Helicopter Crash Makes 2010 the Deadliest Year for Afghanistan Occupation Troops

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" What these statements make clear is that the military has determined that the Afghanistan occupation must go on for years to come. Just as it rubber-stamped the generals’ demand for a 30,000-troop surge, the Obama administration is prepared to continue the US war indefinitely, with the inevitable result of thousands more US troops and tens of thousands of Afghan civilians killed and wounded.

The July 2011 deadline announced by Obama at the end of last year has already been exposed as mere window-dressing for the administration’s sustained military escalation, designed to temporarily divert the overwhelming popular opposition to the war within the US itself.
Note: I have no personal involvement regarding the US resource-war in AFPAK. In other words - it really doesn't have much of a bearing on my life. Why?

"Terrorist attacks" on American soil are, for the most part, fake. False-flag stuff to keep the 80% of the American public stupified. And lemme tell you - they are already stupid - and ready to suck up the next media blitz.

Helicopters. I'm just an arm-chair general - so my opinion should be given the credibility it deserves - but my common sense tells me American troops are fucked with a capital F. No helicopters means no control. At the risk of giving away my age - the stinger missile and Soviet forces in Afghanistan come to mind as a game-changer. But again - I'm just the guy that pays the bills - maybe it is wiser to listen to those who are positioned to profit from the death of your loved-one - maybe they hold a position with less bias.

The profiteers have staked everything on these wars. To turn back now would mean the gallows or the guillotine. It is best for the war-mongers to bring out their sales-people for the next election, like Sarah Palin. She appears to be "one of us" although she is, in actuality, a complete idiot. She also quit her post. That is unforgivable in my book. But as an American - you will probably give that a pass- just like you give your government a pass when they torture people.

It's odd. I read a book called "Foot Soldier" - by Roscoe C. Blunt Jr. - where he describes his amazement as he discovers in the newly conquered towns that there are no NAZIs. None. Nobody can find them, as he, an American, questions the populace of the conquered towns.

Where did they all go?

They didn't go anywhere. They just came to their senses - as they should have earlier - before things got as bad as they did. They went along to get along. Fuck - who cares? I need a job and have no food - there's a job in the WashPo burning jews. Might as well take it - maybe there is extra pay torturing Arabs and running them through the gas chamber.

When "everybody is doing it" - it seems OK. But eventually - as the wheels of justice slowly grind - accountability sets in. Just like the economy. When things are going great - everybody (the herd) figures things will always be great. When things are going horrible - everybody (the herd) thinks everything will always be horrible.

But neither is the case. What goes around really does come around in a cause-and-effect world. The government-workers "going-along-to-get-along" in the phony "war on horror" are going to wake up one day to realize that their neighbors know that they've been making handsome profits as the rest of us starved - all the time - knowing full well - that fake-boogiman Osama bin Laden has been dead for a long, long time. And that the phony, undefinable, "war on terror" they made so much money from - was a sham from day one.

I already know the truth. I just have to wait for the dopey American public to catch up.

My concern at this point: Will it be peaceful or violent - that's the question.


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