Information Desert

     Have you seen the stunts by the radio hosts and TV hosts where they ask the "man on the street" a seemingly simple question - like "Who is the president of the United States?" and the person cannot provide the correct answer?  Such stunts will bring laughter from those standing around you if it appears on a nearby telescreen.  But is it really that funny?  I propose a round of applause to the failure of American mass "education."  So what exactly is it that they are teaching in school?  It makes me wonder what goes on in American law schools when we have some of the highest ranking legal people trying to encode into law that cruel and unusual punishment is OK.  That extrajudicial murder is as American as apple pie.  Is it still funny?

     These antics remind me of the comedy shows where very talented comedians talk politics and laugh with the audience about how the nation is going down the tubes with all of us all on board.  Ha ha ha ha!  Similar to the Bill Gates video where he tells the audience that more people have to die through vaccines, health care and birth control in order to save the rock we all live on.  Bizarre!

I wonder if this Bill Gates character has come up with a vaccine for greed?

My inspiration to write today came from my coffee cup.  I drank coffee last night until I fell asleep - and upon awakening found four dead cockroaches floating in it.  That's pretty normal around here living in this "superpower."  I live in Bibleville, Tennessee where they still pray over the Bible for the bugs to go away but nobody ever brings around a can of bug spray.  Don't get me wrong - the rents are still exhorbitant and barely affordable - don't worry they still need lots of money.  This is still a slave state and the masters still treat the slaves like they always did - like animals.  I wonder if the churches around here have as many bedbugs and cockroaches as the filthy buildings the slaves live in do?

This is a dirty town populated by a rather hardened population of suntanned denizens.  These are not  citizens - just inhabitants.  They may live in this scumhole I live in or under a bridge.  They may have a job standing on the street corner with a sign on them that says "I have cancer" waiting for motorists to take pity and hand them some money.  Why?

My theory is that it pays more to stand on the corner around here with ones hand out than to work some of the jobs available.  I should mention that this particular city is not suffering the same recession as I've seen traveling all over the rest of this crumbling nation- where engineers and software programmers spend their time playing pool at a bar wondering if their jobs are coming back.  But wait you may say - as do I - go make your own work!  This is America - a land of opportunity.  Open a lemonade stand or something right?   This is partially true as Jerry Seinfeld's kids' lemonade stand was recently shut down up there on Long Island where I suppose rich actors live.

If this is what a superpower looks like I shudder to think how our new world order masters treat the unarmed inhabitants of the world.  The people here in the states, although armed, are completely disorganized and could be easily overrun by invaders in hours.  For all the tough-talk one may hear from Americans there is nothing to fear from them except the actions of their government "representatives." The "representatives" are entrenched mindless robots for the most part - people able to keep their heads down when any trouble arises so they can continue collecting their government paycheck.  Government workers suck.  I should know - I was a contractor and got to witness government work first hand - lots of it.  Talk about stagnation.  Poor leadership.  Waste.

Those holding power in America are the most uninformed and venal people money can buy.  They do not care about you and they do not care about me.  They are lining their pockets as rapidly as possible because they are feeling the pinch at the grocery store just like you and me.  Don't talk about the rising prices or you will be accused of "complaining" by the other slaves who have accepted this never-ending decrease in the buying power of all our money.

We are living in an era of "thought-crime" - another idiotic idea branded into the public conciousness by stupid law enforcement goons and corporate media of all sorts.  Anyone asking where all the money is going is a "conspiracy theorist."  Repeat after me while pointing at someone asking questions:  "Conspiracy theorist!  Conspiracy theorist!"  All together now - just like Cass Sunstein has trained  you idiots.  Oh you don't know who that is?  That's one of the operatives turning your kid's mind into mashed potatoes - that is - if the kid escaped with their health intact following all the shots and bad food and drink.  Fluoridated water anyone?

Getting back to the "man in the street" interviews I've done a few of my own - and not surprisingly have not increased the number of "friends" I have.

Two particular fools come to mind - one who "doesn't have a problem with torture" and some other bufoon who I think was drunk while he was yelling at me.

It can be dangerous in our society to discuss adult topics with people who appear in body to be adults.  I have found that, for the most part, they are not adults.  Mentally many of the "adults" you see are really children clinging to the fantasy-America they like to believe exists.  They think the prices will come down and the bugs will go away if we just go to church and pray for it all to change.  The new agers are just as guilty as the bible-thumpers - more inaction for action.  Meditation and willing things away will do the job.  That's fine with me - and perhaps it will be fine with your kids when in thirty years they ask you what you were doing about all of this.

