Fear of Inoculation: Is there ANY basis?

UPDATE DEC 30, 2009 Read more WHO chief yet to be vaccinated against swine flu
UPDATE AUGUST 25, 2009 1/2 of somebody doesn't want the vaccine
UPDATE Wayne Madsen on AJones
UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009 False Flag Flu?
UPDATE AUGUST 23, 2009 Dr at the end of this interview says he thinks t
the vaccine will be safe - hype out of proportion

UPDATE AUGUST 26, 2009 Excerpt:

UPDATE AUGUST 26, 2009 WITH LAST UPDATE FROM WRH Is the past prologue for A/H1N1?
By Wayne Madsen

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 Nano Particles used in Untested H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines
We "conspiracy theorists" are used to being laughed at for considering the possibility that two or more evil people would consider inoculating us against our best interests. The public furor over rumored(?) mandatory forced vaccinations in the United States and elsewhere is growing- the public smells a rat. So do I.

Based on the U.S. government's recent track record of failure, waste, broken promises, corruption, bad science, and mismanagement I urge cynicism. Based on the U.S. government's recent track record of criminally insane activity demonstrating an absolute disregard for human rights and human life (We're talking about TORTURERS my friends) - I urge saying NO. Why?

Because to think this pathetic gang in power in the U.S. Federal government would give me a vaccine for my own good is irrational. Why? Because to believe this vaccination is being done by Big Brother in my best interest would be to ignore that every single action taken not only during the criminal Bush administration - but also since the liar Obama's crowning was AGAINST MY BEST INTERESTS AND YOURS- and this vaccine will finally, finally be good for me. The kicker is that the only way to find out is to test it by introducing it into my blood. An irrational belief requiring me to ignore their ACTIONS and trust their PROMISES. In this case I think one is better off HOPING not to get the flu. Get it? Hope. Yeah I know - that was NOT funny!

Oh yeah - one more point. History tells us bad people give "inoculations" for diabolical reasons. Now I ask you - how much do you trust your and your children's lives in the hands of leaders who have demonstrated that they share none of the values of the American citizenry? I hope it is enough to bet your life on it. What reason can you give me to trust them? Leave a comment please.

Go to The first way of war By John Grenier where you can see the American Indians were "inoculated" in order to exterminate them. From the book:

UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2009 Startling New Evidence That The ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic Is Man-Made
UPDATE NOV 3, 2009 Twenty Reasons why Vitamin D is better than swine flue vaccine
UPDATE NOV 3, 2009 CFR Recording Suggests Creating False Scarcity To Drive Up Demand For H1N1 Vaccine

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  1. Given the US government's track record for the last 10 years, I'd say it's wise to resist ANY form of "protection" it claims to provide.

    The US government is a self-perpetuating BUSINESS. It has little concern for Americans other than how it can profit from them and always with an eye for it's master Zionist Israel and its tentacles here in the US.

  2. Knee-jerk reaction from the uninformed:

    "Did you say Zionist Israel??? You can't say that!!! You must hate Jews!"


    Jack Rabbit suggests you check out this post and reconsider after watching the Wolf Blitzer vid: (watch them all)


  3. At last, someone who can elucidate the reasons for complete distrust of the American Power Regime. Representative government is dead, the Constitution is dead (or mortally woulded), the Bill of Rights likewise, the Codex Alimentarius is about to begin the slow poisoning of the population.

    Also, check out "157 Trillion Resons to Kill 100,000,000 Americans on Rense.com.

    No needles for me or my family.

  4. Correction. Here is the correct article title.

    "57 Trillion Reasons to Kill 100,000,000 Americans."

  5. Funny thing about trust. Once you lose trust in someone it is very hard to trust them again,if ever. It is very much the same with respect.I have lost both trust and respect for our government a very long time ago.

  6. i took mistrust to a new level. I have renounced my citizenship as an American citizen. I am merely a human being who was born through no fault of my own onto this continent. You are all welcome to share it with me. But nothing, NOTHING goes into my body without my permission. I will defend my life with lethal force if need be. You all should as well...

