"Heroes" today...Scum of the Earth tomorrow: Can American military commanders learn from history?

Before you get to the video below here are some things to think about:


From the link below the pic:
""Politicians brought the Nazis to power and started the war.  They are the ones who brought about these disgusting crimes, and now we have to sit there in the dock with them and share the blame!" (5/27/46)"

The site linked above for the quote and pic portrays Doenitz as a war criminal for ordering his submariners NOT to rescue survivors of the ships they sank.  But the site never mentions why.  I've read that it was because the allies had fired upon a U-boat that was in the process of rescuing survivors - and from then on - Doenitz decided not to take the risk.  Sounds reasonable to me.  I don't blame him.  What is my point?  That Doenitz, in my opinion, fought within the boundaries of military "ethics."  But here he is - sitting in the dock - with the spotlight on him - while SS officers like Werner Von Braun were welcomed into the US - despite having participated in the use of slave labor to build the rockets he rained upon Britain.  Von Braun was the mastermind behind one of the major "terror" weapons of the war - yet he escapes.

If you are a US government official, or member of the US military - which fate do you anticipate will be yours when this "war on terror" reaches its conclusion?

Doenitz was such a fanatic - he couldn't quit - that, I believe, he is to be condemned for.  But I am not him, I wasn't there and those were different times.  Germany had been raped following WW1 and after researching the history of what happened to them - as a thinking man - I would be a liar if I told you I couldn't empathize with the rage of the German people - their desire to free themselves from the enslavement of international vampires  - the loss of their lands following WW1 rich in vital mineral resources.  Of course they were ready to fight after being so abused and backed into a corner.  

Von Braun - skated after the war - and became quite prominent in the US.  He was a master of illusion as well as an engineer - and was able to use his skills of presentation to get the funding for his dream rockets.  It worked on Hitler - and he did deliver.  But using slave labor to build his weapons of mass destruction?  Why wasn't he hanged for that?  We all know the answer - it all has to do with deals.

What I am getting at here is that I know there are US govt employees, officers, officials, politicians, statesmen, soldiers, airmen - marines - officers high ranking and low - that are good - but for some reason the bad ones seem to be in charge - or have the most power.

My reasoning is that if the good guys had the power America would not be preparing for war with Iran - the media would not have so many willing liars ready to speak in the media convincing the public that war is necessary.  Same with Syria.  Same with Libya.  In the end the bad guys are getting their message out and the good guys - well - every time they pop their head up - they are silenced.  So it looks like, presently, evil rules the roost.

Perhaps I am too idealistic or naive to think that people are mostly good and that American citizens - at all frequencies of the political spectrum - care about their country - and about what the world will look like when they are done here.  I like to think that I do.  Maybe there really are not that many of you that share my values - I don't know.

I've heard violence is not the answer.  I agree.  I don't want violence - but for Cripes' sake - if somebody keeps sniping at your guys - I must ask thee - why the hell don't you snipe back?  And hit your target!  Such actions are not only morally justified - they are your duty - and mine.

Some quotes from the vid below...........The winds of public sentiment blow capriciously...

"lacked a proper declaration of war..."

"of course there were rumors...but the front kept us busy...we weren't able to  pay attention to things..."

By the way - A "lackey" is an obsequious boot-lick... someone without a spine, willing to bow down to their "master" and follow orders like a good little doggy.

I'd prefer not to get into the ugly history of WW2 and who was behind the whole thing, whether or not this or that was justified because it is beyond the scope of the point I am trying to make.

Illegal orders are to be disobeyed.  Unconstitutional orders are, by definition, illegal.

The pendulum WILL swing the other way - and all this rapine, waste, destruction, and mass murder will become quite unpopular.  The wheels of justice grind slowly - and the game ain't over yet.

America has been through some nasty conflicts - right here at home - as a matter of fact.  The white house was burned.  The revolutionary war was quite bitter.  But in the end the good guys persevered - and later became the judges and juries of those intent on the suppression of liberty.

Those who think the gravy train lasts forever - that it is "okay because everybody is doing it" have not lived long enough to understand the folly of such "reasoning."  Perhaps this will be their lesson - that eventually the "long arm of the law" - in our case - the Constitution - WILL CATCH UP - and suddenly - in the blink of an eye - participation in illegal activities becomes serious indeed.  Serious enough to wreck one's whole day.

I implore those in government, police, military - to think long and hard about your actions.  You will answer for them - unless you calcify your spine real quick-like and get on the right side of this stinking Constitutional mess we are in.

I implore you - not because I care that you will indeed meet justice for wrongdoing - or will become a hero for doing the right thing - I implore you because I care so much about this country that my passion is ineffable.

Our Constitutional republic does not have to die.  But it can.  Replacing such a system already in place - so easily rescued if those entrusted with the authority and power, bound by their oath of office, would simply put aside the scheming and become statesmen for one cause - the preservation of our Constitutional republic - AND ACT!  That's all it takes.

If not - fine - I'll make it either way - but I would bet you a box of donuts that creating from scratch anything close to resembling the Constitutional system and Bill of Rights we have now - ain't gonna' be pretty.

The following vid - undeniable parallels yes?   ...

Note:  Military:    Show me a justifiable war America is involved in right now - and I'll go in your place. There is only one justifiable war going on right now that is placing America in peril - the war right here at home attacking our unalienable rights.  That is the one I am fighting - which are you fighting?


  1. Blowing away strangers has its perils. Like eternal damnation.I advise potential soldiers to step back and research the 'whys' of why they are going into the service. Then I advise them to get drunk and stioned on weed to get rejected.

  2. It's too late. The free world can see the the ameriscumbag cowards for what they are. Torturers,drone drivers and fascist thugs.Your pols may give the orders,but your crackers pull the triggers.You bastards can rot in hell.

  3. Ivan, the way things are going, you may get your wish.

    I'm not seeing much backbone from our "representatives" to change things for the better...

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