I had one "adult" - after he overheard me ridiculing this Jeb Bush character being paraded around to be the next prezidint for responding that torture may still be necessary when he was questioned about this in Iowa.  The man next to me, overhearing the conversation said "I don't have a problem with torture."

I replied to him "Neither do I.  In fact do you know who I want to torture first?"  He said "No, who?"  I said "How about you?"  He became angry with me for some reason and seemed to have decided not to talk to me anymore.

Another person used the term "booooooolshit" to describe my thoughts on 911.  Another Fox-informed ciddizin I suppose.  Another American unable to come to terms with the scam they live every day - the scam used to pick their pockets and support troops in 130 plus countries.  I should mention that this particular American told me he also didn't have a job.  So who does this flag waving moron think is paying for all of this?  Oh that's right - he didn't think about that - that's too "depressing."

Our media continues its complicity in the dumbing down of this nation and the dismantling of our values.  Those whose kids have "promising" futures are usually those who have been able to raise the kids without their knowledge of the monstrous crimes upon which America presently exists.  It has become important, if one wishes to eat and keep their job - to learn the art of keeping one's mouth shut.  Citizenship is now portrayed as an anachronism - an idealistic fantasy - where those who still try to be good citizens - or even follow the teachings of this Jesus character people around here are always quoting - people must learn the fine art of quoting the Bible andJesus while saying torture and extrajudicial murder are OK.  That's how to be an American and survive.  Fuck what's right and wrong - go after the money.

The election coming up is another topic that has really lost its appeal to Americans.  Nobody is really paying much attention to it as the New York 911 gang popped its head up to support the casino guy vs the next guy in the dynasty to rule the kingdom.  Trump talks a good game but have you ever been to Atlantic city?  Bring a bodyguard the place is a fucking toilet if you ask me.  Casino-towns I've been to are always shit-holes.  Is that what we can look forward to America looking like if he gets into office?  Then you have Jeb Bush saying we may still have to torture people and that the NSA is a great place keeping us all free by spying on each other.  Talk about fucked up.

Bernie Sanders is another guy I've heard a bit about.  This guy was on the radio with the leftist Thom Hartmann - another 911 denier - and a guy who is on the record saying that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin that killed Kennedy.  Even the Congress says there was more than one shooter.

Anyway Bernie Sanders used to be interviewed at length by this new world order Thom Hartmann guy.  Tell me - if Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Bush get into office - do you really think we are going to bring the troops home and save on taxes?  Do you think food prices will drop?    Do you really think your vote is being counted?

I heard some people discussing how their paychecks are falling way behind in the cost of living.  That is for sure.  Some guys asked me if I would consider going back and doing a previous job I did for a long time and I replied I hope not because it just isn't worth it anymore.  I reminded them that any amount of money and benefits any of us enjoy were fought for.  All of them.  Since nobody on the side of labor is doing any effective fighting for money they will continue to lose.  There is no support in the media making fighting battles in the US fruitless and pointless as a victory can instantly be portrayed as a failure - or made to have never happened in the first place as the monied interests own the media - all of the media - all of it.

Without a breakup of the media in the United States the country will continue its decline.  I don't see this as inevitable and I am not a fatalist.  But I am a realist - and when church and meditation time is over it's time to get your wallet out and go to the grocery store.  If God really does help those who help themselves Americans will continue to lose as their leaders fail to galvanize them toward what is good and right.

Church leaders - including the pope are bullshit.  They, too, have signed deals for money over the people.  Now the pope is in on the global warming, climate change or whatever they call-it-scam.  But none of them can see the chemical clouds being sprayed in the sky every day.  And all of them will, through lies of omission - aid in the stunting of childrens minds as they contribute to a world that teaches the kids to deny what they can see with their own eyes so that the monied interests can retain their power over the masses.

The silly war on drugs continues - and overarmed police still roam around in their star wars inspired outfits and silly cars and SUVs.  Everyone lurking and watching each other for a false move.  Nobody really knows what a false move is but they are looking.

The stupid cop shows with the gun-operas continue.  Talk about some of the dumbest shit I've ever seen on television.  Whoever is responsible for TV programming in the nation should do us all a favor a just go away - hopefully forever.  The police-fantasy that has been going on has become too expensive for people who are supposed to be living in a free country.

