happy anniversary nine eleven liars - mission accomplished

Well I guess it's official - they won that battle.  The truth of 911 has been hidden from the mushroom masses here in the United States.

The myth of 911 has been dyed firmly into the fabric of American society. The myth has truly taken hold.  Ask just about anybody - they'll tell you the official story.

In addition to the big lie -  the kids have been brainwashed and will live with  the repercussions of the lies for the rest of their lives. As far as our liberty -   it's gone- and everybody loves it.

Being one of the few that have had a glimpse beyond the matrix - I can say that it has been difficult to deal with Americans ever since.  It's really pathetic.  But I guess it isn't their fault.  Propaganda works - and those who pulled this one off are good.  Very very good.  And they have all of your money to use to keep it all going and to silence voices of dissent.

I never thought I'd find myself in a position like this - where simple conversations are no longer simple.  Where everything is complicated because those who believe the lie have a different world view - one that requires slaughtering people we don't know who haven't done anything to us.

I've learned that facts do not matter at all in our society - only the images projected to the public.  They continue from all angles via all avenues of media in this country.

I firmly believe that this nation will never recover from 911 because it IS a lie.  We continue to perform the most evil acts - including torture and murder justified by an attack that didn't happen the way everybody was told.  But - it continues anyway.

Eventually America will have to pay the price for ignoring the truth.  Americans - especially their children will pay for their unwillingness to control their government - which has been taken over by killers and torturers.  Many many innocents have been killed and made homeless in our name.  I've been told this has been American history forever anyway and that it is nothing new.  But this time the world knows that it's a lie.  Only Americans don't know.

I don't like losing - I did everything I could to try to wake people up.  At least I can sleep at night knowing that.  But life during the day will never be the same.

The truth does indeed hurt.

Much credit goes to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush, Laura, and the other cartoon people that have kept the hypnosis going all this time - they are very very good at their jobs.  Mission accomplished.

The icing on the cake is that eventually we are going to be attacked for real from all the mayhem we've caused - and the moment it happens - they will have the "proof" they needed all along to show you that those bad people did it to us.

Propaganda really really works well.


  1. How Can satanism Be Fought By Mere Subjectivism?

    Regarding ur first paragraph, I don't think the satanic powers have at all "won." Quite a lot of the truth is known, one of those being UR PEOPLE, JR, the satanists/subjectivists, did the 9/11 psy-op--they're certainly behind the cover-up.

    Were planes actually "hi-jacked"?--probably not. And were planes actually flown into the WTC bldgs. and Pentagon?--probably not. We KNOW ZOG is lying, that their consp. theory makes no sense.

    U may not be all-out satanist, but u certainly accept their basic premise--subjectivism--and lots of others do too, far too much. Real tragedy is u don't want to face-up to how u and ur subjectivism have been co-opted by the top satanic powers.

    Regarding ur 4th paragraph statement about propaganda working, I'd say it maybe works to a pt.; people are intimidated, and many are indeed quite confused, but the prop. doesn't persuade people too well--many people retain serious questions--even u urself, though u share their premise of subjectivism.

    Then u tell us about "...slaughtering people we don't know who haven't done anything to us." Well, WHO actually are these poor "people," and if they haven't done anything against USA, what about Israel?--we're killing Israel's enemies--isn't that the truth?--why can't u tell us anything about such facts and truth?

    U say, "I've learned that facts do not matter at all in our society - only the images projected to the public. They continue from all angles via all avenues of media in this country." So isn't this, what u describe, simply the application/imposition and exploitation of subjectivism?--rejection of objectivity and truth.

    U tell us, "I don't like losing - I did everything I could to try to wake people up." But how could u "wake people" when u urself defend and practice subjectivism? U accept the basic satanistic premise(s), right?--subjectivism--the idea u can change and create reality.

    "The truth does indeed hurt"?--but that requires the objective reality in order to have any real idea of truth, right?

