The Calm Before the Storm?


After browsing the internet - a lot lately - I must conclude that nothing new seems to be going on.  

Yes there are new wars for sale in the corporate-owned media - but that is nothing new.  Yes the wars are based on lies - big surprise.

Whistleblowers are persecuted for doing what's right for their country rather than their personal gain - upholding their oath to the Constitution - losing it all - destroyed by the organization they spent a life dedicated to - believing that they were really serving the people.

Profiteers and manipulators are handsomely rewarded for assisting in the construction of a false-reality presented to the public by a complicit media.  Media personalities brainwashing the public with ideas about weapons and threats that do not exist, torturing people, and indefinitely detaining people without trial - continue - as usual.  Again nothing new.

The US Federal government, as usual, remains completely disconnected from their masters - who robotically show up in ever-dwindling numbers - to electronic "voting" booths to cast a ballot that has nothing to do with the final pre-determined result.  

Crime continues to pay - while concepts like honesty, integrity, ethics, principles, duty - are marginalized by the non-stop mouths on corporate-owned media outlets - portrayed as antiquated concepts to be superannuated.  

The Constitution is still being ignored, the Congress still puts on the shows for the C-SPAN cameras - presenting a false-front for the audience - with nothing in mind except political gain for their "party" - and returning favors to those who bought their seat in Congress.

TSA brown-shirt tactics continue - and the make-work program for drop-outs at the airports continue to operate machines that expose children, mothers, fathers and everyone else to ionizing radiation - for nothing.  Well - that's something new - that radiation somehow has become this harmless invisible make-believe fantasy that will never hurt us.  Yeah - that's a "new" concept - although completely false.

No - there isn't much new going on.  But I wonder if there is just a lull in the action because of the awakening going on right now.  

Writers - in general -seem to have slowed down - as the collective mind re-adjusts to the fact that the public is very slow to react.  It seems that everything that needs to be said - has indeed been said - but - where is the action that must take place to bring about real change?

The public is hurting for sure - and prices will continue to rise - nothing new there - but how much more and for how long can they continue to sit on their hands as everything they have is taken from them?  

The push for global government and a global currency continues - yet there are small cracks in this wall appearing - here and there - as foreign governments begin concrete action towards their abandonment of the dollar.

The corporate-owned media has lost all credibility - becoming a laughing stock to everyone - except those immersed in the business itself - as they cannot see that nobody cares what they repeat anymore - no matter how many times they say it.

The public continues to stock weapons in anticipation of further crackdowns - not much new there.

The military continues to obey orders given to them - regardless of the Constitutionality of those orders.

When will it all end?

I remember asking my father once - why people were not more active about trying to change some issue or the other - cannot remember the specifics.  He said "They aren't hungry enough yet."

Perhaps that's all it is.

As long as crime continues to pay, criminals go unpunished, entities like "Monsanto" are blamed for their misdeeds while the PEOPLE responsible AT MONSANTO remain un-named and un-touched - 

as long as the public know that cops that murder unarmed innocent citizens for nothing will never see a day in jail...

as long as the public know that "our" laws have not only stopped serving We the People - but have become weapons to be used against us...

as long as freedom of speech remains under attack...

as long as freedom of assembly remains under attack...

as long as ignorant thugs masquerading as "police" serve the crooks at the top with free bodyguard services from the people they are raping...

then....I suppose there is nothing new to expect when I read the "news" tomorrow - or listen to the radio.

Lemme guess - the stock market is doing OK, the recovery is doing OK - and we've gotta bomb more people who've never attacked us.  Nothing new.

But I still wonder - is this really a calm before a big big storm over the horizon?  Something tells me it is.   

Time to name names.


  1. the people that have something to lose, are trying to hang on to it, so what really does need to happen is for enough people to get 'hungry' or angry enough to do something about it. There are some people trying to fight against it (States trying to make laws that declare Federal laws unenforceable, Sheriffs banding together to fight against Fed intrusion) but they are using civilized tactics against a rogue and corrupt govt and whoever else is part of the one world govt. I wish the US Military would stop obeying orders, all of them all at once. The President has committed treason along with the Congress. But once again, those people have families and something to lose. So, until we get back to the Spirit the birthed this country of "Give me Liberty or Give me death", nothing is going to change. I fear that is not possible to achieve with the brainwashing, eroding of values/ethics and entitlement mentality that pervades this country. (I don't have any of the accounts listed in your comments drop down selection so I have to pick anonymous, but my name is Anne).

  2. Thank you Anne for your thoughtful comments. The more the discussion goes on the more the word gets out - and the more people wake up.

    I know what you mean about the erosion of values/ethics - and it does indeed seem to have taken hold in our armed forces. I agree - illegal orders should be disobeyed regardless of personal problems. When this mess gets cleared up and the pendulum swings the other way- which it will one way or the other - those who obeyed illegal orders and those that gave them are going to become very very popular overnight.

    Of course - now - as the gravy train keeps rolling down the track - the poor obeyers of illegal orders can't see that far ahead - far enough to see they are basically blowing up their own bridge down the tracks - and they will crash as a result.

    No problem using anonymous if you wish - but since you put your name down it really adds a human element to your comment that I'm sure the readers appreciate - as do I.

    Thank you for reading and coming by.

  3. The rads from Fukushima- the greatest disaster in human history- were the highest in LA since the crisis began a year ago, with projections for it to rise far higher.

    Greece Default has lit the fuse for the greatest economic detonation the world has ever seen.

    If these two events are not big enough for you? LOLOL sheeple stay sleeping.

  4. Hands Off Iran



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