I wish to thank those who fought for me to have labor day off so I could write this post.  Heroes from the past.


  1. Successful Revolution Requires Plan, Which Requires Analysis, Observation

    Well JR, I must say I feel like I must sympathize w. u for ur observations and complaining. One of the problems is lack of a clear enemy to blame in minds of so many of the goons--too many of them go along w. the lies to effect it was the moooooooooslims who did it all--they're the ones who have no problem w. torture.

    So u see, things have to get really bad before enough people decide to doing something--lots of goons have to die-out. So what has to be done for the present is the setting-up for things when people begin to start for deciding what they want to do.

    One thing guaranteed is US Dollar is going to lose about 50% of its value within very short time fm now--that means prices on avg. are going to double, and that's just for starters. China is dumping US securities, about a 100 billion last month.

    One step in necessary direction is what the real perpetrators will call "scape-goating"--who (or what) to blame?--what's cause of all this corruption? I already explained to u about the CYCLIC historic trend, numerous times, how it happens, what's at play. But here, this time, I'll simply pt. out ur own observations: people are being deliberately killed and made sick w. fluoride in water, as u noted, toxic vaccines, and GMO foods, among other things. So isn't this sort of deliberate, slow-motion -type mass murder accurately characterized as "satanism"?

    The weak people, of body and mind, are always first victimized, and it's happening, but still lots of folks don't want to admit the truth and reality of things--for whatever reason(s).

    So then what's good, working, practical, and accurate definition/understanding of satanism?--it's idea that all reality/truth issues fm one's own mind/consciousness--extreme subjectivism--thus hubris and denial of an objective reality, thus making oneself God. Note then this isn't a MYSTICAL definition or understanding; rather, it's quite practical.

    Further, note this satanism is actually quite discernible within the culture, esp. in "hip-hop" and other music, and it's in other entertainment too, movies, even "professional" wrestling--and which has been noted and observed by numerous people, their commentaries upon it actually up on You-tube

    -----------[END OF PART ONE--SEE PART TWO BELOW]-----------

    1. ----------[HERE'S PART TWO TO ABOVE]------------

      So how does this satanism begin?--well, extreme subjectivism begins w. moderate subjectivism, doesn't it?--the idea of "good-evil," which is totally subjective, yet introduced to the young people at early age as means of inducing obedience. Thus "good" really means obedience; "bad" is dis-obedience.

      Thus MOST people continue to entertain this "good-evil" delusion and MYSTICISM throughout their lives, and it's this "good-evil" delusion which allows the top satanists to RULE--especially once they establish such as US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING which definitively gives them preponderant, and soon after that, ABSOLUTE power, allowing them to buy and own all politicians, judges, and Church officials, for examples.

      And again, JR, I emphasize it's a CYCLIC phenomenon, for the COUNTERFEITING scam can't go on forever, and when it collapses, the entire economy and culture often go with it. And if the culture can be revived, then it must do so in opposition to that subjectivism/satanism which caused the problems in the first place.

      Remember then the original inspiration of Christ was worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) w. the implicit OBJECTIVE reality under-lying, providing the necessary criterion/basis for such truth.

      And we see then the ironic fact that WORST enemy of truth (aside fm lies in general) is that pretended "good"--which was actually known to the early Church Fathers (St. Augustine) as Pelagian heresy.

      So I'll leave the analysis of the problem here. I could go on, as I have before, for more specific observations, but perhaps it would be good to just set-down basic principles and notations, at present.

    2. Yes I can appreciate that response on many levels.

      People care about what they are told to care about - hence attacks on the media and suggestions that it must be broken up or at least have competition. There seems to be no money for truth - only money for propaganda. I can understand why that is - but don't have a solution.

      I continue to lambast the churches because when I was originally introduced to the concept of good and evil, right and wrong - outside of my family - it was in Sunday school and at church. Now after I've tried to live my life that way it seems that the rules are changing. The role of the church will become global warming now I suppose. It is fitting, since the global warming and climate change issue is one of religion/belief in the first place. Who better than the pontiff to complete the illusion so our masters can get on with the international taxes/laws to address this issue that nobody has actually measured?


    3. Apsterian,

      Our media is our enemy. "Us" being those intent on preserving the Bill of Rights. I don't care much about the Constitution.

      An informative media would do the trick. But that will never work if the editors are all murdered the second they do something controversial.


