Why? Geraldo Rivera changes mind on AE911Truth

Why Geraldo has finally come around is the real mystery here.  After all - one must only take a look at the fall of WTC7 - and the lame fires blamed for its collapse to realize something is amiss.  After all - no plane hit WTC7.  Yet it collapsed just like two buildings that were.

Take a look at this recent fire.  Looks pretty bad to me.  But - as usual - as always - except for on September 11, 2001 in New York City - the building refuses to commit suicide.  Click here for more pics.

The evidence is overwhelming.  What is lacking is a public that will look into that telescope Galileo built - trained on the moons of Jupiter, just waiting to shatter their world view.  Do you have the courage to look into the telescope - to see with your own eyes that this is not a Geocentric universe?  Or is it simply easier to look away - and live the fantasy?

Here's a video we all know about.  Why hasn't this guy been interrogated?

I don't like getting carried away with speculation.  However - as I said earlier - the biggest mystery is why Fox News and Geraldo are giving the AE911Truth people air time?

Probably because in our near future there is another 911-style false flag planned.  Since it will eclipse the original September 11, 2001 - in order to stampede America into another war with Iran and beyond - the time has come for the shills that participated in the cover-up of 911 to begin "seeing the light."  This will exculpate them from suspicion as they assist in the cover-up of the coming false-flag operation.

There's a conspiracy theorist's take on all this.  I hope I am wrong.


  1. 9/11 and Israel, here:

  2. Why? If the "mainstream news" starts to believe it then it hits millions of Americans in a gut punch.

    This will make the country become absolutely and permanently unglued toward the current leadership (and hopefully the past members of this global drama).

    It will cause utter chaos.

    Just bears the question: When America melts down is it truly prepared to face the demons that are found in the securing of martial law?

  3. Ummm.... could it be that his ratings are so low as to be unmeasureable and that as soon as he gets some ratings back that he'll pull a bait and switch?

  4. I was more suspicious until Geraldo played the Silverstein clip. And he did give his guests the chance to express themselves. I don't think in this instance that he was doing the disinformation artists any favors by showing real footage,letting his guests talk, and even bringing up Silverstein. As to why Geraldo did this.. maybe it's just that the ads made it too big an elephant to ignore? He has in the past been willing to buck Fox orthodoxy (i.e. during Katrina). Why Fox allowed this to be aired is more perplexing..

  5. During the controversy over Vincent Foster's death, supposedly a suicide, Republican Senator Don Nickles was quoted as follows according to Christopher Ruddy. "If Foster didn't die the way [special counsel] Fiske said he did, then it is likely the president is somehow involved, and if he is, the democratic process simply can't survive such a disclosure," Weyrich quoted Nickles as saying.
    One wonders what effect the truth about 9/11 might have! Martial law? Military dictatorship? Concentration camps? I suspect many politicians know the truth but prefer to remain silent.

  6. maybe time to simpy put these discussions into the dust-bin of history. Like Whoopi GOldberg said what does it matter - the people are dead.
    Time to huddle together in prayer and thank our warrior Presidents for their personal courage in the face of constant criticism by the fourth estate.

  7. While showing Silverstein's clip was impressive, what was not is that none of the members of the panel bothered to follow up with any questions or charges to his statements.

  8. Anon, don't know if you are being sarcastic, but WHoopi Goldburg is an ass-kissing Hollywood lowlife. People who say "what does it matter" are cold blooded killers in my book. Are they blind to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and soon Iraq? Or is it just that they don't think of people from those countries as human beings?

    Honestly, until you Americans get rid of your government and replace it with something that does not wage aggressive war, just shut the hell up. We're tired of listening to your bullshit while you kill innocent people. You are garbage lowlives who don't deserve *anything.*

  9. Oh, and as for Geraldo (nee Gerald Rivers), he has a tattoo of a Star of David. This makes him a high-order hypocrite (Jews are not supposed to get tattoos). You can be 100% guaranteed that whatever his reasoning, it's nefarious. Not because he's Jewish. BECAUSE HE'S ON TV and therefore a liar.

  10. there was a show on the CBC news channel last night talking about surviving a nuclear attack. just like during the 50's at school showing kids and people what to do in case it happened. putting all the pieces of the puzzle together that have been put out there in the past few months,seem very likely that a nuclear event is inevitable for the USA. i really hope it won't happen...but........you do the math and you will see the truth.

