Where should I invest my money? 2009 August

UPDATE DECEMBER 18, 2009 Jim Rogers: Become a Farmer-video-with notes
Some forecasters with decent track records for your consideration: By the way Jim Rogers says that six

Gerald Celente
Jim Rogers
Mike Whitney
Paul Craig Roberts

Peter Schiff

Just a few for you to look at. Celente invests 1/2 his money in American dollars, 1/2 his money in Euros but has 80% in gold. Doesn't add up to me from the interview - I don't know if he was able to fully explain due to time constraints- but my two bits says to get any money you need liquid and can't afford to lose into gold coin because it will retain its value regardless of the currency value of the country you live in. The best place to position seems to be commodities.
UPDATE AUGUST 30, 2009 NANOTECH Scientist use atomic-force microscope to imaged molecule for the first timeTHIS ARTICLE REMINDS ME OF THE PROFITS IN LIQUID HELIUM I think are possible
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 Hummel: The US Will Default On Its Debt

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