  2. I shouldn't say I "don't care" about the Const. I am only acknowledging that no one follows it today so speaking of preserving it is untrue when it has already been dismissed.


  3. General Principles Understood Sufficiently, Then Specific Items Can Be Grasped Most Usefully

    Well, what I'm trying to indicate is that if u can agree that reality is (a) objective, hence (b) determined in accord w. strict cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will, (c) hence CYCLIC, perhaps u begin to see the following generations fm the founders, as Romans and Americans, become progressively more corrupt, falling into evermore gross sin of hubris and subjectivism, which eventually reaches "critical" stage whence we get gross, pervasive, rampant satanism (extreme subjectivism).

    So, at first, the satanism is more random and individuated for occurances and effects, BUT at a certain pt. become down-right ORGANIZED, esp. when their little legalized COUNTERFEITING scam (like US Fed, above-noted) gets going, their main practical instrument, by which they buy (literally) all the politicians, judges, bureaucrats, all public edjumacation, owning and controlling all the corp.s, and even the established "Christian" churches.

    Christian Book of Revelations rather describes this utterly, thoroughly corrupt state of affairs--regarding the pervasiveness of this satanism and even then the organized nature of it.

    Here, note I'm trying to emphasize the GENERAL conditions and principles for the process which very much naturally takes place, in accord w. Spengler's "Decline of the West." The founders of the civilization/culture do all the hard work, or most of it, which then the following generations rather fritter away in their hubris and subjectivist pretensions to "good-evil." Presently we're in very last stages of the post WWII economic "boom," now coming to an end w. looming currency collapse.

    My theory is once one grasps sufficiently the general principles, more specific items and details can be discerned, this in useful way.

    1. Apsterian,
      I do agree with the concept of cyclic change - perhaps the inevitability of it is the whole point. As I mentioned I'm still not fatalistic in my outlook.

      If the government pukes want to do the public a favor they can either break up the existing media or find a way to provide funding and protection for a new wave of newspapers - with rules for their independence directly connected to their funding.

      Perhaps Spenglerianism is true - but what if he's wrong?



    2. Metaphysics: First Philosophy And Premises

      Well, is the world/reality objective (Aristotle) or subjective (Plato)? This is the basic metaphysical question/issue. It's either-or.

      If the world is objective then u have science, reason, logic, etc.; but if subjective, then ANYTHING GOES--like the satanism we have now.

      And do u doubt satanism?--isn't that what we have now?--look at hitlery Clinton getting-away w. stuff that got Petraeus convicted and fairly ruined, etc., etc.

      Pt. then is if u agree w. premise/assumption (as it cannot be proven, it being a first premise) of objectivity, then determinism must follow. This is metaphysical issue, u see.

      U're "not fatalistic"?--so that means u endorse satanism?--if so, how do u complain?

    3. Apsterian,

      "Fatalism" - at least the way I've understood it is that things sort of "play out" and we cannot control outcomes. That is what all the Bible folks have been telling us since I was a kid - that today really is the end of the world - this time.

      I am of the belief that events can be shaped and that by working toward things they can be achieved - one such a goal could be away from this death-worshipping culture and back to one that celebrates life.
      The "zombies" and such are clues that there are "Satanist" influences at work in our culture and have been at work for some time. Satanism, appears to me at least, to be another belief system. I don't like it at all - it is such a negative, painful, dreadful and unhappy way to live.
      Satanism is a defeatist attitude where we simply give up, surrender before putting up a fight - or even trying to make things better. Satanism is for quitters and failures. I cannot be one of them.

      I DO think that taking a positive approach where we celebrate life and abundance is our intended role since that is what works best for most people and for individuals.

      Rather than looking at population growth as a negative as would be the Satanistic way - and proposing methods to put limits on it - the positive approach - and I think the more valuable for humanity and individuals is to recognize the value and potential in each and every human life. Every life has the potential to provide even more abundance that can overtake the short-sighted viewpoint of the Satanistic culture (if we are to look at things that way for the sake of discussion) where we just give up and proclaim "there are too many people."

      It is up to us to determine where to focus our energies in this society. Right now the money pours into military technology while people starve. The answer you will hear from people masquerading as adults is "wars are good - they keep the population down" etc...

      Again - I do believe that a breakup of the media or at least a push to subsidize a media would do wonders for our nation, our culture, and all of us as individuals. EVen if it didn't last that long - the good that could come from even a short span of open ness in this culture could produce big dividends.

