The Dark Implications of Nanothermate in WTC Dust - Unlikely Heroes Explain

Thanks to the folks (CLICK) here for the videos and a great site that brings 911 Truth to those open-minded enough to follow this greatest of grass-roots movements. Forgive me for the build-up but many of these people - especially Dr. Jones - have given up their careers to bring the truth to the rest of us. Like Galileo before them they've experienced the persecution of the authorities who deny the findings of science to retain their power. These authorities care not whether or not criminals are brought to justice - only that brave individuals "shut up" so as not to rock the boat of power.

The testimonies included in this video are important because they explain the chain of custody so important to the validity of the dust samples used in the studies by Dr. Jones and company. Also - and I wouldn't bring this up if we weren't living in a time of murder incorporated, just in case something happens to the sources of the dust samples - guess what? Here is the testimony publicly vouched for. I only say this because of the circumstances surrounding the death of Barry Jennings who was an eye witness to the WTC7 collapse. His story damned the official and implausible lie told by the U.S. Federal government to WE THE PEOPLE. Somehow Barry Jennings is no longer with us - it's a mystery. Why is it a mystery? An eyewitness to the crime of the century and the best chance of finding out what happened is YOU and ME - NOT the FBI because the are brainwashing snitches .

The dark implications of the active thermitic material discovered the all WTC dust samples are that there was indeed a conspiracy - a cabal of murderous conniving manipulators who thought they could murder 3,000 people on 911 then let all the police, firemen and other first responders die from the toxic remains of the pyroclastic cloud. Regardless of the pain, suffering and sorrow dealt to the victims and their families left to fend for themselves the plotters laughed all the way to the bank and to Iraq and to Afghanistan and points beyond. They scarred America's psyche so deeply that the country suffered by becoming even further divided than it was before.

I find it easier to excuse the perps in the 911 crime than to excuse my fellow citizens who continue to wear their blinders while brave patriots like those in the following video face persecution. Why? Because I understand the mind of the power-hungry greedy crook - they can't help it - which is why jails are built for such people. What I cannot come to terms with are my fellow citizens - especially those who have not yet lent a hand where their expertise allows - to the patriotic scientists, witnesses and whistleblowers who in some suspicious cases (Barry Jennings see link left side of this blog) may have already been silenced for their contribution to the truth. Without facing the truth of 911 America is doomed. I say this because no republic OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE can survive with criminal gangs running it instead of an informed citizenry. Like Mussolini, Hitler and Tojo we will go down the same rathole and deal with the wasteland that follows those intent on world domination. Isn't that enough reason to at least take a look at the evidence if you haven't already?

Will you leave this world a better place than you found it like your ancestors did? Or will you - of your own free will - ignore the crime of the century despite warnings and cling to the safety of your almost religious belief that "this can't happen here?"

Please - take the time to educate yourself - listen and watch - then make up your mind later - it is the least a citizen can do.
Do it for the people who had to jump to their deaths on 911. Do it for the families of the 911 victims. Do it for the firefighters who at this very moment are dropping like flies from 911-related ailments. Do it for your children, do it for justice, do it now - because until 911 Truth is faced - out in the open and there is a public discussion, trials, punishments - then healing - American will never be American again.

UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 Chemical Engineer Mark Basile Discusses 9/11 WTC Dust
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 MARK BASILE direct link AUDIO interview I found on 911Blogger link above

UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2009 Found this on Reddit Today

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  1. "I say this because no republic OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE can survive with criminal gangs running it instead of an informed citizenry."

    Pal...you're damned straight about this. It really does make me nuts to see people ignoring the scumbaggery all about them, as if that will insulate them.

  2. Nice post.
    I can give a reason for the "sheeples" apathy.
    And it's a simple one: they can't take the psychlogical pain required.
    I know science and it's laws and when you're faced with the facts you have to go through the painful cognitive dissonance that results.
    We are subjected to huge amounts of programming from birth to death.
    It's no different a "cult" than the Moonies
    or Scientology; it's just more massive and "taken" for being "normal.
    Some are able to "deprogram" themselves and go through the pain. I did. You did.
    Those that cannot will fight to resist the facts, with names, ad ho minem attacks and BS.
    there are probably those in the former USSR
    who will still deny that the gulags existed.
    They had Tass and Pravda.
    We have Fox, the NY times, CNN etc...
    Exact same thing.

  3. Cowards are cowards, the brave are the brave. If you truly understand the dream and purpose of these United States you will throw your courage and knowledge behind this 911 Truth and Justice movement. We will survive the truth. Fear not!

  4. I couldn't agree more. As V said in "V for Vendetta","if you want to find the guilty, you need look no further than the mirror". Americans, for the most part, are all afraid they are going to lose some of their THINGS if they DARE speak out against murder, treason, theft and the rest of the crimes of these monsters they call their"leaders".What are three thousand lives compared to my BMW. What did any of them do for me? Therein lies the rub. In many ways, they get what they deserve.
    Teddy Woodward

  5. That's it from now on all comments antiBMW will be deleted. Just kidding. This isn't a joking matter really - and I know where I stand on this issue - thanks for the comments = they really are the best part of this entire exercise. Socrates supposedly didn't write anything down because the words can't answer back when you ask a question = but blogs can = and the best answers come from the comments. The discussion publicly of everything is the best way.