  11. gatekeeper you can bet....when some of the sheep start leaving the fold...they set up another perimeter to either: 1. bring them back in 2. keep them from going further 3. misdirect them to some other diversion (aliens, ...)
    4. poison the well...have someone speak outrageous stuff and truth...then smear any one who speaks same truth as believing in outrageous crap

  12. could it be to get the US people to longer trust there goverment then bring in the NAU as the solution.only hole i can find in that senario is we in Canada have no intrest in joining the US and no reason to.Our nation is not bankrupt why would we

  13. I think they put this out to release a little steam, so to speak.

    As people get ever poorer in the USA, they stop going along with the mainstream because they can no longer afford to.

    Also I dispute the prescence of sociopaths being the major problem. Psychopaths are far more common and frightfully self absorbed. So much so that they do not truly care about other people except to the extent that other people benefit them.

    Now that the Psychos and Normals are getting hungry (which leads even normal people to being violent) it's time for the MSM to blow off a little steam.

    If they play it right they will misdirect the violence to another target. Keep your eyes open.

  14. Hi,

    An excellent observation.

    In the face of overwhelming force of the sceptics, whom do not buy into the cock and bull story surrounding a bunch of foreign nitwits paraded as “Islamic terrorists”, being the actors instigating the drama of the events of 911. The legacy media, with “Foxaganda” at vanguard are now busy engaging in a rear guard action to keep themselves relevant.

    The simple facts before us are; Legacy Media no longer matter, and regardless of their pontifications, the numbers of such outlets shutting down, and the numbers of so called journalists (stenographers) dwindling, are telling of the timely demise of the propaganda organs of the ne'er-do-wells posing as “ free media and or the fourth state”, hence the race for these dying outfits to remain relevant, therefore the “revelations” on Geraldo.

    Anyone remember him reporting as an “embed” from the front lines in the “ Operation Iraqi Liberation” (OIL) come “Operation Iraqi Freedom” Geraldo drew the positions of the US forces, and Iraqi forces on the sands, leading to the subsequent brouhaha; his aiding and abetting the enemy? (posing as the intrepid maverick reporter)

    The robber Barons of Legacy Media are trying to keep the dwindling addled audiences watching their propaganda from switching off their TV sets, That is all, do not for a second be fooled; these venal bunch of operatives have been suddenly struck by a bout of conscience, and or love for the truth.

    So far as any new wars go, seeing as US has only five trillions dollars of real annual gross domestic product, whilst its expenses and commitments are in the order of fourteen trillions dollars, there can be no wars. The fact that there exist the high frequency trading and paper shuffling in the Wall Street ought not for a second appear that US is in any way solvent, based on the projections of the virtual economy or imaginer economy, ie not real of no value and no useful output and consequence, therefore US is not in a position to afford the additional strains of any more wars, regardless of the efforts of the Israel firsters, and their cohorts.

    Wishing you health.
    Proud Iranian

  15. Ever thought that FOX/Waldo/Deldo know something that we don't know. What if Rudy Juilania is willing to talk-- Israel firsters did it? Before the sh!thits the fan--(notice this revalation is just after Bush's book),FOX news knows--Americans are known to burn presses and once good at hanging Cattle rustlers.Any bets,that Bush might finger all Israel firsters on a plea bargain {:^(

  16. Titus SviatoslavNov 15, 2010, 4:39:00 PM

    The 911 cover-up team is now forced to choke down the theories of A&E for 911 Truth as a mild alternative to the recent revelations of Former Soviet nuclear officer Dimitri Khalezov regarding the nuclear demolition schemes under the WTC towers and the Sears tower that were declared under the The Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty with the old Soviet Union.

  17. One news story will go under the bridge and be forgotten. Fox News would have to run stories about the "Inside Job" 24/7 for a year before Joe Sixpack noticed, and even then, he couldn't/wouldn't do anything. Meanwhile the rest of the media will simply label it as b.s. Most people under 35 believe Jon Stewart, not Geraldo. And of course, "Inside Job" will be traced to some rogue general in the Pentagon, not to Israel.

