Video: TSA Screening, Terminal 2, SAN, Nov. 13, 2010 -What would you do?

A heroic man recently recorded his altercation with TSA with regards to the naked body scanners, then whether or not he would allow one of the monkeys at the airport to touch his _______.

Are you man enough to take the heat he did?  If you are a mother - are you strong enough to resist allowing the irradiation of your developing child so some burger-flipper can see them naked?  Or is it just easier to stand there like a sissy and let them grab your _______?

Part 1

Part 2

Note:  The gentleman who made these videos did us all a service.  This is sacrifice.  This is what it takes to begin waking people up.  But to really get the message across - don't fly.

Visit OPTOUTDAY to see how you can help to really let the NAZIs have it where the sun don't shine:

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  1. S 510 will take you right to have a garden


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