      But for now the media remains the corporate and control success it has been for our masters- the main tool used for the domination of the human mind and spirit here in "the land of the free"


    4. JR: His Own Worst Enemy, Evidently

      Can't u figure-out, realize, wake-up to, and face the simple fact US Federal Reserve Bank is literally legalized COUNTERFEITING?--and it's a monopoly, privately owned by the large commercial banks? Therefore they must own and control EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, literally--it's only matter of printing-up and digitalizing enough currency to MONOPOLIZING EVERYTHING--including the corp. mass-media--buying everything up--with "currency" they just print-up (and digitalize)--get it?

      Can't u figure this (fore-going) out? The "media" does and says what it does because it's controlled by these monopolist bankers who just print-up (and digitalize) all the money they need to buying up everything and everybody.

      "Fatalism," as u express and describe it above is just a looser grasp/understanding of the same "determinism" that I describe, the technical philosophic term for absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" will.

      So look, JR--WHAT ARE U COMPLAINING ABOUT?--when u ENDORSE precisely what it is u complain about in ur topic blog article--u're a subjectivist, ANYTHING GOES. So when hitlery Clinton invokes her own understanding/"interpretation" of the law, u have no real basis of complaint, do u?--for she's a subjectivist no less than u, right?

      U can't and won't figure-out u're ur own worst enemy--the very problem u complain about--a subjectivist who endorses the very principle, subjectivism, which causes what u complain of.

      Maybe u're not out-right satanist, but u endorse the basic principle which leads to it, subjectivism--why?--because, as u explain and describe, above, u want to insist u're God-like for ur ability to change reality--HUBRIS, by definition. "Good" is the very worst enemy, among all the lies, of truth (= Christ).

  4. Apsterian,

    also: regarding Plato standing for objective reality - I wonder if his "allegory of the cave" would give a differing conclusion. The people in the cave had a reality that differed from the "truther" who escaped from the cave and saw the real world that was creating the shadows that formed the reality for the chained troglodytes. Therefore his own writing contradicts that there is only one objective reality - but multiple possible realities based on mirages and reality.
    (shadows and the actual objects creating the shadows)


    1. Important To Grasp Beginning, Basic Precepts, Principles

      No, no no no no--pls READ what I wrote. Plato stands for subjectivism; Aristotle stands for objective reality. And note as these are necessarily most basic principle(s), they cannot be proven, only assumed, as there's nothing preceding them to provide premise or proof.

      Note reality is one thing, while view of reality is quite another, and such "view" might be anything regardless of the actual reality.

      Subjectivism then is the idea that one's VIEW IS the actual reality, not merely a "view"--thus satanism and HUBRIS, one being the God-like creator of reality, at least for oneself.

    2. Apsterian,
      Yes, thanks for clearing that up.

      We are stuck with a certain amount of objectivism and a certain amount of subjectivism - whether we like it or not - whether we agree on it or not because it is demonstrable.

      This objectivist/subjectivist duality remains at the heart of many of our problems. That does not mean they are inevitable or unsolvable.

      The media - there is a place to focus energies. It is time to address that issue in this country or this country will go bye bye. The globalists talk a good game but I am yet to see one single action they have taken that benefits me directly. That is both objectively and subjectively true and could possibly serve as a common point of reference from which parties can agree.


    3. JR Admits He Makes No Sense

      Isn't reality either-or? How can a thing both be and not be at same time and same respect? Does non-contradiction (logic) exist or not? By pretending objectivity is same as subjectivity--or that they both exist at same time, don't u simply say things are subjective?--anything goes.

      So all ur complaints made in ur topic article, above are phony and totally un-founded by ur own admission--as u endorse the very principle, subjectivism, which ZOG makes use of.

      And I explained to u "media" is mere creature of the Fed COUNTERFEITERS who own and control everything--u could no more change "media" than the psychopath, satanic powers that control such.

      U're just babbling and talking for sake of hearing urself talk, and now it's just blatant nonsense in which u reject logic, asserting both logic and non-logic exist and are valid at same time.

    4. Apsterian,

      As usual you are lapsing into another of your fits - that's OK - take a few breaths....

      Just because you can't see something doesn't mean that it isn't there. Just because I can see and recognize that something is there does not mean I necessarily like what I am seeing.

