or do you prefer to inflame the community because you hate the police?

  9. Ask the police what happened? Are you f'n serious? I hate the police? Grow up.

  10. Why not ask the liar if he's lying? Makes great sense to a cop I suppose.

    You cops have lost the respect of the public. Now you can try to earn it back. And as far as bloggers "never" being taken seriously you are entitled to your opinion - but the facts don't support you.

  11. You see, only people who "hate" will criticize cops. This makes it easy to declare "hate speech" silencing criticism of brutal police who can't wait to TASER or shoot someone.

  12. I've added a video of cops framing a motorist to make my point for commenter that wants me to ask the police what happened to which I replied "Are you f'n serious?"


  13. Ask the cops what happened? seeing a video is good enough evidence most of the time. Thats like asking a rapist (that you have a VIDEO of raping someone) "so.... did you do it?"

  14. Ask the police? Police are trained and practiced liars. Their lies and perjury are dismissed as noble lies and situational dishonesty. The rule of law is a myth and police terrorism is not racial.



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