  6. Great Post Teddy. Spent a long time trying to figure out how people shrug off obvious facts while running for cover of the incomplete 9/11 commission report. Ever get that deer in the headlights look from people when bringing up building 7? Most will say it's BS because they've never heard of it while refusing to look at video proof. Their fear of loosing everything is being suppressed with media propaganda as this is already occurring. There's gonna be a rude awaking when the BMW becomes their home and Carmax is coming for that the following week. They will get what they deserve but will some how manage to blame it all on the Truthers.
    God Speed USA

  7. NOTICE how linked video Secret Prison for 9/11 truther has been pulled. Oppression is becoming more obvious everyday.

  8. let's face it humans are a minority among homo sapiens...the rest are mindless slugs and/or psyhopathic killers

    personally the exercise of 911 taught me how fkn dumb and hopelessly corrupt mankind is, and there hae been frequent reminders. I tried to post about Fukushima and the ongoing radiation riding the jet stream across the northern hemisphere. people not only do not want to know but they will literally attack you if you persist in trying to tell them. I say these people are evidence that mankind is doomed and there is nothing at all that can fix stupid or evil.

    I see all across the "truth movement" people and their agendas, hiding information day in and day out, you send them information they NEED and they ignore it and post whatever BS their agenda supports. Michael Rivero is a good example of this. I have lost track of all the information I have sent him and he ignored and he spreads half-truths ALL DAY LONG.

    It's the British commonwealth (LOOK IT UP) who runs the USA, UN, EU, Israel, Russia (queen england is a jew and they run communism also). The freemasons are loyal to ENGLAND and the Vatican (jewish pope too) and England have a power-sharing agreement and they are close to bringing about their global slave system.

    And people still think their agendas or opinions matter while shutting out truth and historical facts. And we are all doomed because the only resistance is running around headless and dickless and we are subject to their agendas like Rivero's "kill the christians." Yeah wait to see what the world will be like after that. This guy has plenty of insight yet so utterly clueless and dangerous it blows the mind. And then you hear his mindless clueless parrots mimicing and srpeading his filth and posioning the well of the truth movement.

    Oh and btw anyone who believes there were LESS planes than the official 911 story, Rivero continues to call us "government agents" hence all the facts and research done by this large community are not only ignored but actively attacked. I can't wait for him and the rest like him to get rounded up so some real truthers can get some info out. If that's what it takes to get these fuckers to STFU I'm all for it, if they stand in the way of truth and spread confusion it is WORSE than a blank slate sheeple.

  9. hey I used to send these links around, i you are interested in seeing how I came to my major conclusion these links are the main thing that pointed me towards it

    (4 pages, lots of US history and references)



    The other that I lost, is when Bush 1 got admitted into the "order of the garter" which contains the committee of 300, the UK press admitted their queen was the head of freemasonry. masons I tell often say this isnt true because she suppsoedly cannot enter a lodge. They also say the same because she suppsoedly has to ask permission to enter city of london. I dont believe either thing though its certainly possible she takes her orders form someone other than satan.

  10. Shame you're mistakenSep 8, 2011, 8:20:00 AM

    Just to mention one problem -

    you claim nano-thermite was found, yet the paper which appeared in Bentham Open making the claim proves thermite was not found:

    they show that their samples produced much greater energy than thermite can produce - thereby proving it isn't thermite.

    [Chocolate-chip-cookies have greater energy characteristics than thermite - finding materials which produce greater energy than thermite prove it isn't thermite.]

    There was no reason for the authors to conclude it was thermite. That's why the paper hasn't been offered for publication in a properly peer-reviewed paper. Bentham is not properly peer-reviewed, the editor in charge of the Bentham journal resigned because she was unaware the paper was published - ie if the editor is unaware of the the paper, it isn't peer-reviewed - it can't be said to have been peer-reviewed.

    Bentham have been shown to publish junk - they failed to distinguish and reject an article made of random garbage - they published complete junk.

    That's the proven level of Bentham's peer-review. So, don't lie about it, please?

  11. why are you deleting reasonable comments?

  12. If this nano-thermxte is so important, let's get to it.

    Let's look at the evidence for it? Do you want to, or are you going to censor even this question?

  13. The most important point about the 'nanothermXte' claims is that they show an energetic reaction which is in excess of that from thermite. If a reaction gives off more energy than thermite ever can, why conclude it must have been thermite?


    The energy from the reactions (which Jones, Harrit et al) attribute to thermite is the result one would expect from a mix of organic compounds......dust. They do nothing to even suggest thermite, let alone prove it.

    Your thesis seems to rest on thermite being found. That's an untenable postulate - your conclusions are unfounded.

  14. Thanks last-name:

    My conclusion is that the official story is a "Big Lie."

    The hypothesis to explain the collapse of WTC7 that best fits the evidence is controlled demo.

    The twin towers may have been demolished using other means.

    The crime scene was altered, removed, and destroyed - violating code and probably a law or two.

    The 911 Commission Report is a failure and was doomed to fail by admission of the 911 Commissioners themselves - take your complaint to them!

    Niels Harrit and others have discussed nanothermite - and energy release as related to nano-particle size.

    Demolition experts say "controlled demo" killed building 7.

    See the latest architects and engineers for 911 truth vid - there's a lot there to digest. Many videos at this site ...

    But...for some...evidence and physics may not provide as understandable an explanation as simply saying abracadabra (pullit) and watching a building collapse on command.


  15. Nanothermite purports to melt steel but it cannot bring down buildings and turn them into dust. The buildings vanished before our eyes. Free energy weapons using the Hutchinson effect can. checktheevidence.com


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