  7. Today I spoke with a mother at our monthly homeschool meeting. She had been in perfect health until 2007, when she took her first ever flu shot. Since then, her liver has been damaged, her gall bladder has been removed (because it quit working), she has been in and out of hospitals, and she has Epstein-Barr syndrome. Sorry, I care too much about my family to risk the flu shot. Novartis will have to find some other shmuck to get rich off of.

  8. You have to admit it's a clever cost-cutting measure. If the government were to round us up and kill us while in their custody, they would have to dispose of the bodies. But if they jab us and send us home to die days, weeks, or years later, somebody else has to pick up the burial tab.

  9. I wouldn't be surprised but what sense does it make? We are their power. Without us who would make their Lear jets and their 300 foot yachts? How could they play 'Stock Market' without all the companies we work for and what fun would it be without the multitude of fools to toy with? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to give us something that wouldn't kill us but just make us more stupid and docile than we already are (if that is possible). Some will die but the survivors won't know what happened to them.

  10. I am not saying anyone is trying to kill me or make me sick. What I AM saying is that the US Federal Government is GUILTY OF TORTURE, GUILTY OF INDEFINITE IMPRISONMENT WITHOUT TRIAL, GUILTY OF WARS OF AGGRESSION. I trust them ZERO. Why would they get ANYTHING ABOUT THIS VACCINE RIGHT - WHETHER THEY WANTED TO CURE, POISON, OR KILL - they are incompetent at best and criminally insane at close to worst. They are LOSING THE WARs THEY LIED US INTO. While claiming to protect the U.S. Citizens from so-called terrorists they are generating one hundred more terrorists for every innocent Pakistani wedding party member, Iraqi baby, Afghani, ...(who can name all the countries these scum are meddling in?)... killed with their pathetic drone aircraft flying remote out of Nevada. They TORTURED AND GOT NO INFORMATION BECAUSE TORTURE DOESN'T WORK. BombIraq Obamya let Monkeypuss off the hook for all of this. Our latest puppet AKA president barackypoo i'llbombya has extended the death warrant for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (AKA USAPatriot Act) . This self-perpetuating group of leeches that hang on through every single presidential admin since I can remember have done nothing but wrecked everything our forefathers, grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles, sons, daughters, mothers, aunts WWII Veterans lying dead face down in the sand on D-Day Beaches - Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy - the signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (independence declared away from King George III- the ancestor of the old bat musket target (that's American-speak for queen) on the throne over across the pond on the island)..many declaration signers were tortured and killed and impoverished to get us our rights - I can go on forever - they have squandered all their blood for - uhhhhmmmm - the loss of all our inalienable rights so we can be safe for our own militarized taser-happy and trigger-happy police to shock and murder at will. THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED WITH ANYF'NTHING INCLUDING MASS VACCINATIONS OF ANY KIND.


    First we have to get our Bill of Rights and Constitution back - THEN WE CAN DISCUSS VACCINATIONS - REMEMBER - OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

  11. You misspelled innoculation.

  12. Ka-Booooosh and I'llBombya Bloodbath available here-thanks Jer and Steve:


  13. Good comments, especially by Jackrabbit. You're all right. The US government should not be trusted to do anything anymore. We should go back to less government and less waste. Maybe I should become a Republican.

    Anyway, we as American citizens are supposed to have rights, and even the crooked politicians will admit that. But...I don't know if we can refuse the swine flu vaccines without being shot, or quarantined, or put in jail. It might be considered a criminal act to refuse it.

    Maybe we should all refuse and let them put us in jail. At least that way we might live, and not get autoimmune disease, or the alleged deliberately infected vaccine and die from that.

    What would happen if the police/military/UN actually shot people who refused it? Would people be brave enough to stand up against them? It could get really ugly if they did that.

