Identification of the Enemy is the First Step

What actually is an enemy? We are all accustomed to thinking in terms of external enemies. But what about domestic enemies? This concept requires new thinking patterns requiring the citizen to consider that there are people in powerful positions in the U.S. Federal government (maybe state governments too) who advance agendas that are harmful to the United States. Think about it - who else except a traitor would demand that Americans surrender inalienable rights? What agenda is so important that we have to wreck the country to get it done? And who would be so selfish that they care more for their own plans than they do for the welfare of the United States? It's pretty simple to me: ANYONE advancing agendas that require the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights is by definition an enemy of the American people. I'd also like to add torturers (who stumble when a fourth grader asks for clarification of such barbaric acts) to my list of enemies of the American people. After all - how do you explain torturing prisoners with INSECTS to a fourth grader? How in the hell do you explain it to any sane person? What do you do when the kids grow up and start torturing you?

The following audio interview is extremely important and I urge you to take the time to listen to it: (HERE) if you care about your country. The American Federal government has been hijacked by a multitude of fascist powers and they are not there for tap-dancing lessons. They are there to advance AIPAC agendas, to make money in the corporate police state, to engage in military misadventure -this means they have agendas that require you surrender your rights, the lives of your children, your privacy, your tax money, your freedom to travel, your country's honor. We have to torture now too by the way. This Orwellian nightmare must end and I mean soon. But how do we end it?

The first step is identification of enemies. This is way way easier than you think. Anyone suggesting or pushing any agenda that requires Americans to surrender inalienable rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights, or anyone with an agenda that is contrary to preservation and protection of the U.S Constitution is your enemy. Let that sink in for a minute because when you start to think about it - it is one heckuva' lot of people. Although you may be hard pressed to rationalize your Representatives, Senators or other government officials betraying America the fact is that they are. The question is is why .

Here's another interesting site you may wish to visit based on the heroic FBI translator silenced by said infiltrated government:
PICTURES HERE for a rogues gallery of faces you may recognize. Faces of people in positions of power for quite some time on whose watch the United States was marched off to war based on a pack of lies based on torture. Why?

One might wonder what exactly American soldiers are fighting for? Since the U.S. Federal Government no longer respects the Constitution of the United States or the Bill of Rights one can conclude that no U.S. soldier is actually fighting for our liberties. So what are they fighting for? Look HERE to see one possibility. Judging by the tyrannical direction of our leader (Fuhrer) to take away Americans' rights one can only wonder what the reason is that U.S. troops are being deployed now to Columbia. Yeah I'm sure they are going to Columbia to preserve the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

This is insanity. This is fascism.

Are you, my fellow Americans ready for your loved one to come home in a box? If the answer is yes - please explain to me what they are fighting for.

First educate yourself and face reality. Second watch for leaders as they rise to the occasion so you can support them despite massively funded phonies like the last liar that got into the presidency.
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  1. my question is why don't we apprach OUR MILITARY
    with the facts that our gov't isn't acting in our
    interest and ask them to honor their OATH of Office?
    The Gov't is obviously acting against the constitution of the country they are supposedly
    serving. Perhaps it would be "we the people" order our military to do what we are paying them to do?

  2. Thank you anonymous and poorrichard for taking a moment to comment because the comments really are the best part.


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