  18. Wow, great article and analysis....it is getting harder and harder to know what end is up or down.
    We know the buildings were demolished and so much evidence points to specific people and organisations. Geraldo is showing something that most conscious people already know. Fox news is playing the flood of information that is available on the tower demolitions. Possibly, by allowing the information to appear on T.V. they will be able to control and direct the information. People whom watch Fox, may think, Oh! the truth is coming out and no need to worry.
    It is managed and controlled. Another false flag attack seems timely, unfortunately. Stop flying for now and keep your head up! Best, Doug
    A/E 911 truth.

  19. Commenters:

    I am humbled by your contributions. Your participation in this discussion makes me feel honored - yet reminds me- of my limited abilities and scope.

    Thank you all for taking the time to add your thoughts. I am confident that in time, if you all keep it up, I will be out of a job.

    I know I lose my faith in the people every now and then - and express such loss of faith in rants on this blog. Every time - I am proven wrong by all of you - the guts, talent, drive, brains, ideas - all of it...are all there.

  20. This is a threat to certain people who do not want to toe the line!!

  21. You know the following should *not* be relevent, but sadly, must be considered. Rupert Murdoch and Geraldo Rivera are both partially Jewish, of Ashkenazi descent. Rivera is also religiously jewish (reform Judaism) and the rumor even on some Jewish sites recently was that he might run for office in Israel.

    Murdoch is close friends and fellow traveler with likely suspects Lowy and Silverstein (and was also close with Sharon). He is an ardent zionist. According to Chris Bollyn "A Murdoch-owned company called Canadian Millennium Productions, Ltd. (News Corp. owns 83 percent), produced the pilot episode for “The Lone Gunmen” in Vancouver, Canada, and New York City from March 20 to April 7, 2000." And then there was Carl Cameron's Fox expose of the Art Student and Lowy Shopping Mall spy rings. Aired once and afterward suppressed.

    WHY? is a great question since outing the plotters could implicate Israel. So why is Fox - who usually censors news in favor of Israel -running this story?
    Why would Murdoch & friends WANT rivero, napolitano and cameron to run these stories? Why would Israel want that? Strategic pressure on the US? Plausible deniability? False flag? To fan the flames of 911 conspiracy theories for tv ratings or ulterior motives? All good ideas.



  22. Would rivero, cameron and napolitano run these stories if they weren't sure they had the approval of the highest Fox? I feel like we're seeing the hidden hand.

  23. I am suspicious as well, why has huffington post started to allow discussions about 9/11?

  24. Nobody saw anyone plant any demolition charges and yet this missing component is completely ignored. Could there be a conspiracy to avoid this lack of information?

  25. tuner 38 - see the movie 911 mysteries - the large elevator renovation project may be a good place for you to look if you are interested in finding the facts regarding opportunity for the placement of demo stuff

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  27. Wrong. This is a setup for misdirection. If they acknowledge it in their own way then they can spin it to their liking.

    The TV-following morons will think there has been a "revelation" when they will leak a bit and keep a bit.

    Then they can add ANY enemies they like and the public will be in a nice big lockdownable panic.

    Look to your local large properties that have been foreclosed upon as they will be your new "homes" for "your own protection".

    The best thing about it? Is people will go-willingly.

  28. trying to appear legit to some because the murdoch stuff is about to hit stateside in a big way, too much stuff to hide, too much 9/11 stuff that's going to be known

  29. David Icke posted a new video from 9/11 showing a close up, almost full view of one side of WTC7. In the video, clearly, one sees the charges going off in rapid succession, all along the columns, blowing out windows etc. Unmistakable demolition, check out www.davidicke.com and scroll down until you reach the video, it is also posted on youtube.

  30. who gives a crap what Geraldo Rivera says or does???

    He's a loser...a paid bitch...a whore for the mega-entertainment industry.

    I could care less if Geraldo believes it or not.

  31. Ickes is a fake too. Its about the money, and FWIW...the video of WTC7 and the explosions IS A FAKE.

  32. Now let's see - maybe it's because Richard Gage refuses to look at Judy Wood's research, has barred AE911Truth members for trying to bring it into conversation, and the use of explosives is a straw man.

  33. Logic dictates that if one accepts WTC7 was demolished then one has to presume the same fro WTC1 and 2, which then means 3,000 people were murdered deliberately NOT by a bunch of Arab Muslims.

  34. maybe it is time to move on - support our warrior leaders in their pursuit of peace. Let us huddle together in prayer and trust the war on terror and freedom can be even half as successful as our war on drugs!


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