Great video for WWII Buffs and Banking fans

UPDATE AUGUST 15, 2009 Americans paying for Taliban

It's a small world after all ... as the song goes. This video brings that point home nicely. The same characters seem to appear over and over again when the rivers are running red with blood. I've added some pics at the bottom so you can look at how companies seem to survive wars whether on the winning or losing side - specifically aircraft engine production.

A friend of mine handed me a copy of "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" many years ago. His brother was a S.E.A.L. in Vietnam. From his brother he knew things in the world were not as they appear. He asked me to read said book to give him my opinion if it were true. I read the book and it had dark implications - but at the time I didn't know enough to say for sure - but it looked logical enough.

Below is a video interview of the author of this book - perhaps you will find the characters familiar? I wonder if you can tell me whether there is any validity to this author's research?

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