American Government Workers as a whole......SUCK

Do you work for the US federal government?  I did for a year - I had to quit - since I was surrounded by the biggest bunch of wimps and suck-ups I've ever come into contact with.  Why?

I don't hate all government workers.  My servants.  Yes - YOU are all MY servants since you take my tax money to feed your families - under the premise that you are doing "good" for me.

I don't mean to sound selfish - but who cares what I mean to sound like?  It's gonna' sound the way it sounds.....

I got my Master's in Northern Virginia and had the honor of becoming friends with some folks rather well-connected in the Justice Department, Department of Defense, Postal Service - and many other "high ranking" (means low since they are my servants) departments within the Federal Government, since Northern Virginia is a community of government workers.  Many were amazing people.  They all knew what was going on - and I mean - what was going on "on the ground."

What I find disturbing is that the United States is presently under attack from within - the only way this great Republic, according to the greatest Americans in history, the only way we can be "taken out."  So far - we are losing the war.  America is indeed being "taken out."

Yes we hear about "terrorist A" or "terrorist B" being killed - always accompanied by some melodramatic mission - where brave souls like Navy S.E.A.L.s are brought in to kill all the suspected but not convicted through due process "bad guys."

I love euphemisms - they take the pain of thought out of the equation.  Euphemisms make it easy for me to sit here on my butt - read some snippet - wait for the the hollywood/pentagon "movie" to cement this fraud into my mind - and just relax - resting assured that all these great minds, decision takers in government and badass murderers in the employ of the US military have everything under control.  There's just one problem - it is all bullshit.

I say it is bullshit because a bullet will kill anyone regardless of their physical fitness, training, or special skills in knife combat.  It is all a crock of shit.  No team of twelve badass ninjas ever won any war anywhere - and as the timeline grinds forward - we are finding out that war via badass secret boy-scout warriors has become the biggest pain in the ass our Republic has ever experienced.

We are all supposed to believe that secret warriors, arriving in silent vehicles, under secret orders originating from a few people at the highest levels of our government will result in "good" killings.  Somehow I know in my soul that this is bullshit - and from my readings of history, and the originating ideas that founded the US Republic that such actions are antithetical to the very foundations of my nation - yet they go on......

Perhaps my wonderings are pointless - who knows?  I often wonder what it is like to be a Navy S.E.A.L ordered to murder someone somewhere - and I say murder because there really is no due process.  The order-taker is obligated to obey - and like a good German shepard - gives paw, rolls over, speaks, or kills - because master says so.  I can't do that - I've always wanted to know "why" when someone asks or orders me to do something.  I wonder how nice it must be to simply obey commands justifying my own actions - thinking - oh well - they are orders and I must follow them.

Now we find out that the filthy gun-runner Eric Holder has gone on record stating that it is justified for American citizens, the very citizens our military was formed to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic - to kill them when out-of-country because some stupid ass in the Federal guvmint said to do it. And....I'm sure fulks like the Navy S.E.A.L.s will do just that - as will the  brainwashed mindless "warriors/murderers" in the other branches of the service that are tasked with "offing people."  Like killing people is a glamourous or rewarding business.  Egads!  But let's not just pick on the point-men - what about the rest of the guvmint workers?

I remember graduating high school - then everybody went to college - the only guy I know that the NSA hired was a really smart guy - but a pipsqueak.  A follower.  Not a leader - a follower - who had never done anything "wrong" - but he was one of the few accepted by this spy agency.  I've often wonderd if he - like his pals in the NSA get off on looking at what everyone else who has a life does on the internet.  Sitting there snickering to themselves about what Joe Blow or Jane Doe has going on in their life here in America.  The war on terror (whatever that means) is the biggest fraud pushed upon the American public - but since this agency is stocked with the most obedient, the most docile - the  biggest pussies America has to offer - how hard is it to convince them to abandon their morals and become turncoats for "Big Brother" - really?  

Then I think of all the drug-tested and vetted "spooks" in the CIA and other agencies - who are recruited to "serve" their country by undermining foreign governments - for "democracy" - all the while unbeknownst to these poor naive lackeys - that they are forwarding the interests of oil companies, mercenary outfits, arms dealers (including and especially the U.S.) - yes - they are on their spy mission - fucking up any chance that America may regain her place in the world as the arbiter of peace.  The beacon of liberty..... but ....any country using skullduggery to forward a secret agenda can never do that. Alas - these poor naive little puppies, secret American agents - tough guys, tough girs (carrying guns) - yeah - they will bring "democracy" to the world through the barrel of a gun!  What a concept!  I can only hope that those women involved in the "war on terror(undefinable)" grow old enough to see their own son or daughter killed by the families of the victims of the bombs and propaganda-driven horror-shrapnel-rainstorm they participated in.  Not in a "I-told-you-so" way - but in a philisophical sense - as an opportunity for their soul to grow.  Nothing like watching an American bomb or a retalitory stike to an American bomb blowing your kids stomach wide open as a wake up call to "walking in the shoes of ones enemy."

