It's Still Not Time to Throw out This Broken Record


The "broken record" the one that plays that same track over and over again.  Our first impulse is to ditch it.

This blog, as a "broken record" of sorts,  plays the same track over and over again - I know that - I take a break - think some things over and try to come up with new angles or ideas - maybe something somebody can use - something that will trigger a thought somewhere in someone's mind - pique someone - whatever it takes - hoping that in some little way I'm doing my part to leave this a better place for those who will follow.

All my actions, unfortunately, are based upon the premise that I'm on the side of what is good and right in this world.  I hate torture, lies, and murder.  Very much so.  Since my awakening not long ago - which arrived in the form of my government covering up the mass slaughter of innocent people on 911 so they could forward their New World Order agenda and world conquest - I've been driven by some force that compels me to educate, convince, piss off, insult, cajole - whatever it takes via this blog - to awaken as many souls as will listen - with the hope that we can stop the tyranny that is here now - and the brewing divisive civil-revolutionary-religious-race war presently in the making.  With this coming upheaval - if the psychopaths in control have their way - we will soon see the departure of our Constitutional republic - yes - the END - of the Union.  Our republic does not have to die.  But it can and it will if you don't get involved.

As a philosopher first - a Socratic ironist - and a part-time sloppy writer second - I return to the question of my own ignorance - and soul-search from time to time - to reflect upon the possibility that I am in the wrong.  After all - it is possible that I am not on the right side of things.

The adage says life is a river - and a wise woman will learn to swim with the current of the river rather than clinging to the banks - resisting the current.  The easy way and the hard way.  With this American's Journey - I've been experiencing the hard way - clinging to the banks - as the river moves on toward war, death, destruction, tyranny, land-and-resource grabs, cultural immolation - the list goes on.  As the river of humanity around me relentlessly courses toward Hades - I've been clinging to the banks - stopping what I thought were citizens - or at least human beings passing by - begging them to stop for a minute - take a look at the facts - and think about what they are doing- where they are going - the end game.

Maybe the joke is on me - trapped by my ingenuous ignorance - drowning to save a river - that all along has really just been a river of blood.

Our intelligence agencies are mafias.  They publicly push for torture and murder of human beings without trial.  Our corporate-owned media acts as their loudspeaker.  Our judges, lawyers, and police masquerade as servants paid with our tax money to serve and protect - as they do nothing to stop the looting of the public, the obscenely slanted "justice" system, the police brutality and in many cases murder of innocents.  Our military are simply Pavlovian-controlled dogs - obeying commands without the slightest nod toward their humanity - their oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic - without regards for the lives they've taken and ruined forever - under orders given by psychopathic traitors.

Just a few weeks ago a cop in Virginia - not far from where I live - riddled a woman with bullets in a parking lot- and yes, of course he killed her.  I believe the first shot was to her head.  I don't know where the rest of the flurry of rounds went.  His story - from what I can tell is a lie - based on the contradictory and credible video interview of an eye witness who saw the whole thing.  Completely absent from the Virginia "news."  The townspeople are "angry" the reports said - but hey - big deal.  You'd never be able to tell.  Last time I checked they wouldn't even release the name of the cop who shot her up.  And we are paying for this?  

Yes - my broken record continues - over and over - and I apologize in advance if you are tired of this tune.  But at least I can tell people "I tried."  I tried to warn them.  I tried to wake people up.  I tried to speak up - as best I could under the circumstances.  I tried to point out hypocrisy.  I tried to piss people off.  

We are in deep sh%t folks - that's for sure.  The so-called Dept of "Homeland" security has recently purchased enough .40 cal ammunition to kill you, your family - and every person you know.  Look it up during the commercials.  I won't put a link here - you'll look it up if you are interested.  Wouldn't it be ironic if the first people to be shot with that ammunition by those NAZIs in that stupidly named government gangland security department were the very people manufacturing and selling them the bullets?  That would be ironic.

But then again - maybe YOU or YOUR family will be shot to death with those bullets.  Maybe on the side of the highway - maybe in your home by a SWAT team called to the wrong door.  Happens every day.

So far I'm not convinced that my fellow Americans are monsters.  I am still not convinced that this river of life has been a river of blood all along.  But one has to wonder...

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