      Sometimes adults must come to uncomfortable conclusions. That's just the way it is.

      I didn't say logic and non-logic exist at the same time - you said that. What I said were that subjectivity and objectivity co-exist. Perhaps you are not perceptive enough to see this - or perhaps you can see my point and refuse to admit it to yourself. That's a difficult place to be I'd say...


    5. Reality: Either Objective Or Subjective, PERIOD

      Reality is either objective or it is subjective, PERIOD--either-or. If u say they both "co-exist," then that's same as saying it's subjective.

      And as subjectivism is basis of satanism, u endorsing subjectivism, u forfeit right to complain about ZOG satanism. And all ur statements are just nonsense and babbling. U're ur own worst enemy.

    6. U need merely answer single, simple question: does reality exist?--yes or no?

    7. Apsterian,

      I'm not unique, we may all be our own worst enemy ha ha.

      But that would be a blanket statement...

      Anyway - yes - reality does exist, but the problem I'm trying to point out is that it is never, and yes I mean NEVER perceived identically from any two viewpoints. I'm not going to get into the anti-universe where gravity is balanced. But these varying viewpoints lead to the problems of humanity. So, yes to answer your question, reality does exist.


    8. If Reality Exists, Then It Must Be Objective, According To Own Nature

      Note metaphysics (first premises/philosophy) is abstract and not matter of "perception." And as first premise, no possible premise preceding, then it has to be assumption, incapable of proof.

      So therefore if reality exists, it must exist in a definite manner (objectivity), whatever/however that may be, hence determined in accord w. absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will.

      So again, if u agree/admit reality exists, aren't u saying it's necessarily objective, yes or no?


    9. CYCLIC Course Of Determined History, Inexorable Western "Decline"

      Thus, JR, u PERFECTLY demonstrate the problem: subjectivism and HUBRIS, ur wanting to pretend to God-like powers of perfectly "free" human will by which u imagine u "create" reality.

      Problem then is SATANISM, extreme subjectivism by which one makes oneself God--even if u urself deny u're deliberately practicing such satanism. Fact remains there are those far more ruthless than u, willing to knowingly promote this satanism upon the usual pretext of non-existent "good," which fallacious "good" so fascinates and befuddles so many suckers, fools, and goons among the masses who allow the satanism to definitively take-over, commandeering the culture by means of the currency-creation and legalized COUNTERFEITING of US Fed, the powers behind which thus owning all the establishment "mass-media," manipulating people's emotions, thoughts, etc.

      And the pt. then is this satanism and hubris is simply a CYCLIC process whence a formerly successful culture first founded and built by genuinely HONEST, and objectively-oriented Christians is progressively corrupted and dissipated by the following generations evermore perverted w. hubris and over-populated.

      And ONLY "solution" to such overwhelming cultural hubris and corruption is horror and grim warfare by which this over-populated scum are sufficiently killed-off by whatever means, the surviving remnants only then allowed to perhaps picking-up the pieces to beginning the cultural CYCLE anew.

      Only hope for mankind is the sort of cultural revival, such as it was, by St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. Roman empire, by means of the Christian revolution, Christ standing for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), thus the implicit objective reality.

    10. Apsterian,

      I disagree. A Christian revolution? Are you mad?

      Christians don't follow the teachings of Christ - so how can we identify them? The identification of a Christian is as difficult as the identification of a Jew - impossible - and both them, throw the Muslims in too - all violent religious fanatics.

      Why not stick to common principles we can all agree upon - like the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is inclusive and helps bring people together. These religions are divisive - always turning to guns because the other guy doesn't believe in the correct God.



    11. Hubris: That Madness Of "Whom Gods Would Destroy"

      U're just a subjectivist, upon which subjectivistic, made-up and fictional reality u found ur lies. In order to "identify" Christians u'd first have to grasp an objective reality, right?--which u can't even begin to grasp, evidently.

      In case u didn't know, Bill of Rights is EXCLUSIVE product of Christian civilization, u poor, brainless, pathetic, subjectivistic fool.

      Like I say, history is CYCLIC, and we're just too over-populated presently w. subjectivistic morons like u. So Christian patriots must work, much as possible for Christian rev., this in midst of the inexorable historic, CYCLIC process.

      U ask, above: "[w]hy not stick to common principles...?"--because, as one sees fm above, U DON'T UNDERSTAND "PRINCIPLES," incapable as u evidently are of grasping the either-or nature of reality, objective or subjective. For objectivity necessarily underlies Bill of Rights, as it does logic, reason, and science.