No - I don't wish harm on any Americans - but as far as I can tell they are feeling no harm.  The grocery stores are open, the wounded and mind-fucked veterans are out of the news, the facts regarding horrible coming inflation (perhaps 100% each year for the next two years) are hidden as radio stations talk about stocks no real person can afford.  Silver and Gold prices are not sounding any alarm as both are manipulated by the mass-purchases of money-masters with control of a currency that can be created with a single keystroke - denying the real-world feedback prices normally afford to those paying attention.  Instead - those still not seeing the big picture - just see the prices "stabilize" - figuring that the market - is doing "its thing" - all the while - ignorant to the big picture of big-money manipulators making sure that the "masses" remain unawares to the real machinations afoot - while the big-money manipulators pay the liars on their propaganda networks - pumping anticipating the dumping - setting the stage for their grand exit - once again leaving the "true believers" - the gullible masses - to take the losses - as they exit stage left with the loot once again.

The elections are a joke.  I voted for Ron Paul today - the polls - no signs - no volunteers - nothing.  Almost didn't know there was a primary in Virginia.  All the "right-wing" media stayed "on-topic" discussing what Rush said about some girl - never mentioning the elections.  It doesn't matter.  I felt stupid pushing a button on an electronic machine that I (I'm an electronics hardware and software guy- I can see right through any electronic anything) - I felt stupid pushing a button on a machine that I have no idea at all what I am doing- since any electronic machine can be programmed to do anything.  This was not an election I participated in - it was a ritual.  I went to the poll and pushed a button that might as well have been turning the traffic light up the street green when I hit it.  I have no idea.  And neither do you.  Our elections are so fried - they are so cooked - that it has become obvious - that since the public has no access to choice of their representatives - that there is no "democracy" or "republican" representation in this country.  The public presently knows this - as evidenced by the zero turnout in the elections in Virginia today.  This means things will change one way or the other.  Americans will not stand for slavery - they are just now regrouping - and talking now more than ever to each other - tuning the talking heads out - and listening to each other and the alternative media - to regain their bearings.  Action must and will follow.

Americans- and those of you that are not - reading this rant - I thank you for taking the time to work your way through this unedited writing.

We cannot quit - I fall at times - and wonder if we are up against immutable forces - the answer is always NO.  It is really as simple as that.  We cannot give up until we get the murderous thugs out of our representative government - we must restore our leadership - refresh it - reset it - with people that share our collective values.

By values I am not talking about right wing, left wing - none of that.  I am talking about rallying around the best set of values - universal values I've been exposed to - the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

Our enemies are easily identifiable - foreign or domestic.  ANYONE willing to violate our rights as explicated in the Bill of Rights - is OUR COMMON ENEMY.  Our common values - independent of religous views - are our respect for the rule of law - a simple set of laws outlined in the US Constitution.

And if the imposters pretending to "represent" all of us - in concert with these values don't get the message - then we will read the Declaration of Independence to them - maybe accompanied by a few gun-salutes!

We can not live in fear ever!  Long live liberty - thank you for taking the time to read.

Jack Rabbit
UPDATE:  ... and then....  I read about the heroic actions of this NSA whistleblower - and a very small number of heroes who went down with him for doing what was right for his country - his reward?  Left to rot by all  those great people he used to work with at the NSA.

Instead of people coming forward to help - because there is strength in number - the cowards just let him burn.



  1. Wow - no comments. I thought I'd piss at least one person off - but - as the above article points out - government workers - being pissed on in this article - at least one hadda' read it - don't even have the initiative to offer some reason for their participation in wars based on lies.

    Not even one comment from one government worker.

    What can one deduce from this?

  2. Hey, Jack. I know the no comment blues.

    I am worse than a government worker, I'm a government contract worker. DOE subcontract. I wish I were a government worker, my "profit" has been siphoned by my employer!

    Before this I was a Jarhead. (74-80) I quit when Ronnie came into power -- I knew he'd do his best to get me killed.

    I agree with most of what you say here, but I'd like law to be even simpler. Luke 6:31.

    It's obvious to me that our form of government isn't so bad, just the people run it. I don't mean the politicians, I mean the bankers.

    We're on 4th or 5th generation since 1913 and the cretins thought they perfected "greed is good" about 20 years ago. They missed one point.

    Rule by compound interest cannot work simply because eventually nations owe more than they make. It's a mathematical certainty. We're there now and the only way out for "them" is to press RESET and start over.

    People would be stupid to accept the idea of interest once again after the coming collapse.

    My mission in life now is to teach everyone to laugh at the idea of charging interest. I hope to point out the stupidity of usury.

    What passes for money today is just private scrip owned and operated by a small cabal.

    I quit voting four years ago. I won't vote again until it's all done on paper in front of witnesses.

    Keep it up. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Thank you Steven,

    I wasn't writing for a bit so couldn't manage the blog or respond to comments.

    People who know me know I am not a monster - not a hater - hell none of that.

    I am just a hypocrite holding a mirror with the reflective surface facing away. Turning it toward myself isn't necessarily perfection either , I know,

    ...but somebody has to say it our loud....



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