Retarded republican debate tonight!

I don't know if it is worth watching but I may not be able to stop myself from tuning in to see what our masters have planned for us.

I live with a lot of cockroaches - so when I hear these rich losers talking I'm not sure how much of their blather applies to me.  The banks already got all of my shit - and I don't miss any of it.  I do miss having a fire and firing rifles in the forest - but other than that, the life of a hermit in this nation of lies is fine with me.

I've had to face the fact that "goodbye" is going to remain the greeting for my previous "friends."  I realize that now that we are all divided - there are people that I can no longer communicate with.  These are my family and friends.  This is thanks to the CIA, FBI, NSA and other government agencies usurped by the enemies of freedom.  You may, as my previous acquantainces often do, think I am mad, but my critical thinking skills just won't go away.  No matter how hard I try to be a dumbfuck like everyone around me - I still know a controlled demo when I see one.

So there is going to be a debate tonight huh?  What the fuck are these retards going to talk about - their next hair appointment?  Is the Donald going to open a casino on the moon?  Is that black guy betraying the black population with his bullshit going to actually say anything that has any meaning?  I doubt it.

But, as with blogging, like a moth to the candle flame I may have to watch.  Maybe just for a few laughs - but I hafta tellya - there is no discussing any of this with anyone.  They are still living in fantasyland - the America of today - where several monied interests OWN ALL the media.  They don't realize the implications of that, as do the liars, cheats and thieves awaiting to be elected by Diebold - or whothefuckever is in charge of these phony elections.

The problem now is that everyone is tripping over their own lies.  They cannot even carry on a normal conversation because nobody has any facts anymore - thanks to the "success" of the retarded people we have working in the FBI, CIA and NSA.  These people are, collectively the ruin of our nation -  collectively and , through the agreement of silence, allowing a once-great nation to die a slow death.

I have stopped trying to convince so-called "citizens" of anything anymore.  I watch as they line up for their "flu shots" (what the fuck is in these syringes?) like jews lining up to dig their own graves before being shot in the back to fall into the hole they just dug.  Ha ha ha.  What the fuck, I suppose their masters figure they and their little children to deserve to die if they are stupid cowards.  I'm losing my interest in arguing on their behalf - that is - the population of slaves taking their "medicine" bwa ha ha.

So, like the bedbug scarred loser I am - I rot here in this bible belt fuckhole and watch, listen, and try to say as little as possible - as the nation goes down the shitter.

I'm sure the Donald is so powerful that he is ready to take on those that did 911 - ha ha ha ha.

No, he probably knows he'd better keep his mouth shut or he'll be body slammed like a high school girl talking to an American police officer.  

So far - no good news on this end - except the roaches are mysteriously absent - the big ones - little ones still around but I may have to go out and get some caulk for this stinkhole - not sure about doing that because I figure people charging what they are for this filty rathole are willing to find a way to charge me for "wrecking" the room by caulking the cracks their bugs keep crawling into and out of.

Here's another good one:  For years, many propagandists in the employ of the government scum have been telling the public that there are no chemtrails.  I've actually met a few of these retards - because they think they are clever but unfortunately haven't done any research and give themselves up by reciting propaganda to me and others.  More government workers in other words.  Anyway - the game is up so they are shifting the chemtrail propaganda to pretend that they never denied it in the first place - and are trying to paint the whole think as a harmless cloud-seeding exercise.  Pathetic.  Whatever.

Again - our own government is staffed with some of the dumbest people on the planet willing to let the greatest nation in known history to go to hell - with their own children living in it.  Their own children - destined to live in a nation that endorses torture - while having a fake ban on "cruel and unusual punishment" written right into the law of the land.  One can only hope they end up torturing their own children so they can see the reasons this hideous practice must be banned.

So let's all say a prayer tonight - that those endorsing torture have their own loved ones tortured so that they will understand why the rest of us are so much against it.

Not a great day in America.

So - on to the debates - let's make more money!  Call the church - tell them to get a bigger collection basket!


  1. JR Continues With Jew-Friendly PC-ness, But Still Complains

    Well JR: note there were no "Jews lining up to dig their own graves"--u're just repeating stupid crap. How are u any better than those u here criticize repeating stupid lies? Sucking-up to Jew lies and implicitly dis-respecting white Christians isn't going to win u many pt.s, buddy.

    Regarding the debates, well, remember existence always follows the natural law--thus "candidates" do what the money-power wants--otherwise they don't get rated, don't get mentioned on the "media," and don't get money to advertise on the media or do anything else--such is the NATURAL LAW, right?

    Otherwise, to observe fm events, Jews run the money-printing (and digitalizing) presses and machinery, but since it's PC that u don't mention this, we see u complain about something u're guilty of, right?--duly not mentioning Jews.

    Interesting u complain of "political-correct," but ALWAYS play by their Jewwy rules, eh?--have u ever noticed that?--who otherwise do u think u're fooling?

    So u got the leftist Jews running the big-banks, big Pharma and the other corp.s, Insurance companies, etc. The Israeli Jews then run the phony "opposition" on the "neo-con" "right." Then there are the lower-level Jews who will fund such as the libertarians who are now infested w. homosexuals.

    Money talks, JR--that's the NATURAL LAW. Trump then is rich enough to be able to speak his mind, BUT, he has to, like everyone else, pay due obeisance to Israel. And people like Trump as he opposes the establishment leftists who want USA to take all these moooooooslim "migrants" (invaders).

    So HOW can the Jews lose?--U don't oppose them, and in fact dutifully suck-up to them, as we see. It's only question which clique'/faction of Jews ends-up ruling--too bad u can't/won't figure this out--it's ur primary and ruling mental-block, we see.

    1. Anyone can see it, JR (if they only look, right?)--(a) u want to complain and pretend to being "critic," but (b) at same time, we see u sooooooooo careful and scrupulous to be PC and not criticize Jews, right?

  2. Apsterian,

    I don't care who the heck is doing it - they all need to stop.


    btw - your and my God made me a great complaner.

    1. "[T]hey all need to stop"?--well, u gotta MAKE them stop--they're criminals. And u REFUSE to make them "stop"--u REFUSE to even analyze and admit the problem, organized satanism (extreme subjectivism), led by Jews. U insist upon ur own brand/version of PC--u're integral part of the problem, eh?

  3. Willful Ignorance Has Grim Price To It

    See JR, Western culture, fm the beginning, grew and became great because of our religious Jew-hatred (also known as "Christianity")--something u have difficulty even in conceiving and imagining, eh? Ho ho ho ho

    But since French Rev., and even earlier, the West lost its Jew-hatred and in meantime, w. industrialization, etc., acquired a tremendous, huge over-population at same time.

    So lots and lots and lots of Jew-sympathizers are GONNA DIE, these poor saps now being SOLD-OUT by their dear kikes, as we see now, ho ho ho ho

    I know this all, about Jew-hatred, is great MYSTERY to u, but that's life, JR--u remain willfully ignorant?--there's price to pay, buddy. And u KNOW it ain't my fault as I've tried and tried and tried to explain it all to u, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, u're toooooo "good" to getting a clue, eh?--but there's price to pay, like I say.

    1. Apsterian,

      I just watched the end of the debate - Trump did a good job in his closing statements. He could win the nomination .

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