Chris Matthews Hates Thomas Jefferson Quotes

I find the disrespectful tone of Chris Matthews toward Mr. William Kostric disgusting.

1. Why can't Chrissy talk like a gentleman and quit pretending that there is no 2nd Amendment?
2. Why doesn't Chrissy have any respect for states rights?
3. Why is Chrissy always shouting?
4. Why does Chrissy press the guest he demonizes to comment on the Obama birther stuff when the guy says he hasn't studied the issue and doesn't have an opinion?
5. Why doesn't Chrissy have any respect for the words of Thomas Jefferson?
6. Why doesn't Chrissy goddam a gun when cops carry them? Would he goddam them then?
7. Why like almost everybody on corporate TV and radio and print media does Chrissy SEE NO EVIL? (He's a reporter)
8. Why does it never dawn on Chrissy-poo that perhaps this armed citizen could DEFEND THE PRESIDENT from assassination which is part of the advantage of an armed citizenry?
9. Chrissy mistakes the words on the man's sign - and takes the name of "our Lord" in vain. I thought Chrissy was a Catholic?
10. Why is Chrissy yelling at this man for something Thomas Jefferson said? Why is Chrissy so NOT a fan of Thomas Jefferson?
11. Why doesn't Chrissy understand that Thomas Jefferson, the originator of the man's quote, WAS A PRESIDENT!!! Perhaps Jefferson, not being a Tyrant and a friend of Liberty and the people... well you get the idea.
12. Finally: This is a lesson for all revolutionary thinkers, planners, writers, protesters and liberty lovers everywhere in getting media attention legally , peacefully, and articulately. Hats off to the "crazed gun-carrying protester" (decoded PATRIOT) for an example of free speech and exercise of our rights as spelled out in the easy-to-read Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Ron Paul on Ed Schultz regarding this:

As Long as it is NOT CONCEALED:

More from the protester:

Mr. Kostric gets a chance to speak on Alex Jones - Kostric knows - EXERCISE your RIGHTS or lose them.

-----UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009

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  1. "They believe in the right to bear arms"

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  3. I'm sorry but I wish folks would refrain from making universal statements about "Jews" on this blog because it only takes one exception to make the statement that "Jews" are doing something false. If you mean "Zionists" who have a stated cause then I wish you would be specific and use that term.

    Any blanket statement about a group - especially Jewish people - can be lifted from this site and used to discredit it as hate speech. I'm all for letting it rip but we must remember there are people just sitting there waiting to find something to take this site down. Why give them the rope to hang you with? Be specific.

  4. Excuse me, but Jews have been a "problem" long before "Zionists".

    "We must remember there are people" that wish to take this site down"?

    You mean Jews? LOL.

    Are you afraid of them mate?

  5. I'm just avoiding universal statements that won't produce gains for the truth movement.


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