      U pretend to understand Christianity as u slander it, not observing Christ stands for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies and subjectivism (JOHN 8:44), "truth" not possible without objective reality.

      U're incapable of combatting satanism (extreme subjectivism) as u profess the very basic principle itself, subjectivism, pretending u're God, capable of changing reality--w. the gall to talking about "common principles" like Bill of Rights.

      There's none so blind as those who refuse to see, JR, and u're CLASSIC example, the very nub of the problem of which u complain.

    12. Apsterian,

      Christians are killing for their God.
      Jews are killing for their God.
      Muslims are killing for their God.

      Yes I can see. The only question that remains is when they will finish each other off so the rest of us can live in peace. I'm just trying to point out what a bunch of assholes they all are because they are costing me a fortune and dragging the whole lot of us down with them.


    13. JR: Utterly Empty, Phony Coward, Part Of The Basic Problem

      U're just a liar, slanderer, and pretentious subjectivist who sins and would "kill" no less than any others. Evidently now, u're backing away fm the issue(s) u've brought up by effectively saying, "pox on all houses," in ur sanctimonious, air-headed way.

      We see what's going on, and I broached the issue regarding satanism/subjectivism which u dance around on both sides. Then u bring-up Bill of Rights, and when I pt. out it's product of Christian civilization, we see u don't want to admit it, and u quail fm what necessarily underlies for principle.

      U say, "The only question that remains is when they will finish each other off so the rest of us can live in peace." But this begs the question regarding satanists/subjectivists destroying so much of the world that U WON'T BE ABLE TO SURVIVE AND "LIVE IN PEACE."

      "I'm just trying to point out what a bunch of assholes they all are . . . ."--this is a lie--u're trying to evade the issue, ur sentence rather contradicting ur previous sentence.

      And we see through everything u discuss u want to maintain u have God-like freedom of will to change reality, don't u?--u're actually willing, integral part of the satanic complex of dupes, aren't u, going along w. satanism, right?--accepting their basic premises, subjectivism and a perfect freedom of will.

      So we see u're empty, phony weakling and coward, afraid even to making observations, not to mention drawing conclusions, integral part of the problem, a dupe and useful idiot for the satanists, right?


    14. JR: WHO, What Is He, Really?

      And there's yet another thing that comes-up about u, JR--u're NOT NOT NOT really "American" are u?--not really, not all the way--and we see that by ur willingness to lie about and slander Christianity.

      U're undoubtedly of mixed-race too, aren't u?--and that much accounts for ur alien attitude towards Christianity, doesn't it?

      Interesting u cannot grasp under-lying culture to Bill of Rights is Christian civilization. And u really don't know anything about Christianity, do u?--equating it as u do so easily w. its anti-thesis, Judaism/satanism, even Islam--they're all the same to, aren't they?--another sign of ur basic alien nature.

      For u see, JR, to be truly American, u really have to be white and Christian--WHICH U'RE NOT, are u?--certainly not fully, u being mixed-race w. a totally foreign strain, whatever it might be, surely.

      U imagine u're "American" if u simply want to be, upon ur own subjectivist desire and insistence, BUT u won't be properly loyal to Christian civilization, we see--SO THEREFORE U AREN'T really, and COULDN'T be fully American, sympathetic as u are to the enemies of Christian civilization, like Jews.

      And at same time, u want to pretend to "patriot"-style righteousness, ho ho ho ho ho at same time as u lie about and slander Christianity--THIS is large and important part of ur subjectivist insistence u're "American"--just like Jews do, whom u're actually quite impressed w., aren't u? Ho ho hoho ho

      So u see, JR, we who are REAL Americans see through ur utterly strange, alien, non-sympathetic protestations regarding Bill of Rights, for example, deliberately ignoring as u do in ur typical alien fashion, the necessary, under-lying Christian civilization.

      U're really an alien, not American, imagining, like a Jew, u can intimidate and bluff real Americans to effect u know ALL ABOUT what being "American" is, ho ho oho ho ho ho--NO WONDER u can't dis-avow subjectivism--it's what u practice most actively for all ur moronic protestations and pretension, right?--it all comes out in the end, doesn't it?

  5. Just imagine I read it twice. While I am not as accomplished on this topic, I concur with your closings because they make sense. Thanks and good luck to you.

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