  14. My only concern is that the fear they feed us - the 'magnitude' of the epidemic, the risk of contraction and potential death will have a lot of sheeple and mostly uninformed people (constantly being lied to by government and big pharma) willfully lining up with their families to get the jab. If their numbers swell we could end up as pariahs, possibly not allowing our children to school, not able to secure contracts, or get a job until we have documents attesting to our shots received. Now we must stand together and inform all our friends and loved ones that it is truly a matter of life and death and to refuse it. It's a novel, hybrid manmade pharma/military industrial complex concoction. Swine flu, who knew, lot like spanish flu, took the brew, turned me blue and as of now, I can't sue.

  15. I don't know what to say, Lakegirl, if the UN tried to shoot me in the United States other than they would be more full of holes than they could count. You see, if UN troops are shooting at me, the border control people must have been overrun - what else should a Patriot think unless their own government is asking the UN to shoot them? But wait...I'm really cornfused - yes - cornfused - why would my own government ask UN, Police, military - to shoot at me? There is no way they would do that - so I must assume the border has been comprimised if helmeted people are shooting because there is no way we have traitors running a free country OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE. There's an old saying here in the good ole USofA and it was proven on DDay by many who were covered by the surf on that fateful day - GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. I don't want to be anybody's slave - I would PREFER DEATH! Socrates made a great point when he said that to fear death is to think we know that which we do not. Nobody living knows what death is - so we might as well deal with the present and the living world -and I'll be gawdamned if I'm going to a prison camp for refusing some mercury-laden corporate poison.

  16. The group of bureaucrats in Washington and TelAviv who believe that they own us(the government)would also like to convince Americans that guns should be heavily regulated for "our benefit" as well.
    The timing of this lab created flu,economic death spiral along with the push for a martial law grid is very suspect.
    What I smell isn't from a dead rat,it's a dead elephant.

  17. Just remember - when they try to demonize those who refuse the shot as jeopardizing other people and their children... The whole premise of the vaccine is that it IMMUNIZES you from getting the flu if you come into contact with the virus. If vaccines work and these people who get one believe that then the only people the non vaccinated can possibly harm is themselves!

  18. Yes! Avoid all vaccines! Prayer is the answer. Get together in close quarters with all your unvaccinated christian friends and pray!

  19. Anonymous above says:
    "Yes! Avoid all vaccines! Prayer is the answer. Get together in close quarters with all your unvaccinated christian friends and pray!"

    JR wonders: What is the link with Christianity here - also the "all vaccines" part is intriguing.

  20. inoculate |iˈnäkyəˌlāt|
    verb [ trans. ]
    treat (a person or animal) with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease : he inoculated his tenants against smallpox. Compare with vaccinate .
    • introduce (an infective agent) into an organism : it can be inoculated into laboratory animals.
    • introduce (cells or organisms) into a culture medium.
    inoculable |-ləbəl| |1ˈnɑkjələbəl| adjective
    inoculation |iˌnäkyəˈlā sh ən| |1ˈnɑkjəˈleɪʃən| |-ˈleɪʃ(ə)n| noun
    inoculator |-ˌlātər| |1ˈnɑkjəˈleɪdər| noun
    ORIGIN late Middle English (in the sense [graft a bud or shoot into a plant of a different type] ): from Latin inoculat- ‘engrafted,’ from the verb inoculare, from in- ‘into’ + oculus ‘eye, bud.’ The sense [vaccinate] dates from the early 18th cent.

  21. I agree this government is not to be trusted. Nothing gives me the creeps more than this campaign to vaccinate us all against the "flu" and other harmless illnesses like the chicken pox or the measles. If we get a vaccine injury (and possibly this epidemic of autoimmune diseases can be traced back to vaccination); then there is no way to sue a doctor, or a vaccine manufacturer. Your insurance company will not cover you for vaccine injuries. So, someone has to be CRAZY to get intimated into contaminating their blood with these creepy needles filled with mercury, aluminum, monkey viruses, human embryos, foreskins of infants, pus from pigs, and the list goes on. It's like the plagues of the 14th Century. People are getting so sick from these vaccines; it's a catastrophe.


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