KBDI Denver Airs 9/11 Press for Truth-911 Family Members get a chance to speak

Your government, my fellow citizens, spent $100 Million bucks of YOUR MONEY investigating Clinton's sexual escapades - but only allotted $3 Million originally to seek justice for the 911 victims - why? What sense does this make when one considers that one of the only things the federal government is supposed to do is provide for a common defense? Speaking of defense - they screwed up big time on 911 - and who was held to account? Not one person was demoted or fired - while the victims' families were abandoned. To add to the criminal negligence of the federal government the first responders have been hung out to dry - no wait - hung out to DIE - as their lungs rot away from the poisonous air they were told was safe to breath by ... you guessed it - our federal government.

Since the federal government proved to be such a dismal failure - a grassroots movement arose beginning with the 911 victims' families. Finally - a breakthrough has occurred where they got some more TV time - the only elixir with the means to awaken a sleeping and disinformed American public. Please take a second look - your future, and your children's futures depend on it.

It is a common misconception, spread mainly by shills in chat rooms and comment sections in blogs - that it dishonors the families of the victims by searching for answers to the 911 crime. Nothing could be further from the truth. IF IT WEREN'T FOR THE 911 VICTIMS' FAMILIES THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO 911 INVESTIGATION. Details in the video below.

If you have not yet taken a second look at the mountain of evidence gathered by the grassroots 911 Truth movement - the time is now. Listen to the folks in the video below - why are they labeled as kooks when all they are asking for is a real answer to the crime of the century - in which they lost family members? Who benefits by labeling these victimized citizens other than those with guilt to hide? Once you take the time to examine the evidence, and you won't have to try very hard - this crime is a no-brainer. I challenge you to think for yourself and take a second look.

It is the citizen's duty to police their government and to support these stalwarts at KBDI and the family members.

UPDATE AUGUST 6, 2009 Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation
UPDATE AUGUST 6, 2009 Rise In Asthma Linked To 9/11 Dust Cloud---BY THE WAY... based on my following of this topic over time I would say asthma is beyond understatement.

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  1. Finally! A tv station brave enough to stand up for the 911 families.

    If I may suggest, please, don't continue to promulgate the "highjacker" story. That's part of the package of lies fabricated by the 911 Commmission and their minions.

    Remember, follow the money. Silverstein called for WTC 7 to "be pulled" and he said he watched it come down. How'd he do that?

    Check out the sum he demanded and received from the insurance company. That guy should be the subject of a thorough, independent investigation. Pronto!

    My heartfelt best wishes go out to the families in their arduous battle to GET ANSWERS, TO GET THE TRUTH, TO GET AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION.

    Good work KBDI! Don't stop...



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