American Corporate-Owned Monopoly Media: YOUR ENEMY!

I know - this sounds a lot like a re-run - if you are a regular reader of this blog.

But - it is obvious that the problem remains. Scoundrels and tools run the information apparatus that feeds the mushrooms (formerly citizens) known as "Americans." This has-been population of fools, true-believers, and self-absorbed suck-ups are busy paying bills, stabbing their "friends"/neighbors in the back (for the crumbs that fall off the corporate-owned table issuing their paycheck) or otherwise feathering their own nest - taking a moment or two to glance at a telescreen to get the pre-chewed information they need to push a computer button in the next phony election so as to lend some semblance of legitimacy to the charade we call our government. You know - the one "of the people, by the people, and for the people." Hogwash.

I've previously stated that I no longer believe that peaceful change can fix our problems - and explained why. I stand by that observation. I am not advocating violence - I'm just saying that it is coming to a theater near you - and - it will not be rated "R" - it will be rated "X."

What do I see when I go out during the day? Desperate police forces obviously instructed to write tickets to save their jobs - as the crumbling moon-like roads - like the Fairfax County Parkway in Northern Virginia destroy the vehicles of their victims as the funds supposedly collected to maintain these crappy roads are frittered away on something else. Just a word of advice - and I don't like giving advice - after all - fools don't heed it and wise men don't need it - but take 66E to 495 to get to Springfield/Franconia and avoid the cop-trap that is the Fairfax County rathole crumbling "parkway." Low speed limits - lots of lights - and cops so obviously and publicly robbing the public to keep their loser-jobs impeding travel - waste of time and money. Fairfax County Virginia is just corrupt and part of the police state. I used to live there - and no longer do for the above reasons.

What do I hear when I go out during the day? Nothing worthwhile - that is - nothing that will make me money. It's mostly corporate or politically-sponsored drivel. Here in Charlottesville, Virginia - the radio shows are embarrassing - especially if you've ever traveled anywhere or been exposed to someone of a different religion. It is absolutely Jesoid-scary crap - and Cool-aid drunk with scary Christian generals and Jesus-God-fearing Amerikans who are ready at a moments notice - just like a "Minute-Man" to sacrifice their liberty for a little temporary safety from a boogieman like Osama bin Deaden since 2001. One must wonder who finances these people who live in fear and profit from the spread of public panic as they propagate lies using the radio.

What do I smell when I go out during the day? Bullshit. Sean Hannity. Rush? Laura? Thom Hartmann (who considers guns "toys") - what a goof! All of them. That phony Neil Boortz? Every one of them nothing but a defender of the robber-barons or the collectivists. Yet - they continue on the radio - constantly stirring up "racism" issues and other saliva that simply doesn't exist. RAcism? Where? I don't know any racists - do you? And if you do - are you friends with them? Specifically - give examples in the comments. This is food for mushrooms - and if you are eating shit - you may have to ask yourself why it nourishes your gills.

What do I feel when I go out during the day? I feel revolution. I feel fight. I feel bad revenge - anger - and tar - and feathers - and the stocks. I feel a population seething with anger - controlled by a police apparatus that doesn't yet understand what they are fucking with or the repercussions on their families as precedented by history - unrest - riots - public officials and middle managers of corporations going outside their place of business to face the fists and steel-toed boots of the people they've fucked for so long for faceless suits who just needed another boat payment.

Things remain under a lid for now - but when it hits the fan - heads will literally roll - blood will spill - and the sell-out scum will find out that they should have stuck with the original golden rule.

The original? You know - treat people the way you wish to be treated.

The new model - the failed model - the sign of the future-bloodied:

Those with the gold make the rules.

Gold is just a metal. Reputation, ethics, morality, respect - that's the real gold. There is no substitute for the real deal.

JFK said: Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable. I agree wholeheartedly.

It's not a question of if anymore: It has become a question of who, when, and how bad.

They say opinions are like armpits - everyone has one or two and they all stink. I offer my opinion for your evaluation.

Finally a syllogism:

One must fight violently in prison to survive.

One is in debt prison.

One is unwilling to fight violently.

Conclusion: One will not survive.

True story?

Wake up and quit listening to the people telling you there is strength in weakness.
Friend or foe? This guy has no problem with endless war or killing any quantity of Muslims necessary to accomplish the undefined "mission." Some self-appointed "Christian." Perhaps, instead of "Christian": scumbag, liar, or NAZI would make a better term for this swine? Where did he come from? Does he suck Ruperts smock to keep his job? Who was it that said: "I like your Christ - but I don't like your Christians?" Perhaps this divider - Sean Scammity - was exactly the type in mind?


  1. No revolution. The mushrooms have no party, no press, no leaders, no organization, nothing. Recently there was a video somewhere, a protester was standing at public place with the sign "Israel did 9/11". Relatively long video, many passers by who reacted, and there was not one of them who reacted with anything but disgust, ridicule, and hate at him. Not one. Ordinary Americans. Yes, mushrooms, and quite aggressive ones. Who are going to do the revolution you smell, they? I somehow doubt.

  2. Which political party was responsible for the French Revolution - that's the one with the guillotines? Perhaps that will be the party.

    Perhaps the only party will be the one held as the leeches in government are simply dealt with and everyone celebrates. That's a party.

    Anonymous - I can tell - you've not kept the faith. History repeats. America was founded on violence and revolution. Read the writings of Thomas Jefferson.

    My statements stand. Just wait - and make sure to write back as it happens.

  3. We are mow at point where everything in this country has been corrupted, financial system, school system, justice system, political system, and every dept and bureau in every state and city. There is no fix within the system. The system is the problem.
    Revolution is needed and way over due. It will be ugly. Many sheep who go along to get along will not come out of it intact. That is too bad but these days I am no longer concerned for those without eyes to see or minds to think. After all what are they going to do to help?

  4. There is a variable you have not considered; they just roll out the troops and install Marshall Law and the dissenters are just dealt with.

    They came for the Communists
    They came for the Trade Unionists
    They came for the Catholics
    They came for the Jews

    They come - they usually do.

    History Repeats

    There are too many variables and no one can ever really see how the future will unfold exactly.

    The truth; there is an unseen hand that really directs this great play we call life.
    I call that the unknown variable.

    Shakespeare was right - The world is a stage and we are merely players; actors and portrayers.

    As the curse says; may you live in interesting times.

    Will be an interesting show in the near future.

    Stay tuned for the next act.

    It promises to be one hell of a show.

    Even though he slay me; in him I will hope - Job

  5. When the time comes the sheep will just hide as best they can. Others who say "nothing can be done", "they are too powerful" are the wolves telling the sheep not to worry . In effect, the anonymous wolves are spreading disempowerment, deadening cliches, and double spaced distractions. They are probably gov't agents. I think bfSkinner is more on target. If anything, Americans have shown extraordinary yin the face of unrenlenting killing and stealing and lying by the American government. I for one don't want to have anything to do with lying, stealing, murderers, let alone letting such monsters rule us. I say F__K You to that.

  6. I live in the C'ville area, too. The liberal tribe has gone back to sleep now that Obama is carrying out the Bush policies and the right wing tribe is the one that is angry because there is a Marxist, a Muslim and a traitor in the White House and more traitors running Congress instead of their kind of people. These folks will be delighted when Republicans are back in office pursuing the oligarchy's agenda; for them, it is not what, but who that matters. Their anger is more tribal than policy oriented, and is misdirected toward those they have been taught to hate. They may spill blood, but it won't be the right blood. And the liberals? They will surrender without a fight.

  7. Great to hear from someone nearby as well as those from afar.

    Nicely put regarding the "tribes."

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