    And sure, "[p]ropaganda really really works well," but it's easy, isn't it, when the satanists merely make use of ur own premises (subjectivism) which u accept and hold on ur own?

    So thanks for ur comments; u really seem to confirm the idea it's difficult dealing w. satanists when u urself are subject to their basic premise, subjectivism.

  2. Apsterian,

    The fact remains - in the war for "liberty" and "rights" Americans lost the 911 battle. - it's over - they've done what they set out to do.

    Do you object to that subject?


    1. "Liberty, Rights" Requires Necessary Foundation--Objectivity

      Do I object to that "subject"?--what subject?

      No, satanists haven't won, and Americans, REAL Americans (unlike u), haven't lost--in fact, we real Americans are just BEGINNING to fight. All history and reality is a great war of truth vs. lies, according to our hero and leader, Christ, and his saints like St. Paul, who explains to us about "powers and principalities."

      One of those "principalities" is the principle of subjectivism--u're the one w. the problem, as I've noted at several pt.s, the satanists making use of ur principle. It's u, and all subjectivists, who have to do something, I've always noted and urged. It's u who has FAILED. We real Americans haven't failed--we're still there, still fighting, and we have never surrendered--as u have, evidently.

      "Liberty and rights" are mere derivations fm more basic principles, esp. the OBJECTIVE reality, reason, and logic, as these (liberty and rights) depend upon an under-lying culture--reason and rule-of-law--which ur subjectivism dis-allows, under-cuts, and actually betrays.

      Satanists KNOW they've got LONG WAY to go, for they cannot stop. Satanists have committed TREASON, and they understand if they don't utterly enslave people, killing many more than they have already, they are liable to losing the war whence they will suffer penalty of treason.

      Ur task is to grasp the objective reality (a), and (b) thence the ethics appropriate, that of rational self-interest--humans cannot change their nature and practice "ethic" of subjectivism.

      Politically then, there requires RULE-OF-LAW in accord w. "right-reason." Only within this objectivistic frame can there be "liberty and rights."

    2. Apsterian,

      My task is to call it as I see it.

      The one world government people are defeating American sovereignty as of this moment. That's how I see it.

      As far as objective and subjective realities etc... that's fine and we will continue to debate that - however - we are losing our country to globalists.


  3. Problem For USA?--Aliens Like JR

    Well, if u say so, it must be true, right?--isn't that how subjectivism works? And do u note the similarity of subjectivism with outright MYSTICISM?

    So if rights and liberty and Bill of Rights have been overthrown, it only means the under-lying premises and culture have been removed or damaged, right?--and this is where u're EXTREMELY weak, isn't it?

    For rights, law, and reason are products of white Christian civilization, which white Christian u're not, and all u do is parasitize the white Christian host, complaining and insisting u're entitled.

    Newsflash: objective and subjective are not really debatable. U're just struggling to grasp white Christian culture. Objective and subjective are ASSUMPTIONS which necessarily underlie everything else of philosophy and reality--why it's called "metaphysics" and "first philosophy."

    And it's mark of ur utterly alien, non-white, non-Christian mentality u can't figure this out regarding necessary objective, under-pinning of rule-of-law, rights, liberty, and B. of Rights. Like a child, u imagine u can DECLARE what reality is--what u want it to be, subjectivism--similar to how u just declare u're "American."

    So u see, JR, problem w. USA is it has too many ALIENS like u--isn't that the truth? And aliens like u then weaken things so that outright enemies of US are better enabled to prevail, which, as u've herein announced, has now happened.

    So u see, it's u who's really much and great part of the problem; aliens like u are now exposed as outright enemies, slandering and lying about Christianity. So what we whites and Christians really have to do is to SECEDE fm the imperial USA which is fraught w. useless dead-weight like u who do nothing to help things, even regarding rights, liberty, and B. of Rights as u bleat about so pathetically and absurdly.

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