Fox news 5 reports WTC 7 collapse before it happens

Amazing that they report the collapse then watch it happen moments later. I don't know about time stamps etc... on the video but you can make up your own mind.

Perhaps you've seen this before:

UPDATE AUGUST 21, 2009 Archive here thanks to commenter below shows timestamps
UPDATE AUGUST 23, 2009 ----mostly due to structural failure

---UPDATE AUGUST 23, 2009
"You hear 'dat? Keep your eye on that building..."
"The building is about to blow up move it back"
" We are walking back there is a building about to blow up..."
"...WTC 7 was brought down on Sept 11 at ...Larry Silverstein... they pulled that building he said" paraphrasing
---UPDATE OCT 25, 2009
I just noticed Sen. John Kerry says "they brought it down in a controlled fashion" so he remembers hearing that just like the rest of us did - and says so before it may have become 'unpopular speech'

Pullit Pullit Pullit

UPDATE AUGUST 30, 2009 TV Footage - on some broadcasts they say previously filmed

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  1. A friend of mine suggested that it might be possible that a tape of the collapse was playing, not a live feed, and that is when the bobbleheads first saw it and reacted to it on the air.

    So I downloaded the original aircheck from the Internet Archive, from http://www.archive.org/details/fox5200109111651-1733 and discovered that the sequence where the announcer says "we are just getting word from New York right now that another building has collapsed.." followed by the footage of WTC7 falling, occurs beginning at 34:52 into the file I downloaded.

    The Archive says that this recording starts at 16:51:30 EDT, which means - assuming this timestamp is accurate - that this first report of WTC7's "collapse" was broadcast at 17:26:22 - if my math is right - well over 5 minutes AFTER the event.

    The reliability of the Archive's aircheck timestamps was widely debated in the wake of the BBC's prior report of the collapse, and the consensus was it was pretty accurate. So the shot of WTC7 going down would indeed appear to be tape after the fact, not live, and hence this headline of FOX announcing the collapse prior to it happening does indeed appear to be false.

    That doesn't take away, of course, from the fact that BBC, NBC, and CNN all certifiably reported the collapse prior to it happening, but this FOX footage is NOT another example of this phenomenon, clearly, reporting the event when you would expect them to, a few minutes after the fact.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but it's important we get our facts straight.

  2. No problem - not disappointed at all - just documenting everything as it comes up so eventually this puzzle will come together.

  3. I thought I'd add another comment - look at the thoughtful comment above - almost immediately helping correct the record and get the facts straight. This is the grass-roots 911 Truth movement at work - and it looks like it works pretty well.

    Thanks commenter for taking the time to elucidate.

  4. It's astonishing for me to read that some people still do not understand what really happened on 9-11.

    But is it certainly no less astonishing to me than -that almost no one recognizes- building the World Trade Center in the first place was a greater moral wrong than the controlled demolition -hidden and disguised by two plane crashes- that brought the two towers and then WTC 7 down.

    If it serves a moral purpose to ferret out exactly what happened, it eludes my sense of morality.

    We know it was an inside job, and, we know this can only re-substantiate what we should already know about human nature, all forms of government, and, literally every organization of humanity -including the 9-11 truth movement.

    For me, the controversy now only diminishes the scale of the moral travesty committed when the World Trade Center was originally built. The controversy almost seems to glorify the far greater moral wrong that occurred when the twin towers were built.

    Hang the bastards who knocked the towers down, -but hang the bastards who built them too.

  5. Don Robertson: Where in the name of ...... OK - I'm gonna' calm down here. Where the fuck have you been hiding out you sorry ass pile of cat-shit?! Just kidding ha ha.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. You asked what moral purpose is served by ferreting out the murderers? One that I can think of - to put the filthy lyin' murderin' bastards away so they don't do it to your grandchildren since they got away with it the last time.

    But I have to admit I don't understand the travesty committed when the towers were built. I was brainwashed from an early age to think that anytime a building was erected, and it was taller than anything else I was to be impressed.

    What is the issue?

  6. to Anonymous @
    August 21, 2009 6:31 PM

    well, if this was the case, then they would have most definitely reported this as : "we will now see the building collapse, this was taped a few minutes ago"

    but instead, they report the standard spin spiel "structural damage", which is a crock of shit. for the building to come down like that in freefall, you need a complete destruction of ALL support columns.


    if fox had MEN WITH BALLS on board, who haven't sold their souls to the bastards in charge, then they would have reported this as "the demolition of the building has been scheduled for NN time, we will now see this on the screen, and the guy who gave the order is the guy who's abour to collect 5 billion from the insurance scam he's about to [pull]".

  7. The real story: they already had the official excuse in their script only five minutes after the collapse. Somebody fed them the line that "this is not from an explosion or an aircraft" but "this is a building incredibly structurally damaged by the goings on right next door."

  8. If anyone wants to understand the mindset that masterminded this Mass Murdering of thousands of innocent people, I suggest they rent the 1948 Hitchcock movie "Rope". While watching this film,
    remember it was made in 1948, just after Hitler
    did his thing to Europe. The "Yale mindset" needs to be brought to light. Those who believe they are superior because of generations of wealth, must be called to task for their twisted acts against the dignity of mankind.

  9. "...maybe the smartest thing to do is to...to pull it. And so they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse." - Lucky Larry Silverstein, outspoken zionist & jew-billionare real estate tycoon

  10. FOX didn't fuck up. BBC clearly did.

    Bust ask yourself how they could possibly make the decision to o pull the building, acquire the necessary charges, set them on all 47 stories and pull it by 5:30PM? It can't be done.

    The charges were set up in advance. They planned to pull it all along. BBC tipped their hat.

  11. The thing that strikes me is that they say there is no explsions. But just as the guy is saying look at the right of the screen you hear one. The camra looks like its a good mile away and you can hear it.

    I think this is what makes this footage dambing. As for the timing. I havn't done the research but I don't think the video was live. I think it was on tape as the first poster elaborated

  12. Yes - I think the video research commenter had some numbers and helped to bring us information to determine the truth of the matter.

    I left the headline alone as originally written so the whole process stays


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